Sex attacker is sentenced to seven year imprisonment after victims reported assaults almost 20 years ago at Shoreham Air Show.

  • David Conrad, aged 57 from Ashurst (Kent), attacked the eight year-old girl in 2003
  • Brighton Crown Court sentenced him to seven years imprisonment
  • He was convicted of indecent assault and will remain a registered sex offender for life
  • The victim didn’t report the assault because she was afraid until she turned 22. 

A man who molested a young girl as she watched an air show has been jailed for seven years.

David Conrad (57), of Ashurst Kent, attacked the 8-year-old girl while she was watching vintage planes fly at the Shoreham Aero Show 2003.

While she was on her way to the circus with her family, the young girl wasn’t too concerned about reporting the attack until she turned 22.

David Conrad, 57, of Ashurst, Kent attacked aneight-year-old girl as she watched vintage planes flying at the Shoreham Air Show in 2003

David Conrad, aged 57 from Ashurst Kent attacked an eight year-old girl who was watching vintage planes fly at the Shoreham Aviation Show in 2003.

Conrad, who was convicted of indecent attack on a woman, was sentenced by Brighton Crown Court to 7 years.

Additionally, he will serve an additional year under the extended license and be registered as a sex offender for indefinitely.

Amber Evans of Sussex Police said that the girl attended the show along with Conrad and her family.

Conrad was sentenced to serve seven years behind bars at Brighton Crown Court and a further year on extended licence (Pictured: Brighton Law Courts, which includes Brighton Crown Court)

Conrad was sentenced for seven years in prison at Brighton Crown Court, and one year additional on an extended license (Photo: Brighton Law Courts, including Brighton Crown Court).

They were sitting together in the crowd, when he attacked her. No one else was aware.

“She never reported the attack to anybody at the time, and she was able only to do so 14 years later.

“We were still able investigate and seek justice. We also gave her access and advice from specialists.

Amber Evans, of Sussex Police, said; 'The girl was at the show with her family and Conrad, who also knew her. They were sitting with each other in the crowd when he attacked her, without anyone else being aware'. Pictured: Shoreham Airshow

Amber Evans from Sussex Police stated that she saw the girl at the event with Conrad (who also knew her) and her family. He attacked her while they were sitting together in the crowd, and she was unaware of it. Shoreham Airshow 

“You can contact us at any time if you are a victim of sexual offenses, regardless how long it has been.”

In 2015, the Shoreham Air Show was cancelled after a military airplane crashed into a major road. The crash killed 11 and injured 16.

Next year, an inquest will be held into the deaths.

The Shoreham Air Show was suspended in 2015 after a military aircraft crashed on a main road near the airport killing 11 people and injuring a further 16

After a military plane crashed onto a road close to the airport, the Shoreham Air Show was cancelled in 2015. The incident killed 11 and injured 16 more.