Although the Duchess of York said that her “fairytale” with Prince Andrew has not ended, they still share a unique love. 

Sarah Ferguson, 62 said she still remembers her wedding to Prince Andrew (61 years ago) and that the couple remain close of friends 25-years after the divorce. This is despite continuing scandal over Prince Andrew’s friendship of Jeffrey Epstein, a paedophile financier. 

Andrew is my friend and I stand behind him 100%, she stated. She said, “He is such an amazing, kind man. 

“I believe strongly in the importance of standing up to our convictions, honoring and loyalizing what we believe is right.

The Duchess of York has said her 'fairytale' with Prince Andrew still hasn't ended and they share a love that's unlike any other. Pictured, the ex-spouses at Royal Ascot in 2019

The Duchess has stated that her “fairytale” with Prince Andrew isn’t over and that they have a unique love. The 2019 Royal Ascot Ex-Spouses

Speaking on Italian talk show Porta a Porta (above), Sarah Ferguson, 62, said she stands by Prince Andrew despite the ongoing scandal surrounding his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein

Speaking on Italian talk show Porta a Porta (above), Sarah Ferguson, 62, said she stands by Prince Andrew despite the ongoing scandal surrounding his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein

Fergie made a long-running appearance on Porta a Porta, a chat program that promotes her Mills and Boon novel Her Heart for a Compass.

But many of presenter Bruno Vespa’s questions focused on her relationship with Prince Andrew and the rest of the Royal Family.

She answered a question about the most joyful time of her life: “3rd July 1986, when we married the best man on the planet.”

She said that she was “the luckiest girl in all of the land,” as she reflected on the day. It was truly fairytale, because I was married to a prince. 

“First I was married to a man. Next, I was marrying an officer in the navy. And then, finally, I was marrying Prince. I thought he was handsome and beautiful.

Although they divorced 10 year later after having shared daughters Princess Beatrice & Princess Eugenie respectively, the couple remain in touch and still live at The Royal Lodge on Queen Elizabeth’s Windsor estate. 

Fergie said her wedding to Prince Andrew, 61, remains the 'best day of her life' and that she felt she was marrying her very own Prince Charming. Pictured, the couple's 1986 wedding day

Fergie stated that her marriage to Prince Andrew (61), was the best day of her entire life and she feels like she is marrying her Prince Charming. Photo of the 1986 wedding.

Fergie said, “I think that the love he and I have for each other is very different than what most people have.” They have great respect for one another and a deep love. This is truly our fairy-tale, and we live it as our lives. We love each other with great respect. 

She stated that she stood by her husband 100 percent and continued to support him as they grew together.  

Also, the Duchess said that while she wishes she’d been able to learn ‘the game’ faster after marrying into the Royal Family, she feels ‘great gratitude’ for that experience.  

She spoke out about Princess Diana and said that she didn’t believe she had changed. [after joining the Royal Family]She was strong, brave and an amazing mother. 

“I still remember when she gifted me turquoise fabric so I could make a wedding dress. She was thoughtful and kind. She would have been proud to see her grandchildren and children today.

When she spoke out about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, she said that the most important thing was that the couple are in love. She also added that Diana is here and would have the exact same words.

Also, the Duchess of York was asked questions about her relationships with Queen Elizabeth II, her ex-mother-in-law. 

The Queen dodged the question and said: “Today, we were saying that the best way to lead is by example, and today, I believe the Queen is an iconic example of integrity, steadfastness, and doing what is right.”

Sarah Ferguson welcomed second and third grandchildren this year. Princess Eugenie had August, her son. Princess Eugenie was blessed with Sienna, her daughter. Also, she sees herself to be the grandmother of Wolfie, Princess Beatrice’s stepson. 

Fergie called on the government to take more steps against climate change in order for her children and future generations. 

Elle added that the first step is to clean the environment.

“I would like to see my 12 week-old grandchildren, who are now 8 months old, be loved with kindness and love. I also want kindness to be taught at primary schools.