You don’t always get the chance to impress again, as anyone who has tried internet dating’s brutal swipe left culture will attest. This is also true when you are trying to sell your property.

That’s why what lies at the front of your house — be it lawn, gravel or flagstones — can play a major role in making a sale.

Colby Short of CEO, said that a professional’shopfront’ is a great way to attract buyers to your listings.

Dress to impress: Colourful flower beds transform the look of a cottage in East Lothian, Scotland

Make an impression: Bright flower beds can transform a cottage’s appearance in East Lothian.

‘Homes that offer a front garden carry a 4 per cent property price premium versus those without, and that equates to more than £11,000 in the current market,’ he says.

How can you improve your property’s saleability?

Some modifications are easy, basic innovations. Even the smallest amount of grass needs to be mowned and should not contain any rubbish. 

Bins and recycling bins are the most common thing in front gardens. They also include the trash left behind by squirrels, who may have taken some of your rubbish to make dinner. It’s simple to conceal bins in a container unit.

“If you want to conceal ugly bins, you might consider building a bin storage with a planter at the top. Then you will have beautiful outdoor succulents or flowering alpines. says QVC UK’s gardening expert Michael Perry. 

You can also buy wooden bin stores from outdoor furniture suppliers such as Wayfair (from £125.99).

Sean Lade of Easy Garden Irrigation says that hanging baskets placed outside the front door can help break down a brick wall.

Hanging baskets can add colour and fragrance to your garden, and also soften your home’s front. They should be installed at eye level —about 5 ft off the ground.’

Hanging baskets add colour and scent to a front garden and soften the front of a house

Hanging baskets bring colour and aroma to the front yard and soften the facade of a home.

You might also consider replacing old fencing and brick walls that are deteriorating with natural borders like Boxwood hedge, which can add visual interest to your garden. It is easy to maintain all year.

“If cottage gardens are your preference, you can train climbing plants to make natural archways around the front of your porch, gate, or door. Deborah Cobb, MKM’s product manager is a builder’s merchant.

Also, raised flower beds make a great way to include natural foliage. Fill them with evergreens and they will last all year.

Nicola Bird is the founder of The Floral Project and a seed subscription company. She suggests that you plant annual flowers at your front door if there are any plans to sell. 

‘They include varieties such as cosmos, phlox, zinnias and sweet peas — not only to bring a bright splash of colour to your front garden, but also serve as a great conversation starter with your potential buyers.’

Jonathan Rolande of, professional property buyer, said that even if there isn’t a lawn in front of the house, other basic elements can help you sell.

You can jet wash your paths. Remove any vehicle that might be of use to you, just in case potential buyers come to visit. This will help create the illusion of more space.

‘Clean the windows, frames and front doors — and clean the house number,’ he says. If the garden has been largely used for parking, you can soften it by adding pots or planters with attractive flowers and shrubs.

 You may think your garden gnomes are cute, but to a prospective buyer, they can be just plain creepy

He says that you could also use terracotta plants to plant on your front sills if you do not have a lawn. These can be filled with aromatic plants, such as rosemary or lavender, which will appeal to your sense of smell.

Use decorative gravel if your garden is small. Thomas Goodman (property expert at, suggests that you use pea shingle, or slate chipspings.

This will make a beautiful, low-maintenance foundation that can be topped with some nice pots.

Fix any broken gates, fences, or walls. They can detract form any beautiful plantings and create the impression that the home is not well maintained.

Colby Short advises that certain items be taken out of your garden permanently in order to maximize the sale chances.

While you may find your garden-gnomes cute, prospective buyers might see them as creepy. It is the same for large statues, especially if they have a religious, political or dangerous nature.

When it comes to selling your property to buyers you need to be able to show them a blank canvas. However, this doesn’t mean the canvas has to look nice and have appeal on its own.

Available on the market…with kerb appeal 

Buckinghamshire: This four bedroom semi-detached cottage is on the edge of Denham Village. The bedrooms are spacious overlooking front and rear gardens., 01753 481 781, £800,000

Buckinghamshire: The cottage, which has four bedrooms and is semi-detached, can be found at the Denham Village edge. These bedrooms have large views of the front and back gardens., 01753 481 781, £800,000

Suffolk: There are four bedrooms in this detached house in Old Newton. The property dates from the 16th century and has a thatched roof and mature gardens., 01379 646 020. £1.2m

Suffolk: This detached home in Old Newton has four bedrooms. This property is a 16th-century home with a thatched roof, mature gardens and dated back to the 16th., 01379 646 020. £1.2m

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