Last week I was amazed at how tiny the queen seemed to be when she greeted the Sultan of Oman in Windsor Castle.

Although she looked stunning, her clothes were a bit loose. I found her cloudy white hair and white gown a little too romantic for me.

For some reason the sight of her – so slight, so vulnerable – touched me deeply. She is, unfortunately, not immortal.

The Queen pictured in 2019. She remains on 'light duties' – hence last week's meet-and-greet with the Sultan of Oman

In 2019, the Queen. She remains on ‘light duties’ – hence last week’s meet-and-greet with the Sultan of Oman

I find this a difficult thought and suspect that it is not uncommon for others to contemplate.

Elizabeth II, in addition to being the Queen, is the Nation’s Great Matriarch. A woman who, for many years, has looked after this nation with the love and compassion of a parent.

Her calm presence soothed our fevered minds, and she offered encouragement and support.

Nearly everyone in Britain knows her today as the Queen. It is her, no matter how royalist or republican she may be, who is unifying us all and the constant presence of the Queen in our lives.

We are all too afraid to imagine a Britain that isn’t her. The thought of her being gone is blasphemy and betrayal of all that she has done.

The Queen and Prince Philip in front of Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Meghan Markle and Prince Harry as they attend a Christmas Day Church service in 2017

Before Prince Charles, Camilla, Duchess and Prince Harry at a Christmas Day Church Service in 2017, The Queen and Prince Philip were pictured together.

Yet, we have to admit it. Elizabeth II looks amazing for her age. She’s only had one day off over 70 years.

However, she’s still 95. And even if she lives for the best part of another decade – which theoretically she might (after all, her mother was almost 102 when she died in 2002, and medical science has improved markedly since) – there is, sadly, no getting away from the fact that she is not indestructible.

Her vulnerability is acutely felt by those around her. Hence the cancellation of this week’s traditional Christmas lunch for extended Royals – usually around 50 in total – that was to have taken place at Windsor Castle.

Sandringham’s Christmas Day is also up for debate. She may be doing the same thing as last year, having spent Christmas at Windsor Castle.

Except she was without Prince Philip, her husband of 63 years, to share the company.

Despite all this, she remains on ‘light duties’ – hence last week’s meet-and-greet with the Sultan of Oman.

This is what I am unable to understand. She shouldn’t shake hands with any dignitaries if she doesn’t feel well enough. Or, whatever she thinks she should.

It has been clear that there is no question as to Queen Elizabeth’s devotion to her country and extraordinary work ethic.

She isn’t the only Royal Family member capable of lifting heavy loads. 

The Palace should now think of the impossible and consider handing her official duties over to Prince Charles.

Sandringham pictured in a file photo. The Queen spent last Christmas at Windsor Castle, and she may find herself doing the same this year

Sandringham, as shown in a file photograph. Last Christmas, the Queen spent time at Windsor Castle. She may do so again this year.

There would undoubtedly be many objections. This probably violates numerous obscure Royal traditions.

It is amazing to see a Monarch still full-time working at the age 95. This is uncharted territory.

And, quite honestly, if the price of having her around a few years longer is getting her to put her feet up and spend more time doing the things she loves – riding, walking, whizzing around at the wheel of her Land Rover – and less time being run ragged by her diary, then who could really object?

Charles might, however, assume the mantle of her under her careful eye. This wouldn’t seem like a bad idea.

She may not want to. Accepting the limits of age is difficult, as anyone who has seen a parent get older knows.

It’s all just how it is. There are certain facts you cannot deny. You cannot deny the fact that life is what it is, regardless of how hard you try.

Billie Eilish (pictured), 20, told an interviewer she started watching online porn at 11, and that it 'really destroyed my brain'

Billie Eilish (pictured), 20 said to an interviewer that she watched online porn when she was 11 and that it had’really wrecked my brain.

What can be done to allow children to watch porn? 

While shopping, my daughter had to produce proof of identification. What was the reason for this? The reason?

That’s right: if you are under 18 you can’t buy a pair of falsies – or at least you can’t in TK Maxx. It has to do with glue.

The singer Billie Eilish, who is 20 years old, told an interviewer that she had started to watch online porn when she was 11. She said it had’really damaged my brain.

It happens that 11 years old is the median age when children encounter online porn. That’s average, mind. Some people are even younger.

Let’s be clear: While we don’t recommend that children buy false eyelashes, because the micro-tubes of glue can cause damage to their brains, we do allow them to watch explicit, violent, and sometimes abusive sex acts. This will leave them unable or unwilling to have healthy relationships later on in life.

It’s hard to believe they are all this screwed.

Guess what the third most-watched television show in 2021 was? Boris Johnson announces a new lockdown for January 4. That’s it for this miserable year.

What’s next? A rising of the apes 

Amazing reports in India of monkey attacks against dogs by humans. The primates reportedly killed 250 canines and puppies by throwing them off buildings and trees as revenge for their dogs’ attacks. Even schoolchildren have been targeted by the monkeys. All we have to add is a terrible Planet Of The Apes-style revolt.

Simon Case is now Britain’s highest civil servant. The virtual quiz involved six coworkers enjoying beer and snacks at the desks. Six others were also at home. People are upset by the suggestion that rules had been broken. It is understandable. But ‘walking past’? It’s like the Salem witch trials – but with peanuts and Pilsner. 

Simon Case, who has stepped down from his role in the Number 10 Christmas party probe, pictured in April earlier this year

Simon Case has retired from the investigation into Number 10’s Christmas party. This photo was taken in April of this year

The Antiques Roadshow has been told to ‘decolonise’ – or address the legacy of colonialism through featured objects – by an Oxford archaeology professor. The whole purpose of this show is, surely, to witness the reactions of punters when Auntie Betty’s brooch turns out to be a Russian royal heirloom or that the vase at auction was a replica. It’s too important not to spoil the show with lectures. 

George Osborne was known for making balancing at the Treasury seem like an easy task. Late-onset parenthood, as you can see from recent photos of Osborne trying to juggle a child and dog in Notting Hill shows that it is more challenging than expected. 

Even Professor Lockdown, Neil Ferguson, said that most Omicron-infected people in the UK will not become seriously ill. It is therefore understandable why Sadiq Khan declared a major incident in London yesterday due to rising infections. Too many experts and politicians love the self-importance and power this virus brings. And we all know how they hate to give it up… 

It’s not the most stylish top Kate… 

The Duchess is a perfectionist. Even with the strict rules for Christmas jumper dress, her red Miu Miu cashmere sweater, which has a Peter Pan collar and pearl buttons, is abominable. The fact it has a price tag of £1,350 only makes it more so. 

The Duchess of Cambridge's red Miu Miu cashmere cardigan with a Peter Pan collar and pearl buttons has a price tag of £1,350

The Duchess of Cambridge’s red Miu Miu cashmere cardigan with a Peter Pan collar and pearl buttons has a price tag of £1,350

It’s fair to say that the Tories got a wakeup call during the North Shropshire By-election. But, Helen Morgan’s new MP was not exactly an ideal political leader. She thought it was a great idea to make a gigantic blue balloon with the message “Boris’ bubble” on it. This makes the references made by PM to Peppa Pig almost sound like Cicero. 

It’s interesting to see that Which has a list of the ‘gadgets of the year. the ‘gadget of the year’ is a £70 soup maker. Really? My soup pot is just a regular saucepan. 

We are now able to appeal Wayne Couzens’ whole-life sentence for the murder of Sarah Everard as a police officer. Why? It is clear that he was guilty, and it’s even more obvious that he committed a crime beyond comprehension. Sarah will never get another chance. This is not right.