Seth Rogen, who dismissed car burglaries in Los Angeles as part of daily life in LA was criticised for not realizing that his portfolio also includes two secure properties.   

Rogen, 39 years old, was the owner of a safe $2.5million West Hollywood house and now lives in Hollywood Hills’ $8 million ranch home. He told Casey Neistat crime was part of living in a large city.  

Neistat, 40, who used to be a prominent YouTuber in New York before moving to the West Coast, took to Twitter on Wednesday to tell his followers that ‘our cars got robbed,’ and blamed the city for being a ‘crime riddled 3rd world s**thole of a city.’

Rogan was intrigued by the tweet and took to Twitter: “Dude, I have lived here over 20 years. It’s crazy! It is beautiful here. It’s not worth anything. This is called “living in big cities.” 

Rogen was the owner of two West Hollywood houses, one of which was purchased last year. One of the other homes has a steel gate that is tall and an indication to locals that surveillance cameras are installed in order to prevent crime.   

Rogen, meanwhile, also has a ranch of 10 acres in Nichols Canyon in Hollywood Hills. There, petty theft like the one he dismissed was unlikely to pose a problem.  

According to the LA Times, the ranch covers 10 acres and includes a guesthouse as well as a swimming pool, sporting court and a swimming pool. There is also a nature trail that offers views over two streams and one waterfall. 

On Twitter, many criticised Rogen’s victim-shaming Neistat. They also called Rogen ‘outof touch’ because crime rates have soared throughout California and Los Angeles as a result of brazen daylight burglaries. 

Actor Seth Rogen, 39, caught slack on Twitter after dismissing YouTuber Casey Neistat, who got his car burglarized

Neistat, 40 - who was a prominent YouTuber before moving to the West Coast where he still vlogs -  got into a Twitter exchange with the Neighbors actor, asking if it was okay to 'still be mad tho?'

Seth Rogen (39), actor, was caught on Twitter slacking after dismissing YouTuber Casey Neistat. Neistat had his car stolen. 

Rogan was lived for more than 20 years in Los Angeles. His most recent West Hollywood home is worth about $2.5 million when he sold it in 2020

Rogan spent more than twenty years living in Los Angeles. The most recent West Hollywood property he purchased was valued at $2.5million when Rogan decided to sell it in 2020 

The home featured large steel gates, with a sign also warning locals they're being watched by a surveillance camera

Large steel gates were installed at the home. A sign warned locals that a surveillance camera was being used to monitor them. 

The $2.5 million house features three full baths. Rogen originally purchased the home in 2016

Three full bathrooms are featured in the $2.5 million home. Rogen purchased the house in 2016.

The actor bought the home for $1 million less than its current value. It has four large bedrooms

It was $1 million cheaper than the current price when it was purchased by actor. The home has four spacious bedrooms. 

The expensive home also had a large background grotto, complete with a firepit

This expensive house also featured a huge background grotto with a firepit. 

Neistat reported later that seven-year old Neistat’s daughter’s party decorations had been stolen from her car by a looter and that he left bloody prints on the vehicle. The exact cause of the looter’s bleeding is not known. 

The YouTuber – who estimated to be worth $16million, according to Wealthy Gorilla –  jokingly asked the Neighbors actor if he ‘can still be mad tho’ before saying he felt ‘so violated.’ 

Rogen responded: “You can be crazy, but I guess you don’t view your car as an extension or of yourself. I have never felt violated in any of the fifteen times that my car has been broken into. One time a gentleman accidentally left me a cool knife inside my car. You might be able to get a treat if this keeps happening. 

The funny guy – who is worth an estimated $80million, according to – caught slack, not only from the influencer himself, but also from fans alike for his ‘privileged’ comment. 

Neistat called the actor and said he had ‘no treats’. 

Rogen (pictured at the Vulture Festival earlier this month) also admitted he had his car broken into at least 15 times since living in the city and told Neistat to not 'leave anything valuable in it'

Rogen was pictured at Vulture Festival this month. Rogen also said that his car had been broken into 15 times during his stay in New York City. Neistat told him to make sure that nothing valuable is left in the vehicle.

