Sarah Beeny’s New Life in the Country viewers slammed the presenter for being a snob. They said that her “spoilt children” were “on another planet”, after calling their band the ‘The Entitled Sons”. 

Channel 4’s Sarah transforms an abandoned dairy farm in Somerset into her dream home. 

Episode episode last night saw Sarah and Graham (50), tackle the task of building a new music room.

Many people were not impressed when the boys announced the name of the band. One wrote: “Did they really just stencil The Entitled Sons on the wall?” Graham views it as self awareness. Really!?’

Viewers of Sarah Beeny's New Life in the Country viewers slammed the 'snobby' presenter as they said her 'spoilt kids' were 'on a different planet' after they called their band 'The Entitled Sons'

Sarah Beeny’s New Life in the Country viewers lambasted the “snobby” presenter, saying that her spoilt children were “on another planet”, after calling their group ‘The Entitled Sons”.

Another wrote, “Obviously not worried about heating this palace.” These children are so spoilt that they live on another planet.

Another added, “Is this show still relevant?” The year 2022 People will have to choose between heating or eating, and it is the fault of multi-millionaire Gloria.

No, it is a poor test. ‘Yes, I think so. 

One commenter said: “Entitled or priviledged?” You know the difference. You can’t help but feel privileged. Titled…Mmm, not a great look.  

Many of those watching were unimpressed as Sarah's four sons revealed the name of their band was 'The Entitled Sons'

Many people were not impressed when Sarah’s sons announced that the band’s name was “The Entitled Sons”. 

The episode featured the boys explaining that they formed a band but were still undecided about the name.

Laurie said: “We wanted to name our band Entitled because we all were born with a silver spoon pushing up our …’.”  

The band was such an integral part of their family life that there was the need for a music area in the new home.

Sarah said, “They needed a place for themselves to put their instruments and their bands in. These people also asked for items like a fireman’s pole, and a helicopter pad.

With the band being such a big part of the families life, there was a plan for a music room in the new house (pictured)

Because the family’s life revolved around the band, it made sense to include a music room (see photo) 

“I want them to feel at home, and I have given them creative input. And the music room is the place where they can really get free.”  

Soon, the painters arrived to paint the room in fresh white.

Sarah stated that Graham and she were busy, as I couldn’t resist getting into the music room.

I wanted it to be mine, but they have the right to use it. If we let them go, I believe the final result will be OK.

Sarah's four sons were given total control over how the room was decorated, with the presenter confessing they were in charge

Sarah’s sons had total control of the decor, and the presenter admitted that they were.

“Billy is definitely an expert on detail, but Charlie has a keener eye.” Charlie is a huge interior detail enthusiast and will talk for hours about it.

Meanwhile the boys gave the room it’s first layer of colour and chose the carpet, with Laurie explaining: ‘We’re thinking of a few ideas to make it exciting…

“To be truthful with you, it’s likely that we’re going to make quite a mess in here.”

Charlie said: ‘I  think we’re going to have some kind of decoration here, some kind of graffiti.’ 

Sarah admitted she felt it was ' lucky' she and her husband had been busy with other rooms in the house because she wouldn't have been able to resist meddling with the music room

Sarah said she was glad her husband and Sarah were busy in other areas of the home, as she would not have been able resist the temptation to interfere with the music room. 

They found the space sounded “echoey and terrible” due to its size and so decided to put cork on the walls to improve the sound quality. 

According to the boys, the final step of the music room consisted in creating a stencil for the wall that contained their band name. They called this the ‘icing’ on the cake.

After a lot of trial and error the boys were able to get the stencil in place. Laurie said that she thought Mum and Dad would be impressed. 

Billy stated, “It was really enjoyable doing a whole room for ourselves.” 

The four boys said the final step to the music room was creating a stencil on the wall with their band name, calling it the 'icing on the cake'

They called it “icing on top” and said that the last step in the music room was to create a stencil with their band name on the wall.

After the boys unveiled the room, Sarah said she was 'quite impressed' with the space and 'loved' the sign

Sarah was impressed by the area and said that she loved the sign after the unveiling of the room by the boys. 

Graham admitted that it was wonderful to watch them take over a particular area. 

The boys revealed the space to their parents and they expressed their amazement at their effort.

Sarah commented, “I was quite impressed.” Purple goes perfectly with blue. It is amazing!

However, the father-of-4 said that the stencil impressed him as well.

He continued, “I am in love with the band name. They are saying this is our group and how blessed we are.”