The school teacher, who was found guilty in a variety of offenses, including the sexual activities with two girls underage, was sentenced to 17-years imprisonment.

Ben Breakwell (40), a Cambridge graduate, was a groomer for two teenage girls. He also set up seedy encounters in his house while working as a London secondary school teacher.

Isleworth Crown Court heard that the singer had abused his position of music teacher in order to sexually engage young students.

After being convicted for 32 offenses, he was sentenced to 17 years in prison today. 

Breakwell now lives in Monkgate in York and was found guilty on 22 counts of sexual activities with children, including three counts of inciting or causing a minor to sexual activity. There were also four sexual activity charges with the child by someone in a position where they could trust.

It included oral, intimate touch and kissing.

Cambridge graduate Ben Breakwell (pictured), 40, groomed the two girls and set up a series of seedy encounters at his home while working at a secondary school in London

Ben Breakwell, a Cambridge graduate (pictured), was 40 when he groomed and had a string of sexual encounters with the girls while he worked at London’s secondary school.

Breakwell committed two offences against teenage girls, and also targeted another girl in lessons. 

She became upset and told friends, then her mother. Breakwell was confronted.

Later, the victim confessed to police that she was guilty of what happened because she bought him sweets for a thank-you present.

The friends of one of the victims approached a colleague of Breakwell’s in September 2017 and told him of their suspicions.

His suspension was immediate and police alerted. A West Area Command Unit specialist officer led the investigation.

Breakwell was detained in November 2017.

The search for indecent images from a fourth victim, who was living overseas, led to the discovery of these photos on his computer.

Breakwell was indicted last year for a variety of offenses he committed while teaching at the school from 2014 to 2017.

Perverse teacher claimed that no sexual relationships had been established between the teachers and the students.

He branded the claims ‘fantasy’ and could have been lifted from Fifty Shades of Grey. 

Kate Shilton, from the CPS, said: ‘These victims have shown immense fortitude and resilience in speaking out in these court proceedings. Ben Breakwell, a teacher should have protected them but instead violated them.

‘He carried out illegal sexual relationships with two of these schoolgirls. The victims were 13 years old and fourteen at the time. He told them they were special, in love, and together. His manipulative nature was evident and he made use of his position in trust to manipulate and abuse these young girls.

‘Breakwell has never taken responsibility for his actions and throughout the trial denied any sexual activity took place with the victims. This was despite phone evidence and other corroborating testimony, which provided similar accounts from victims not knowing each other.

‘I hope these convictions give these victims a sense of closure and encourages other such victims of abuse to come forward and report their attackers to the police in the knowledge that they will be taken seriously. The CPS will always aim to bring these cases to court where there is the evidence to do so.’

Isleworth Crown Court (pictured) heard how the professional singer abused his position as a music teacher to engage his young pupils in sexual activity

Isleworth Crown Court (pictured), which heard the story of a professional singer who used his position as music teacher to encourage his pupils into sexual activity

Detective Constable Ben Lawrence-Smith added: ‘My thoughts are with the young girls who were betrayed by Breakwell. He was brought to justice by their bravery and courage.

‘Breakwell deceived and abused these girls and then sought to evade any responsibility for his actions. Some felt they were the ones who had done wrong. This gross breach of trust is made worse by the fact that Breakwell was also a teacher.

‘It is clear that Breakwell was a sexual predator who carefully manipulated these young girls in order to exploit them. Breakwell made it seem that his victims were young. He convinced them they were in a relationship with him. They also knew that they could not alert others to the crimes if they looked after him.

‘It can be difficult for victims of sexual offences, especially when their abusers are people in positions of power and trust, to speak out. If you believe someone is at risk of similar manipulation or abuse, I ask that they tell someone.

‘Due to the predatory nature of Breakwell’s crimes, it is possible there are further victims who have yet to come forward. If you or someone you know has been affected by Breakwell’s offending, or you have been a victim of a sexual offence, please come forward to police. Specially trained officers will be there to listen and support all allegations and work to bring offenders to justice.’