Samurai sword massacre: A stranger ‘wanted a murder a woman’ and hacked to death a female architect in Istanbul’

  • Basak Cengiz (27 years old) was walking along a Istanbul street when she was attacked and killed.
  • A man who “wanted kill” attacked Architect and hacked him to death using a samurai knife
  • Police identified suspect as Can Goktug Boz, recovered the weapon from his flat
  • Police described him as mentally unstable and he said he’d been influenced by movies. 

Here’s the shocking moment when a man ‘wanted to murder a woman’ attacked a female architect in Istanbul. 

Video footage shows Basak Cengiz (27), walking along a street in Istanbul, closely followed by an individual with a hidden samurai blade.  

The suspect, identified by police as Can Goktug Boz, can be seen grabbing Cengiz from behind and making a stabbing motion as she collapses.  

As she attempts to move away, he appears to inflict a few wounds to the 27-year old as she rolls off the ground as cars pass by to assist. 

Police said that Boz followed Cengiz after seeing her pass his block of apartments on her way back from work on the 9th.  

According to him, he told officers that his actions were “influenced” by movies he saw and was described as being’mentally unstable by police.  

This is the horrifying moment female architect Basak Cengiz, 27, was hacked to death in the street in Istanbul but a stranger who 'wanted to kill a woman'

Here’s the shocking moment Basak Cengiz (female architect) was attacked to death on the streets of Istanbul by a man who “wanted to murder a woman”.

The suspect, identified by police as Can Goktug Boz, (not pictured) tailed Basak Cengiz, 27, (right) on November 9 after seeing her walk past his apartment block on her way home from work several times, police said

Police identified the suspect as Can Goktug Boz (not pictured), who tailed Basak Ceengiz (right), on November 9, after she saw her walking past his block of apartments on her way to work.

Cengiz (who was engaged and due to wed soon) was rushed to Atasehir District Hospital in Istanbul, where she was in critical condition. She was then declared dead.

She lives normally in Turkey’s capital Ankara, but she was on a work assignment and visited Istanbul. The suspect was not known to her. 

She was supposed to take a shuttle to the hotel where she was staying with colleagues on the morning of the incident. However, after spending too much time at work she decided to walk home.  

Police arrested Boz in his apartment in Atasehir district of Istanbul after reviewing footage from the apartment block’s security cameras.

Atasehir Public Security Bureau officers searched the home and made the arrest of the suspect. 

The police recovered the samurai blade at the address. They also discovered phrases like’stab them in their stomachs’ and’set traps’ on the walls.  

Police recovered the samurai sword (pictured) at the address where they also found phrases such as 'stab them in the stomach', 'set a trap', and 'kill those who argue' written on the walls

Police found the samurai weapon (shown above) and phrases on the wall such as “stab them in stomach”, “set a trap”, and “kill those who argue” written by the officers.

Cengiz, (pictured with her fiancee) who was engaged and soon due to be married, was rushed to a private hospital in Atasehir district of Istanbul in a critical condition but was later declared dead

Cengiz was with her fiancee. They were engaged to marry soon. Cengiz was in critical condition when she was rushed to Atasehir District Hospital in Istanbul. However, Cengiz was declared deceased later.

Boz was then taken to Gayrettepe Public Security Branch where he was questioned. He was later reported to be’mentally unstable.

Officers asked him, reportedly during the first interrogation: “Why did you do this?” Officers asked him why he did it. He replied that he was inspired by films.

As the investigation proceeds, the suspect remains under arrest.