Our sense of smell is similar to our love. 

When a smell hits your nostrils, it triggers a range of instinctive responses. These reactions can include pleasure, disgust, or memories. 

While you won’t be able to make someone fall for you from the smell of your perfume, you can certainly elicit an emotional response by wearing it.

Kim Brookes from Bristol is a fragrance expert and has created a guide that explains how essential oils can be used to enhance the scent. 

Concentrated biomaterials such as essential oils should not be applied directly to the skin. Instead, you can apply it to your hair or clothes, or, Kim suggests, on a pendant.

These are her tips for getting the love you desire from your potential partner.  

Essential oils are very concentrated biomaterials, and founder of Perfino, Kim Brookes, who combines oils with jewellery, has outlined which scents can evoke which feelings in your love life

Kim Brookes (founder of Perfino), is a biomaterialist that concentrates essential oils. Kim has detailed which aromas are best for your romantic life.


Rose is the iconic symbol of luxury and love, making it the most popular fragrance for romance.

The scent is feminine and delicate. It has a soothing, nurturing quality.

Cleopatra is said to have applied rose oil to the sails on the royal barge as she traveled to Mark Anthony. I dare anyone to not fall in love with this exquisite fragrance if that’s what you want. It’s expensive.

To make 5ml (or a teaspoon) of rose essential oils, you need 10,000 roses that have been handpicked just before dawn. Synthetic substitutes are available, but they don’t capture the essence of rose. It’s worthwhile to get the genuine thing, and only use it sparingly. 


Neroli is the best choice if you are looking for someone who will pay more attention than just swoon.

Neroli, an elegant, refined, and white floral essential oil made from bitter orange trees, was introduced to the world in late 17th-century by Princess Nerola, who used it for her clothing and gloves.

Because of its exotic scent, it is the most used perfume ingredient. It also contains indole which can stimulate the feelings you desire.

You should not apply pure essential oils directly to your skin. However, the Princess of Nerola could be an inspiration and wear natural fragrance jewellery. You will always be noticed.


The Citrus family of essential oils is the best for you if you’re falling asleep in your relationships, literally or metaphorically.

These oils are said to have an uplifting, refreshing effect that will get you up in your seat and paying attention. It is thought that the chemical components of essential oils, especially d-limonene stimulate happiness hormone serotonin.

It doesn’t matter how it works or if it is just the memories of Mediterranean holiday joy, any citrus oil can energise and transport you to the moment where you need to be in order to make that special relationship work.

Rose essential oil is the timeless symbol of love and luxury, says Kim, but it doesn't come cheap - it takes 10,000 roses, hand-picked before sunrise, to generate 5ml, or a teaspoon, of rose essential oil

Kim believes rose essential oils are a symbol of luxury and love. But it is expensive. Kim said that it would take 10,000 roses hand-picked just before dawn to produce 5ml of the oil.


Lavender essential oil is the tried-and-true queen of relaxation. The scent of Lavender is known to relax and reduce anxiety.

The effects of lavender on neurological disorders is being studied by modern medicine. So, if you want to unwind before the date… or get to sleep after the date… this is the one.

It can be diffused, put in the tub, or placed on your pillowcase. But, it is unlikely that you will wear it on the actual date.


Frankincense will help you maintain a healthy relationship. It is a holy oil that has been revered for its spiritual properties over thousands of years.

This is an amazing, grounding fragrance to share with your loved ones in your favorite spot. Boswellia is a hardy tree that can be grown in the Middle East. It must be between 8-10 years of age before the trees can be cut more than 12 times annually to get the healing resin. The ‘tears,’ which are then steam-distilled into Frankincense essential oil, may be collected from the Boswellia.

Because these trees aren’t covered under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species(CITES), the international trade regulation for cross-border trade in plant and animal products, it is extremely important that the oil be from a sustainable source.

It can be used to support your relationship and you should buy it sustainably.


It could be that you’re constantly scrolling left and right, which may indicate it might not be the right time for you to choose the right type of relationship.

Peppermint oil is the one oil that will achieve this.

The oil may be quite a bully and scares spiders, but it will definitely get your attention when you make important romantic decisions.

This is a cheaper option than Neroli or Rose. It can also be used in large quantities to help you concentrate on this most crucial of decision.


There are two options: if you don’t seem to have anyone available, drama or a compelling option. 

Oudh is the first, which comes from Agarwood trees.

This oil is very rare, with only 2 percent of trees producing it. People will either love it or loathe its spicy, musky and earthy scent. However, this oil will definitely spark conversation.

Jasmine essential oil is also available, although it can be expensive. However, this sweet, floral, sweet essential oil will leave a lasting impression. All those who are looking to find the love of their lives wish them luck. 

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