Shamima Begum states she will go to trial in the UK in order to combat ‘completely false’ claims she has committed atrocities. Shamima insists that ISIS made her “groomed” but is still married to her ISIS husband. Shamima currently resides in a Syrian refugee camps.

  • Shamima Begum (22 years old) said that she was willing to stand trial for her return to the UK 
  • Begum fled ISIS in 2015 as a child-bride and has denied taking part in terrorist acts.
  • She said that she didn’t hate Britain but her life.
  • After losing her British citizenship, Begum is still held at al-Roj in Syria’s prison camp.

Shamima Begum, a former ISIS bride has said she will face trial in Britain if she loses her citizenship.   

Begum, a schoolgirl at 15 years old from east London, left for Syria in 2015. 

Begum is now 22, and insists that she doesn’t have hatred for the UK because she fled Syria in order to join the terror organization. Begum has repeatedly pleaded with the judge to allow her to face the charges against her.

She has denied involvement in terror acts and stated previously that she would be returning to the UK to face criminal charges.

Sky News interviewed her to confirm that she denied the accusations she was accused of atrocities committed by IS, or Islamic State. She said they were ‘all totally false’.

Shamima Begum, 22, pictured at al-Roj prison camp in Syria in September, said she is willing to come back to the UK to face trial

Shamima Begum (22), pictured in Syria at al-Roj prison Camp in September. She stated that she would be willing to return to the UK for trial

Begum hopes and dreams, but she has no plan B in case her citizenship is lost.

According to her, she said that although she was willing to take on the tyrants in court of law, it is not possible for me.

Begum explained that she didn’t make her decision quickly to move out of the UK while she was still a teenager and had been contemplating it for quite some time.

She stated, “I hated Britain but not my life.” 

“I felt extremely restricted and couldn’t lead the kind of life I desired in the UK, as a British lady.

‘I feel that my only crime was coming here, and I would not mind going to jail for it.  I won’t be beaten by the allegations against me.

Begum is still in Syria’s al-Roj refugee camps. She said it has become more scary.

“For a long while it was not violent, but it has become more frightening to live there,” she said. The women may have gotten tired of waiting.

She stated that she wanted to be able to forgive her family “whenever the time is right”, adding, “I don’t believe they failed me in any way, but I did fail them.”

Begum previously spoke out about how she got married to Yago Riedijk, a Dutch convert 10 days after her arrival in IS territory. She had three children who all died.

According to her, she often thinks about the deaths of her children, bombings and constant running as she falls asleep.