As police begin a hunt for the attacker, a schoolgirl in Leeds is attacked while she’s walking on a Leeds path.

  • GA 16-year old girl, irl was attacked near Farnley Academy in Leeds
  • She managed to break free and flee to safety and call West Yorkshire Police
  • The suspect is described as being white and in his 40s, tall with short brown hair.

As she was walking along a forest path, a schoolgirl was raped.

Following the incident yesterday afternoon, police are looking for a suspect in the shooting near Farnley Academy.

Under 16-year-old, the girl managed to get away from her attacker and run to safety. Last night, she reported the incident to West Yorkshire Police at 11.28 p.m.

According to the attacker, he is white and in his 40s, tall with long brown hair.

Police are hunting a man who raped a girl, aged under 16, yesterday afternoon in woodland near to Farnley Academy, Leeds, West Yorkshire

Police in Leeds are searching for a suspect who attacked a young girl yesterday afternoon near Farnley Academy.

Chris Stokes, Farnley Academy’s principal, has alerted parents of the sexual assault. Teachers are now being sent to school to offer extra protection for students who have already left.

According to West Yorkshire Police, the incident occurred at 3.30 p.m. on a forest path that runs between Farnley Academy (New Farnley) and Maple Croft (New Farnley).

According to the victim, a man approached her and she was assaulted. The victim managed to escape and fled.

A scene has been set up for specialist searches as well as forensic examination.

Tony Nicholson of West Yorkshire Police Homicide and Major Enquiry Team Temporary Detective Superintendent said that: “We treat this incident very seriously and have specialists safeguarding officers supporting him while we establish all the circumstances.”

“We have extensive inquiries and are looking for witnesses to the incident. We also need any other information, especially if anyone was in the vicinity at the time.

“We recognize that an incident like this near a school in our community will raise concerns.

“We work closely with our neighbours policing teams who increase their patrols in the area to reassure residents and link with local key contacts to keep them informed.”

The victim reported being approached by a man and was subjected to a serious sexual assault. She managed to break free and ran off

She reported that a man approached her and she was then subject to serious sexual assault. The victim managed to escape and fled.

The Academy Principal, Mr Stokes, informed parents that the victim of a sexual assault occurred in the nearby wooded area.

An investigation by the police is underway in relation to the incident.

“At midnight today, additional personnel will be deployed to the area so that the students can move through the woods without any danger.”

Parents were also alerted by the nearby Lawns Park Primary school.

Anybody who saw any of the incidents or has information that might assist in the investigation are asked to call the Homicide and Major Enquiry Team at 101, quoting the crime reference 13220007121.