The pair had a lengthy exchange on Twitter

They had an extensive exchange via Twitter

Twitter user Cathy Young called wrote: ‘You know, people talk about how this or that statement embodies ‘privilege,’ and 95% of the time it’s total bulls***, but this… yeah.’

A second Twitter user commented: ‘HAHAHAHAHAHAHAI I wish I could lead such a peaceful existence’, in reaction to Rogen’s statement that his car was an ‘extension’ of himself. 

While some encouraged the actor to ‘cancel’, others pointed out that he was a wealthy man. 

Rogen also said he enjoyed private messages haters

Rogen stated that he enjoys private messages with haters 

Daily Caller reporter Dylan Housman named Rogen’s wealth as: “Multi-millionaire celebrity” explains to Rogen why getting your car stolen is not a major deal, and that you need to get past it. 

Writer Katherine Brodsky also called out Rogen’s insensitive comment, writing: ‘It may not be a huge deal to someone with tremendous wealth, but it certainly is for someone who’s struggling.’ 

Some called it a “bad take” as major cities are seeing an increase in crime including burglary and aggravated assault. 

The other wrote: “Bad take.” “It’s called living a big-city life” should not be used as a way to ignore the increase in crime.  

Rogen’s comment about Rogen being privileged may not have been the case for everyone. 

Kristen McPike, a user commented on how her car was stolen in Hollywood and that sometimes you have to just accept it. 

“Had my car taken in Hollywood. It was found in Inglewood just a few days later. “Someone brought it along for a ride to the Rams games. LA is a big adventure. Sometimes it’s okay to let go and just enjoy the ride. 

The star didn’t let hatred get to him too much, as he wrote on Wednesday: ‘A lot of people come at me and talk s**T on Twitter hoping I’ll engage with them publicly and give them attention, but instead I DM them and tell them to go f**k themselves privately. It’s a lot more fun.’ 

Neistat, however, didn’t allow it to slide. Rogen said he was burglarized at least 15 times and asked Neistat: “Serious Question; How did you break into your car 15 times?”

Rogen responded, “I was a West Hollywood resident for twenty years. I parked my car on the street.”  

Rogen received a lot of hate over his 'privileged' comment, with many calling out his immense wealth. The actor is worth an estimated $80million

Rogen got a lot of hate for the ‘privileged” comment. Many pointed to his wealth. He is estimated to be worth $80 million 

Since 2021, Los Angeles has seen more than 10,000 burglaries. Motor vehicle thefts have increased by almost 10%. Michel Moore, Chief of the LAPD, stated that the rise in robberies was due to increased availability of handguns. 

‘The number of handguns that are in the streets today — you’d have to go back probably at least a decade or more to find this level,’ Moore said. 

Los Angeles also has high rates of homicides, rapes, and aggravated assault. 

New York, Chicago and other major cities are experiencing an increase in violent crime.  

The looting gang took eight high-end handbags from an LA Nordstrom before Thanksgiving and attacked a cop. This is the latest of many smash-and-grab attacks that has plagued California. 

Police said that five people, including one in an orange wig, entered Canoga Park’s open-air store just before 7pm Wednesday. They raped a security guard and terrified customers with chemical sprays.

The thieves fled quickly and made off with handbags valued at thousands of dollars despite the presence of multiple police cruisers as well as ambulances and fire trucks that responded to the attack.

This is the 8th smash-and grab robbery that took place in California over the past week. The thieves made off with tens to thousands of dollars worth of luxury goods amid the soft misdemeanor theft laws of the Democrat-run State. 

Following George Floyd’s passing, LA cut $150 million off the budget of the LAPD in July. According to the Los Angeles Times, the city channeled the funds into social services. 

In August, the LAPD reported it had 300 positions open and had around 500 fewer officers are duty than the year prior, the Los Angeles Daily News reported. Moore indicated that the police department continues to search for 94 vacant positions. 

According to the Los Angeles Times, however, an additional $213million will be granted to the LAPD next year. This would increase staffing, according the Los Angeles Times.