Savvy student, 19, who is ‘obsessed’ with organising reveals she earns up to £500 per month decluttering strangers’ wardrobes

  • A fashion student turned entrepreneur started a company sorting out people’s clothes 
  • Ella McMahon (19), from Leicester spends nine hours colour matching and decluttering 
  • She says she likes it and it’s healthy to organize.
  • While she is at university, her extra money allows her to put aside some cash for a down payment on a house.  


A student has revealed how she can earn up to £500 per month sorting out strangers messy wardrobes.

Ella McMahon (19 years old) from Leicester spends between three and nine hours organizing and color-coordinating her wardrobes.

A series of videos from a fashion design and buying student have been shared by the designer. They will make you want to steal your wardrobe.

She stated, “I can do it all day everyday because I’m obsessed with organizing.”

Ella McMahon set up her own small business organising wardrobes and can earn up to £500 per month

Ella McMahon set up her own small business organising wardrobes and can earn up to £500 per month

Pictured: A messy wardrobe before it was tackled by Ella. Her side hustle means she can save for a deposit for a house while studying at university

Ella describes having a clean and tidy wardrobe as 'healthy for the mind'. PIctured: A tidy wardrobe where it's easy to find everything after Ella hung the clothes in sections and tidied smaller items in pull-out baskets

This university student began by organizing friends’ wardrobes before moving on to managing clients. Photo left: Ella cleaned up a messy closet. Right: A tidy wardrobe where it’s easy to find everything after Ella hung the clothes in sections and tidied smaller items in pull-out baskets

“I love to make everything look neat and beautiful.”

“It takes me minimum three hours decluttering and color-coordinating a wardrobe.

“It depends on how large the wardrobe is, but I’ve spent at least nine hours working with one.”

“I don’t mind, though. I find it very satisfying.

Emma finds it 'satisfying' to organise a messy wardrobe such as this one where all thr clothes were crammed in together

Now it's much easier to find outfits after the clothing was colour co-ordinated and grouped together by item

Ella found it satisfying to put together a chaotic wardrobe like the one shown (left). It’s easier to locate outfits now that the clothes have been colour coordinated and are grouped by items (right).

Ella will donate any unwanted clothes to charity that she finds in the wardrobe after going through them with the client

Ella will make sure that any clothes she discovers in her wardrobe are donated to charity after discussing them with the client.

Ella charges £15 to £20 an hour.

She says, “The idea was born from organizing the wardrobe of family members and friends.”

“I like fashion, and it’s fun to look at clothes.

“When I meet a client for the first time, I go through all their clothing with them. You don’t realize how many clothes you have.”

“We pack up 4 to 6 bags with unwanted clothing and drop it off at a charity shop.”

One disorganised wardrobe before Ella got to work had no real system, and the bottom was totally cluttered with shoes

After Ella worked her magic, every item had a place and it was easy to view all the clothes, while the shoes were placed in neat rows

Ella had to sort through a messy wardrobe that was cluttered with too many shoes.  Ella made it easy for everyone to see the items and the shoes were neatly arranged (right).

Ella enjoys seeing clients’ reactions.

She says, “I love to see how happy they’re.”

“I’m a regular client of about 20 people who come to me every other week to help keep it all in order.”

“Decluttering is good for your mind.”

Ella explains that, in the long run, having an organised wardrobe saves her clients a lot of hassle and stress. Pictured: Piles of colour co-ordinated tops expertly folded by the decluttering guru

Ella says that clients will be happier if they have a well-organized wardrobe. Image: The decluttering Guru expert folds many colour-coordinated tops. 

It takes the university student a minimum of three hours to declutter and colour coordinate a wardrobe

A university student will need to spend at least three hours decluttering and colour-coordinating a wardrobe.

“When things are neat and organized, it’s easier to locate items. The colours in the sections mean that there will not be any mess.

Ella has a side business called “Cinderella’s Closet” that allows her to save money for a home while she studies at university.

Videos that show her work have been shared by the artist.

She explained that she films the wardrobe first, then tidy it up to demonstrate the transformation.

“Most people simply throw their clothes into the draw, and clothes end up everywhere by week’s end.”

“But after I visited, they were colour coordinated which makes it easier for me to find the item.

Organised wardrobes can help you save time and effort in the long term.