You have decorated the house, it’s time to catch up with your loved ones, and this promises to be a true Christmas.  

But with nine million #ChristmasDecor hashtags on Instagram and 586.2 million TikTok views, security retailers at have warned that sharing too much online over Christmas could put you at risk of burglary.

FEMAIL spoke with Anthony Neary,’s managing director. He said that “Christmas is definitely an exciting occasion.” But it requires a lot energy and money. And burglars are always on the lookout for ways to ruin the festivities. 

‘As we get closer to Christmas, we wanted families to be able to share their holiday wishes on social media safely, without giving any indications to potential thieves.

“Innocent post risks” are not being taken into consideration. Many people are posting vital details about their property and contents to social networks like TikTok or Instagram. We believe it is crucial to stay ahead of burglars at all costs, to avoid the potential pain that can be caused by a theft.

He explains the best ways to keep your holiday home safe from thieves.

Anthony Neary, managing director for told FEMAIL explained why it can be dangerous to post pictures of presents under the tree (stock image)

FEMAIL spoke with Anthony Neary,’s managing director. He explained to FEMAIL why it is dangerous for presents (stock photo) to be posted under the tree.

Be sure to take a photo of the tree close up  

It is common to share photos of home transformations or winter wonderlands on social media. Anthony clarified that the house layout is not only displayed with decorations but also available on Instagram Reels and TikTok videos. 

This will allow burglars to inspect the home and map their routes to gain quick access to what they need. 

‘When sharing any photos, try to focus in on certain items such as the table décor or Christmas tree. This will allow everyone to share Christmas cheer without having to plan out each room’s layout.

Anthony explained how wide images showing the whole home (pictures, stock image) can show thieves the layout of your home

Anthony shared how large images of the entire home can be used to show burglars the layout.

Don’t share photos of your outdoor decor that aren’t homey.

Anthony said that Christmas decorations are getting more extravagant each year. Anthony also mentioned how accessories, such as bows and lights, can help create the ideal home entry for the holiday season. 

“However, close-ups can be taken of the doors to show locks and door material. This allows burglars plan their toolkits as well as the approach they take to getting in. 

“Post closeups of outdoor decorations, such as lights or reindeer statues, to show the thieves and how the outside layout looks.

Pictures of presents beneath the tree should not be posted 

Anthony advised that beautifully wrapped gifts can be very attractive and appealing to share photos with – but it can also indicate thieves where the expensive presents are hiding and available for grabs.

He said that he didn’t care if the photo or video shows the wrapped gifts under the tree. It’s just the same thing: you are instantly showing the burglar that these items were available to them for all of Christmas.  

Keep gifts covered and ensure no presents are visible when taking a picture of the tree.

Close-ups of the door can show the locks and door material, allowing burglars to plan any tools, as well as their approach to breaking in, Anthony explained

Anthony explained how close ups on the door could reveal locks and door material. This allows burglars plan their tools as well as the approach they will take to break in.

Use social media to avoid allowing other people into your home. 

Anthony explained how family reunions could be possible given the Christmas restrictions that were in place last year. However, it is best not to advertise your absence from home.

Posting to relatives and friends can be used as a way of letting people know that you’re not home.

“To protect yourself, don’t check in on locations through social media. He said that while you’re at home you can post any photos and that when you go away you must have security lights and timing lights to create the appearance of people in.

Shopping selfies are over

Anthony continued, “Preparing for Christmas is often stressful, but it can also be an exciting time.”

You should avoid sharing your stories about queues at shops or orders placed online. This could show the contents of items in your home that are still unopened after eight weeks. That is an opportunity for thieves to steal. 

It is much better to share content weeks or days after the fact than live. Post it days after Christmas so thieves know that this isn’t happening right now and won’t steal.