Audio recorded today the scene of a child murderer calling 999 on her 16 month-old victim, before trying to attribute the girl’s injuries to a boy.

Savannah Brockhill (28), killed her lover Frankie Smith, 20, and Star Hobson, her daughter, at their home in Keighley West Yorkshire. Smith was today convicted of her murder.

After her inferior vein cava, which is the biggest in the body, was damaged, the little girl succumbed to her injuries in hospital. The injuries can usually be seen in victims of car crashes, according to medics.

Smith admitted to the jury that she was not present in Star’s death room, however she did not suspect Brockhill when she reviewed the prison situation.

The first part of the transcript is Brockhill responding to the question 'is she conscious'. She then goes on to pretend that Star had fallen off the sofa

Brockhill’s response to Star’s question about consciousness is the first portion of the transcript. Then, she pretends that Star has fallen from the couch. 

After Star’s accident, the couple had to wait for 15 minutes before calling 911 and asking for an ambulance.

Brockhill recorded the call and sounds completely calm. She claims she was in her kitchen making a cup of coffee when Star, who was with Star, woke up.

Brockhill added: “I came out, and the little boy’s standing there, and the little girl was on the ground and she was crying. Then she became sick.” She’s a little floppy, to be truthful with you.

The monster said that Star was ‘fallen from the couch’ and the noise was a bang.

She continues: “I arrived in and the little boy was saying Star ‘…So, I shouted at her mom and said’sit up Star.’

“I laid her down and began to rub her back, as she was struggling to breathe. She became sick and I laid her down on the ground. 

The shameless murderer - sounding completely calm - goes on to suggest that Star's injuries were caused by a boy she was with

Star suffered injuries from a man she was in love with, which the shameless murderer makes sound completely normal. 

Brockhill claimed that Star was in recovery when she first started CPR.

Smith and her verdicts came 11 days after Emma Tustin was sentenced to life for Arthur Labinjo Hughes’s murder. This case caused widespread horror and revulsion.

Similar to that, social services received repeated warnings about Brockhills and Smith, but Star was permitted to remain with them.

The toddler was ‘choke-slammed’ and forced to face the wall. He also received repeated punches.

Smith, who is 70 years old and has an extremely low intelligence of 70, was apparently dominated by her partner. She became so fascinated by her that she stopped caring about her daughter.

Eric Wright was a consultant psychologist and claimed that she had been in her trial because it indicated that she was not in the highest two per cent for intelligence, and three in the top for complicity and suggestion.

Savannah Brockhill, 28, murdered killed 20-year-old lover Frankie Smith's daughter Star Hobson (pictured) at her home in Keighley, West Yorkshire

Savannah Brockhill (28), murdered Frankie Smith, her 20-year old lover, at Star Hobson’s home in Keighley West Yorkshire. 

Savannah Brockhill

Frankie Smith

Brockhill and Smith were both convicted for the murder of the little girl. 

Brockhill was quite possessive and threatened to put anyone who messaged her in a chair.

Anita Smith and David Fawcett were the child’s great-grandparents.’.

They claim they were merely ‘troublemakers’ who complained because they didn’t like the same sex relationships or gipsies.

Fawcett said that the lady calling from social services asked him, “How do you understand?”Her reaction shocked us all.

“Well, Baby P was abused and died, so we are making a complaint. My immediate reaction would be, “Yeah! Right, Baby P died from abuse, and we are making a complaint, but we won’t accept another Baby P.” They are the social services, which is a problem. I found it a bit strange, actually, absolutely shambolic.

A video of Brockhill performing 21 hits to Star while driving in a car was shown to jurors. The toddler was also seen in the car.

Star (pictured with Brockhill) suffered a cardiac arrest and died in hospital from appalling injuries inflicted on her

Star (pictured together with Brockhill), suffered from a heart attack and later died at hospital due to the terrible injuries she sustained.

Brockhill, who was working as a security officer at Doncaster’s recycling facility in Doncaster when the video was captured was used. The footage was taken eight days before Star died.

She appeared to be punching Star using what was described by the prosecutor as “considerable force”.

One time, the child fell out of his vehicle. Brockhill grabbed Star by her throat. The little girl was also “choked slammed” by Brockhill in an unorthodox discipline.

Star fell from a plastic chair to hit the ground. Another video was presented to the jury. The prosecutor described it as “disturbing” and “bizarre”.

With music and captions, the mobile phone video was slowed down.

Star, who was so tired, fell forward to eat a meal and then went back to sleep. Another video, which Star captured on the phones of both defendants, was also filmed.