An inspiring teenager who fought a rare type of cancer that inspired millions of others around the globe has tragically died.

Lily Douglas (14 years old) was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma. This rare type of cancer affects bone and surrounding tissues.  

Her posts about living with the disease as well as joyful photos, which she shared with thousands of people on Instagram, were a hit with celebrities like Arlene Phillips (AJ Pritchard) and others. 

Lily tragically suffered a brain bleed ahead of a potential breakthrough drug trial at Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary where she arrived on Friday 14 January.

Although Lily had shown encouraging signs upon her waking up, Jane, Lily’s 52-year-old mother, confirmed on social media that Lily died tragically last night.

Lily Douglas, 14,from Perth, has tragically passed away after years spent battling Ewing Sarcoma. Pictured: Lily with her Pride of Scotland Award

Lily Douglas, 14,from Perth, has tragically passed away after years spent battling Ewing Sarcoma. Pictured is Lily Douglas with her Pride of Scotland Award

Lily, who was named Teenager of Courage at the Pride of Scotland Award 2021, formed close friendships with famous people like Lewis Capaldi or Dame Arlene Philips from Strictly Come Dancing. 

Arlene, now 78, has even talked about Lily’s inspiration to her take part last year’s I’m A Celebrity…Get Me out Of Here! During her appearance on the program.

She stated that Lily Douglas was one of her bravest girls.

“I thought I was afraid of many things. Is there a better way to motivate yourself than this?

Arlene Phillips has previously claimed Lily inspired her to take part in last year's I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!. Pictured: Arlene and Lily at the Pride of Scotland Awards

Arlene Phillips has previously claimed Lily inspired her to take part in last year’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!. Photo: Lily and Arlene at the Pride of Scotland Awards

Lewis Capaldi, a friend of the gifted teenager who joined Miss Scotland Claudia Todd to show her talent on the catwalk in October last year, was also there.

When he invited her to his TRNSMT performance in 2019, he gave her the ‘best day of her lives’. 

Her Instagram account had over 100k followers. She shared photos of her treatments, and also marked milestones.

In December, she shared with fans that she had been accepted to drug trials located thousands of miles away.

Strictly's Shirley Ballas was among the first celebrities to pay tribute to Lily on Instagram, as many sent their condolences to her family

Shirley Ballas, a star of Strictly Come Dancing, was the first celebrity to offer condolences for Lily through Instagram. 

She suffered from a brain injury and was unable to begin potentially groundbreaking treatment in Newcastle.

Lily was warned by her parents that she may not be able to make it through the night. 

After the brain bleed, doctors warned Jane that they ‘didn’t know what damage could have occurred’, according to Edinburgh Live.

But she got up to browse and eat the following day. 

Jane shared her heartbreaking Instagram story, revealing that she was there for Lily when Lily died tragically on the 23rd of January.

Jane said: “My sweet baby girl danced her path to heaven at 7.17 tonight.


Ewing’s Sarcoma refers to a type of bone cancer that affects the ribs as well as the pelvis. It can also occur in soft tissue, but it is rare.

In the UK, it affects fewer than 30 children per year.

In the US, approximately 225 youth are diagnosed each year.

Although the cause of Ewing’s Sarcoma remains a mystery, it may be due to rapid bone development.

Pain is the most frequent symptom. It is often worse at night.

Other options include:

The treatment depends on how large and whereabouts of the tumor, but it usually includes chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery.

If the cancer has spread to the blood vessels or nerves, it may make it impossible for you not to have your limbs amputated.

This could be avoided if the prosthesis is replaced with another bone or one from the body.

Source: Macmillan. NHS

“She was a mess, but her heart didn’t fail. She was sitting on my couch at home and cuddling into me.

“She will be a big hole in mine heart. She would still be here if she had been saved by love.

“She is now at peace, and she is no longer in pain. Lily was happy and healthy despite having cancer. She is loved by all.

She continued: ‘I hope I made her proud I was her mum, we were a great team…It’s not goodbye.

Lily (pictured) had been a talented dancer, who racked up over 105,000 Instagram followers with her inspirational posts

Lily (pictured) was a dancer and had over 105,000 Instagram followers. Her inspirational posts have earned her more than 105,000.

“She’ll be waiting for me. That is all that will separate us. You can see her beauty and peace, even with your beautiful blonde hair.  

“Thanks to you all, I couldn’t have made this happen without your support and love.”  

Many celebrities have shared their sympathies for Lily, who has been brave throughout her fight against cancer.

Shirley Ballas of Strictly Come Dancing was the one to pay tributes. She was a stunning young woman.

Posting on Instagram, Lily's mother Jane explained that the teenager passed away while they were cuddling on the sofa last night

Jane Lily, Lily’s mother posted the following on Instagram: “The teenager died last night while they were snuggling on the sofa.” 

Alan Carr said: “How horrible. We are sending you our deepest love. 

Holly H, a TikTok influencer said: “I’m sorry. I’m going to miss our conversations. Lily truly brought a  smile to my face every single time we spoke. My love and best wishes. 

Elliana Walmsley from TV’s Dance Moms said: “I love you Lily. It is one of the best times I have ever had dancing with you! I have been inspired by you over the years, to never give up and to smile even when it is hard.

“You have touched my mother and mine deeply and will always be a part of my life. The night was so long that we could’ve talked hours in the van. We send our warmest hugs and condolences to Jane, your mother, and all of you. All my love and prayers.