Scubadiving YouTuber, a Scuba-diver has found a car that contains human remains. This is connected to the cold case of 2 Tennessee teens who disappeared 21 years ago.

42-year-old Jeremy Beau Sides of Exploring with Nug’s YouTube channel found a Pontiac Grand Am in black during a diver mission in Sparta in November. There were still human remains inside. 

In 2000, Erin Foster (18 years old) and Jeremy Bechtel (17 year-old), disappeared without a trace from Sparta. 

The newly discovered vehicle – which The New York Times reported had belonged to Foster – was recovered by Sides and his team after having been submerged in Calfkiller River.

The license plate matched that of Foster’s missing Pontiac, according to the White County Sheriff and The Times. reached out to the Sparta Police Department for comment. 

Sides traveled to this small town in order to locate Foster’s Pontiac Grand Am. His YouTube channel is devoted to the recovery of lost items in bodies of water. This often involves cold cases.

After searching the waters, he and his team found it using side scan sonar. He then sent out scuba divers for help to get it out.

The car was retrieved from the river by video. It is still in good condition. The vehicle was later removed from the river and left behind by the officers.


Pictured: A Grand Am that was retrieved it from a river in Tennessee. It's connected to a cold case of two missing teens who haven't been seen in 21 years

Pictured: Grand Am was found in a Tennessee river and pulled from it. This is connected to the cold case of missing teenagers who haven’t been seen for 21 years.

Jeremy Beau Sides of the YouTube channel 'Exploring with Nug' found the black Pontiac Grand Am during a dive mission late last month

Jeremy Beau Sides from the YouTube channel Exploring with Nug’ found the Pontiac Grand Am on a diving mission last month

The vehicle, which the NYT reported had belonged to one of the missing teens, Erin Foster, was recovered by Sides' and his team after having been submerged in a local river

Sides and his team recovered the vehicle from a river after it had been submerged.

Pictured: Jeremy Bechtel, 17, and Erin Foster, 18, at the time of their disappearance

Pictured are Erin Foster (18), and Jeremy Bechtel (17), at the time of their disappearance

KTFV reported that Wednesday saw a group of forensic detectives collecting evidence from the Pontiac’s 1998 Pontiac.

Although the remains were not yet positively identified by Saturday, they are being sent to genetic DNA testing and dental records comparisons.

The families of both have been notified. 

Jeremy’s father Ron Bechtel (57), said that it was almost like losing his son all over again in a New York Times interview on Thursday.

“We just kind of had some hope that he would still be alive.  

Sides stated that locals have been haunted by the tale for many years. 

“It was small, and two teenage boys went missing. No one knows their whereabouts. Everybody knew these kids, they went to school with them, you know,’ Sides told WTVF.   

“Half of the officers who were police officers attended school with these men, and they became friends with them. It was great to give so much closure and help so many people. This meant so much to me, and it will mean the same to them all.

Over the years, police have kept following dozens of leads.

Jeremy Beau Sides, pictured, runs a YouTube channel where he and his team search bodies of water for missing cars and items related to cold cases

Jeremy Beau Sides is pictured. He and his team use a YouTube channel to search waterbodies for missing cars or items in cold cases.

Pictured: the interior of Foster's 1998 Pontiac Grand Am, which had unidentified human remains

Photographed: Foster’s Pontiac Grand Am 1998 interior, with unidentified human remains 

Pictured: Jeremy Bechtel who was 17 when he went missing

Pictured: Erin Foster, who was 18 when she went missing

Two teens were reported missing from Sparta, Tennessee, in 2000.

“Every now and then a case arises where somebody disappears completely from this planet, but they are still driving their cars.” That’s an immediate red flag that chances are, they went into a body of water somewhere,’ Sides explained. 

White County Sheriff Steve Page claimed in a facebook statement that Sides told him he was looking in the wrong place after Foster’s relative requested that the sheriff view Sides videos about his search for the missing teens. 

The statement to Facebook stated that the man had changed his address to Hwy. 84, Calfkiller River, 11/30/2021. He later found a vehicle and called Sheriff Page.   

We have reached out to Sheriff Page [Sparta Police]Major John Meadows, along with his crew arrived at the scene in just minutes. They were there to conduct an investigation which ultimately led to the confirm [plate]Match of the vehicle. 

Meadows was one of the high school classmates and is now the chief investigator. 

Sides said he and his team searched the river and found the car using side scan sonar, pictured, before sending in scuba divers to pull it out of the water

Sides stated that his team found the vehicle in the river using side scan sonar. He then sent out scuba divers for the rescue.

The vehicle, which is believed to have been submerged in water for 21 years, was mostly still intact but it did have some rust damage, pictured above

It is likely that the vehicle was submerged in water 21 years ago. The car, however, was mostly unaffected by rust.

Local authorities say that an investigation into the disappearances of these teens is still ongoing. 

Sides, YouTube channel, which currently has over 138,000 subscribers, says he dives in ‘rivers and lakes recovering lost or stolen property, clean up the waterways, and help bring closures to families in need.’ 

Sides joined forces with Adventures With Purpose in October to find a body under a Texas submerged car. The Times reported.

Sides discovered an automobile that was associated with a woman missing since 2005, about one hour from Sparta and Oakridge. 

Chaos Divers, another YouTube channel, is reported to have discovered a vehicle belonging to an Ohio couple that had been gone for almost four years.