The pain of discovering that her husband had been cheating weeks after she gave birth to the child with her best friend is what a woman has shared. 

Hailey Custer, 28, from Wickenburg, Arizona, says she was left heartbroken after finding out her husband of six years, Travis Bowling, 36, had allegedly cheated on her with her close pal.

The mother-of-four says after being there ‘every step of the way’ to support her unnamed best friend during the birth – including wearing the hospital’s ‘daddy wrist band’ – she was devastated when she spotted a birth defect on the baby’s neck that was identical to one her husband has. 

When she confronted them about her fears that the couple had had the baby together, her worst fears were confirmed. She now believes Bowling had had affairs with her up to thirty women in their relationship.   

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Hailey Custer, 28, from Arizona, who was married to husband Travis Bowling, 36, for six years and had four children with him, claims she found out he was a serial cheater when her best friend gave birth to his baby

Hailey Custer from Arizona is 28, who married Travis Bowling (36). She had four children and was married for six-years. Hailey claims that when Travis’ best friend gave her birth, she learned he was cheating. 

Mother-of-four Custer, right, says she had no idea her best friend, left, was sleeping with her husband and even helped deliver her baby daughter after she fell pregnant

Custer is a mother-of-4 and says she was unaware that her best friend left had been sleeping with her husband. After she got pregnant, Custer even helped her deliver her child.

Custer pictured with the baby she helped deliver, not realising at the time that her own husband was the father - she says 'I even gave the baby her first bath'

Custer is pictured here with her baby, which she did not realize was her husband. She says that she even gave her baby her first bath.

After the cheating scandal, 28-year-old said she was happy to assist in the delivery of her friend’s baby.

She also claims her now ex-husband cheated on her with at least 30 different woman throughout the duration of their marriage – and even had two children with two different women while married to Hailey.

Hailey works as an administrative worker. She said, “I heard that my friend is pregnant and homeless so I reached out.” It was my duty to assist her.

“We all are charismatic, and so were all able to make jokes around one another. It was all I could see. I was very naïve so I just didn’t think it would be possible for someone to do that.

“We were just returning from the hospital when I changed the baby’s diaper and the birth defect was visible. This is difficult for babies to see and it was not something I looked out for.

“I felt it, and I was like, “OK”, this shock overtook me.

“When I discovered that my friend was next to me,” I said. It was impossible for her to say anything. She just dropped her head, looked at the ground, and that’s when I knew.

The couple pictured with three of their four children; Custer says she was naive to not realise her husband and her friend had started an affair, putting their flirty relationship down to the fact 'they're charismatic people'

Custer is pictured here with the couple and three of their children. Custer believes she was too young to have realized her husband had an affair with her friend. She attributes her flirty relationship to being charismatic.

The friends before the pregnancy that devastated Custer; she says she was there 'every step of the way' during the birth after believing the baby's father didn't want to be involved

Custer’s friends who were there before Custer’s tragic pregnancy. She says that she was present ‘every step’ of the birth, even though she believed the father wasn’t interested in being involved.

“I knew that there were no words to describe it, and I didn’t even know what they were saying. “It was overwhelming at first, I could not even comprehend what happened. It was almost like going through a phase of grief.

It’s like you’re experiencing your shock, anger, and finally realizing that it’s all happening.

Hailey stated that she was thrilled to assist her friend, who she doesn’t wish to be named, give birth to their baby. She even assisted with giving them their first bath.

“In the hospital, before I discovered out, I took on that role of father figure,” she said.

At the hospital, she even wore the 'daddy wrist band' while being her friend's birthing partner but a rare neck defect - passed on to the little girl by her husband - eventually exposed their affair

While she was her friend’s mother, she wore the “daddy” wrist band at the hospital. But her husband passed on a rare neck defect to the baby girl. This led her to expose their affairs. 

Sham: Custer and Bowling on their wedding day; she says she now believes he slept with up to 30 other women while they were together

Sham: Custer and Bowling during their wedding day. She now claims that she thinks he may have slept with at least 30 other women when they were married 

However, she says as time has passed, she's decided to have a 'cordial' relationship with her ex-husband

But she said that as the years have passed she decided to maintain a cordial and loving relationship with her husband.

The admin worker shared her story on TikTok, with her original video gaining over 3.4million views

An admin worker shared her story with TikTok. The original video gained over 3.4million hits

I was with her through every stage of this process. She laid her hands on me even when I was at the hospital wearing the wristband of my daddy.

“I did give the baby her first bath.”

Hailey, who was heartbroken by the ordeal, has since found forgiveness and is now looking to forge a close relationship with her husband and continue her friendship with Hailey.

Her explanation was that she had been in shock for some time. After I discovered the truth, I went outside to pray.

 ‘When you don’t forgive yourself it’s like you drinking poison and wanting them to die…

Hailey Custer

I kept repeating the phrase “bigger picture”, over and again. It meant that you should stop looking in the tunnel.

“Now we have the innocent child who was not consulted in this entire situation. You have somebody who doesn’t know where to go and has no family.

‘I was thinking about my children at the end. That is their blood sister and I am not going to do any harm to them. She ended up staying with me.

Hailey posted her TikTok story with over 3.4million viewers. Hailey opened up to discuss some of the comments and questions she received.

She stated that she had received comments from men who were clearly narcissistic and who made the comment, “Well, if you looked after your man, he would not have cheated.”

Forgiveness: She says if she doesn't forgive the pair then she'll end up in more pain


Deciding to take in her friend after the birth in spite of what had happened has helped the family move on...and she intends to keep their friendship going

Despite the trauma, she decided to accept her friend as her child and has been able to move forward with the family. She plans to continue their friendship.

“Most of the comments have supported me, but I’ve been subject to some criticism from my friend. This is something that I tried to stop as quickly as possible since it was not my intention.

It has been viewed over 3.4 million times and continues to grow. Everyone should know how important it is to me that they have found forgiveness. It was difficult for me to forgive myself as well as my children.

“That’s what the main point is, you can get through everything in life. You can also find forgiveness. This just heals your insides.

“If you refuse to forgive yourself, it is like drinking poison and wanting your loved ones to die.” If I forgive myself it is because I cannot stay sick any longer.

Hailey’s friend and Travis Bowling declined to comment.