FAKE Omicron kits have been used by scammers to target customers. Trading Standards warned that this was done ‘to circumvent restrictions’.

  • Britons expressed concern about a fake NHS email that could have been used to gain bank information  
  • The messages warn the recipients to “apply now to OmicronPCR to avoid any restrictions”
  • Falsely, they claim older PCR tests can’t detect Omicron variant
  • It is also stated that those who refuse to undergo testing will be isolated 
  • The Chartered Trading Standards Institute warns people about scams 

  • A trading standard body has warned that scammers have been targeting vulnerable individuals by trying to obtain private information using fake Omicron Covid-19 test kit kits. 

    Alarming concerns have been raised by Britons about an email they received supposedly from the NHS. It is likely that it will be used for access to bank accounts.

    Emails and texts warn the recipients to submit an application now to Omicron PCR testing to be free from restrictions.

    According to the message, older PCR testing cannot detect Omicron variants and that newer PCR tests are required. It is suggested that people sign up for this new test.

    The company claims then that those who refuse to undergo testing will be made to isolate themselves.

    The user is then connected to a fake website that appears to be an official NHS portal. It requests information that can be used to gain sensitive data.

    Katherine Hart (CTSI), from the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI), warns of this scam.

    Concerned Britons have raised the alarm about an email purportedly from the NHS they have been sent that will likely be used to access bank accounts

    Concerned Britons raised alarm over an email that was purportedly sent by the NHS and which will most likely be used to gain access to their bank accounts

    the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI), is warning people to be aware of the scam

    The Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) is warning consumers to stay alert for the scam

    Users are linked to a bogus website made to look like an official NHS platform that requests personal details that could be used to access sensitive information (stock image)

    A fake site is linked to users that looks like it’s an official NHS website. It requests user details which could be used for sensitive information (stock picture). 

    She stated, “It disgusts my that scammers are taking advantage of the public’s fear about Omicron variant to steal personal data.”

    “All claims made in this email are false.”

    “The public is at greatest risk during these times, so I urge everyone to help me spread the word about this scam and reduce its impact.

    “This pandemic is not the first time that fraudsters have made use of it for their gains – from fraudulent COVID-19 business support grants to vaccination bookings, and fake vaccine passes, these unscrupulous people have concocted a series of scams.

    “It’s also important that the public report this fraud to the authorities.

    “By doing that, the public helps consumer protectors to map out the problem and recognize the enormity of it.

    John Herriman (CTSI chief executive) added that he wanted to express his gratitude to the traders and standards professionals in the nation for protecting the public against the negative effects of COVID-19. This includes the widespread scams using the pandemic as launchpads to their schemes.

    “They do this in addition to the already overwhelming workload of halting the current outbreak of avian influenza and enforcing hundreds of consumer protection laws.