There’s no going back. These shorn women are masters at sass and offer hopeful ex-partners stinging text responses.

  • has collected hilarious messages from all over the globe.
  • This roundup teaches you how to convey shade to ex-partners after they make an effort to revive romance. 
  • A woman says to her ex, “Do you want the sun in your life?” Stay 92, 935 miles from me.
  • Another saying is “Are You Air or Water?” That’s it …’. 

A relationship that ends is rarely over. As this collection of messages shows, ex-siblings can try to reignite passions with their former lovers. gathered together a sassy masterclass for ex-partners around the world who want to revive romance with women they have cheated or dumped. 

The woman that ruined her ex-partner with this line: “Do you want the sun in your life?” Stay 92, 935 miles from me.

Then there is the texter, who after receiving a series of messages from various parties trying to contact her, wrote back “unsubscribe”. Ouch. 

Scroll down to view a variety of attitude-filled responses that saw ex-partners well-and-truly kicked to the curb…

Beautiful nightmare: This romance is staying firmly in the past thanks to a non-nonsense come-back

A beautiful nightmare: The romance of the future is firmly in the past because of a non-nonsense return

Now, that's a heckle! Paige reels in her ex...and then unleashes the distance from the sun

That’s quite a rant! Paige reels her ex…and unleashes the distance to the sun

Not mincing their words...8th June means absolutely nothing but trouble to this person

They are not being evasive in their statements…8th June is nothing but trouble for this individual

Keep it brief: Like a subscription you no longer want, this person bins their former flame

It’s not too long: This person dumps the former flame like a subscription they don’t want.

Definitely not pulling punches: This former lover gets it right where it hurts

The ex-lover isn’t playing games: She gets the point across.

In your dreams, buddy! This woman offers an acerbic comeback to a sleazy message

You can have your fantasies, buddy. This lady offers a humorous comeback to a sinister message

Washing my hair EVERY day: There's no chance of a flat white between these two

I wash my hair every day.

This person is now sleeping like a baby...without a cheater in their life

Now, this person can sleep like a newborn…and without cheating in their lives.

Failed at the first hurdle: rambling romantic messages don't work if you spell someone's name wrong

Failure at the first hurdle. Rambling romance messages won’t work if someone spells their name incorrectly

A little harsh, maybe: This person makes no bones about their lack of feeling for an ex

Perhaps a bit harsh. This individual is openly honest about not feeling sorry for an ex

Fell for it! This woman serves up her revenge properly cold

It’s worth it This woman takes her revenge cold

Find me on social! A former partner has no plans to see their ex in the flesh anytime soon

Follow me on Facebook! An ex-partner doesn’t plan to meet their ex soon.

Put-down! An over-dramatic message gets short shrift here

Put-down! This is the place to put down!

That's my excuse! This relationship is dead and buried, at least according to one person in it

This is my excuse. This relationship has been buried. At least, according to one of its members.

Never go back: Branding her one-time love a mistake, this person is only looking to the future

Never look back

Such a joker: This iMessage evokes a string of laughter, and then a curt goodbye

It’s a joker! This iMessage evokes laughter followed by a short goodbye

No air: An apology for cheating gets this philanderer absolutely nowhere

There’s no air: A philanderer who cheats gets absolutely nothing

Need you like a hole in the head: This person gives their old love the heave-ho

You need you to be like a hole on the head? This is the person who gives the old love the heave ho