Santa gets ready for liftoff! NORAD follows Father Christmas from Lapland as he departs to deliver gifts around the globe

  • Santa Claus is getting ready to take off, as he will be leaving Lapland in order to deliver gifts
  • NORAD uses their military expertise to track Father Christmas.
  • Watch the reindeer pull his Sleigh with Live Video Below
  • Santa is expected to head to New Zealand and Australia first before flying west
  • Between 9pm (GMT), and Midnight (GMT), he is expected to reach the UK.
  • St Nicholas may be seen in the USA around the same period (ET). 

Santa Claus prepares to take off from Lapland as he delivers presents all over the globe with his reindeer on Christmas Eve.

North American Aerospace Defense Command will use their military experience to track Father Christmas, as he plans his route to millions of chimneys.

With this, you can keep up with Live video available below showing the red-suited man being hauled across the planet in his sleigh by Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and red-nosed Rudolph leading from the front.  

Santa typically begins his voyage in the Pacific by visiting New Zealand and Australia before moving westward to Japan, then through Asia and finally charting a route across Africa.

There, the sleigh enters European airspace. Then, it arrives in Britain and then heads across the Atlantic towards Canada, Mexico, South America.

In the UK, he can be seen between 9 and midnight (GMT), while he is expected to arrive in North America at around the exact same time (ET).  

North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) will be using their military expertise to help track Father Christmas as he plots his course to billions of chimneys around the world.

North American Aerospace Defense Command, (NORAD), will use their military experience to track Father Christmas while he plans his route to millions of chimneys all around the globe.

NORAD tweeted this photo earlier from the North Pole, saying that conditions today looked good for flying

NORAD Tweeted this picture earlier from North Pole. It stated that the conditions for flying today were good.

Santa is currently still packing up the last of the presents for his sleigh ride across the planet

Santa Claus is still wrapping up his last presents to take with him on the sleigh trip across the globe.

Santa continues making his list, and double-checking it as he works with his elves.

St Nicholas is anticipated to leave the North Pole soon, as NORAD indicates that there are good conditions for flying.

NORAD, along with other international partners, will keep Santa in check, including the Royal Air Force of Canada and Royal Canadian Air Forces, as well the US Secret Service. 

According to the US Secret Service, Santa will be escorted by a team of US Secret Service agents as he travels across America tonight.

The Big Red Protective Detail has been selected and assembled, ready to carry out their annual mission. American citizens can be assured that Mr. S. Claus will safely travel throughout the U.S. Tour, according to the Secret Service. 

Meanwhile, the RAF Fylingdales of North Yorkshire stated that they were using their massive radar systems in NORAD’s tracking mission to track Santa as he travels around the globe.

“It’s a team effort #Santa. NORAD sent a tweet: “Cheers @RAFFylingdales!” 

Since 1955, NORAD has tracked Santa’s movements on Christmas Eve.

NORAD’s responsibility for America’s airspace and planes is for the remainder of the year. However, NORAD puts aside its vital work for Christmas Eve every 65 years to ensure that Santa delivers his gifts on time.

The same assets used in aerospace warning and control missions 24 hours a day are available for Dec. 24, tracking and escorting. [Santa]The agency posted the following: