The BBC has reportedly allowed Netflix to shoot scenes at London headquarters in The Crown to recreate scenes around Princess Diana’s Panorama interview.

According to reports, producers were captured outside New Broadcasting House shooting scenes that depicted events just before and after Martin Bashir’s chat on 1995 BBC.

Richard Cordery, aged 71, who was playing Marmaduke Hassey (then chairman of BBC’s board) was seen getting in a car before walking into the building.

The scene is said to have recreated when Lord Hussey arrived amid the fall-out from the programme in which Diana said: ‘There were three of us in this marriage.’

Six months after Lord Dyson’s report, which concluded that the BBC had failed to disclose Mr Bashir’s deceitful conduct in order for him to be interviewed, filming began. 

Princess Diana is seen during her interview with Martin Bashir for the BBC's Panorama in 1995

Watch Princess Diana during an interview she did with Martin Bashir in 1995 for BBC Panorama

The BBC allegedly allowed Netflix to film The Crown at New Broadcasting House (file image)

The BBC claimed that Netflix was allowed to film The Crown at New Broadcasting House by the BBC (file photo).

Lord Dyson released a report in May into Diana's BBC interview with Martin Bashir in 1995

Lord Dyson issued a report about Diana’s interview on BBC with Martin Bashir, May 1995.

Both Mr Bashir and BBC apologised and BBC sent letters to Princes William & Harry. William requested that the interview be cancelled.

The BBC has reportedly granted permission to Netflix to film in its offices. It is also understood that The Crown will dramatise Diana’s interview.

BBC did not tone down Harry and Meghan document? 

Last night, the BBC appeared to retract claims by Buckingham Palace that they had briefed Harry and Meghan.

A BBC Two documentary examining the relationship between the royal households and the media also stepped back from suggestions that William allowed aides to brief about his brother’s mental health – which was categorically denied by, and deeply offended many in, the royal household.

BBC journalist Amol Rajan in a publicity photograph for The Princes and The Press

BBC journalist Amol Rajan in a publicity photograph for The Princes and The Press

Amol Rajan, a BBC journalist, was leading the two-part documentary series. It had already been met with unprecedented condemnation from Buckingham Palace Clarence House, and Kensington Palace.

According to the royal families, it includes a number of false and unsubstantiated accusations of collusion with the media. These include allegations regarding the Duchess of Sussex and the turbulent period in which they quit their royal duties.

While the lawyers of households were preparing for an examination with a fine-toothed comb, they had not considered filing a formal complaint. The prime-time program last night was cut at the last-minute. BBC also delayed plans to create a companion podcast.

According to a TV source, The Sun was told by a television insider: “It is unbelievable that the BBC would permit Netflix filming on its property in middle of major dispute with William and Royal Family about the documentary.

‘The BBC and Netflix are joining forces to do the one thing William doesn’t want — dramatising the Panorama interview which is a part of his life he has said he does not wish to revisit.’

Lord Dyson’s May report on Diana’s Panorama interview revealed that Bashir violated BBC Producer Guidelines when he falsified bank statements, which he showed to Earl Spencer in order to get access to Diana.

Earl Spencer denied The Crown’s request that he film in his Althorp family home earlier this month.

Elizabeth Debicki stars as Diana, Princess Of Wales, in the next series of royal Netflix drama.

Earl Spencer spoke to BBC Breakfast from his West Northamptonshire estate. He said that he refused to take part in filming on The Crown site.

He replied, “They applied. They were interested in shooting here. That stuff I actually don’t do, however. To be truthful, I haven’t watched The Crown. So I said, “Thank you, but no thanks.”

It was revealed that Earl Spencer might be subject to a private prosecution for the Bashir scandal. The Metropolitan Police had said they did not have any evidence.

The revelation about filming at New Broadcasting House is coming a fortnight following the discovery that The Crown’s producers shot the controversial Diana revenge scene just 800 meters from Prince William’s bedroom at Kensington Palace

Netflix’s series recreated Diana’s evening in tight, black dresses. This was in keeping with royal protocol following Prince Charles’s admission of adultery.

This is the exact spot where Diana was photographed at dinner at Serpentine Gallery 1994. The position can be seen almost as far away from Prince William’s bedroom.

Also earlier this month, royal expert Penny Junor said the makers of The Crown had stuck up ‘two fingers’ at the Royal Family by casting the stepdaughter of IRA supporter Roy Greenslade in the role of Countess Mountbatten. 

Ms Junor stated that Natascha McCElhone (51), was not to blame for her stepson’s sins. She said that another actress was needed because the sensitive role required her to be portrayed. 

The forthcoming fifth series of the Netflix drama The Crown stars Elizabeth Debicki as Diana

The Crown’s fifth season will feature Elizabeth Debicki playing Diana in the upcoming series.

Earl Spencer told BBC Breakfast reporter Sally Nugent earlier this month that he had rejected The Crown's request to film at his family home of Althorp in Northamptonshire

Earl Spencer stated to BBC Breakfast reporter Sally Nugent that the Crown had refused permission for him to film in his Northamptonshire family home, Althorp.

Greenslade was a Fleet Street columnist and former editor of Guardian. He also had a job at The Sun as a senior journalist. 

Prince Charles admits to the “atrocity” of slavery as Barbados becomes an independent republic 

During the historic ceremony that marked Barbados’ transition from a colony to a republic, the Prince of Wales acknowledged the “appalling atrocity” of slavery and described it as something which “forever stains our history”.

The Prince of Wales speaks today at the Presidential Inauguration Ceremony at Heroes Square in Bridgetown, Barbados

At the Presidential Inauguration Ceremony, Heroes Square, Bridgetown Barbados today, The Prince of Wales spoke.

Charles described the time period in which the UK was involved in the transatlantic slave trading as “darkest days” and said, however, that looking ahead to the future, the “creation a republic offers a chance for a new start”.

He will lead many Caribbean countries’ states when he takes the throne, and his words will resonate throughout the region.

Barbados had long-standing ties to the British monarchy. However, these ties were broken when Dame Sandra Mason was elected the first President of Barbados. This ceremony took place in Bridgetown and was broadcast live on television.

In a message sent to Barbados’ President and people, the Queen expressed her gratitude for Barbados’ ‘beatific culture, sports prowess and natural beauty.

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of Barbados stated that the UK and Barbados would remain “steadfast friends” and allies with a “partnership built for long-term success.”

Heir to the throne sat in the symbolic moment when the Queen’s standard was dropped for the final time. The presidential flag was raised at midnight local on November 30, which is the 55th anniversary of our independence from Britain.

Meanwhile royal experts have also been demanding that Prince Harry tears up his £112million Netflix deal and makes a stand over The Crown’s portrayal of Diana.

Angela Levin, a Royal biographer, criticized the Duke of Sussex’s inability to ‘find his voice’ about the streaming giant’s controversial portrayal his mother.

This is after Diana’s friend Jemima Kan withdrew support for The Crown due to its disrespectful script. She had broken up with creator of the show. 

Harry and Meghan signed an agreement with streaming service to create documentaries and feature films for their new production company. 

The Crown’s fifth season will air on November 20,22. Miss Debicki and Dominic West will star opposite each other as Prince of Wales in the Fifth Series. 

The Wire’s star West will take over Charles’s role from Josh O’Connor. Emma Corrin’s position will be taken by Miss Debicki, who is The Night Manager’s actress.

Imelda Staunton, Olivia Colman’s Queen of England, will be replaced by Jonathan Pryce as Duke of Edinburgh. Lesley Manville, Princess Margaret of Scotland, will follow Helena Bonham Carter.

The BBC appears to have backed down last night on allegations that Buckingham Palace had briefed Harry and Meghan, after they were accused of making ‘overblown’ and ‘unfounded’ claims.

A BBC Two documentary examining the relationship between the royal households and the media also stepped back from suggestions that William allowed aides to brief about his brother’s mental health – which was categorically denied by, and deeply offended many in, the royal household.

Amol Rajan (BBC journalist) was the host of two parts of the documentary series. The programme already received unprecedented criticism from Buckingham Palace and Clarence House.

It is believed to contain a series of unverifiable and inaccurate allegations about collusion with media. This includes accusations regarding the Duchess and Duke of Sussex’s behavior during their turbulent period when they decided to give up royal duties.

Although the lawyers of both households had prepared to inspect the final program with a fine-toothed comb, they had not considered a formal complaint. 

Last night’s prime time offering appeared to have been diluted at the eleventh hour. Editing continued up until the very last moment. 

BBC has also delayed plans for a podcast companion. According to a royal source, it is highly unlikely that the matter will go any further.

Meghan’s private solicitor received significant airtime in the programme. She attacked Meghan to defend her against bullying allegations and to deny that she has ever misused her ‘power’. 

MailOnline reached out to Netflix, the BBC and Kensington Palace today for their comments on the New Broadcasting House report being used as a filming location.