First responders claimed that Shane Warne could have been unconscious for as long as 45 minutes before paramedics arrived at his villa in Thailand. 

Samujana villas employee says that the man charmed Samujana and her colleagues during his brief stay there. He died less than 24hours after landing on the plane.

Anuchahanaiam, Kittchai Huadmuang were both paramedics that responded to distressing calls at the resort’s Friday afternoon.

Daily Mail Australia was informed by the two men that Warne had likely suffered a cardiac arrest while he was alone in his bedroom, well before any of his friends thought to visit him.

An Australian leg spinner extraordinaire planned Friday’s relaxing afternoon with several masseuses, a manicure and pedicurist to arrive at the villa for back to-to-back treatment.  

Daily Mail Australia received a report from a resort staff member stating that most treatments had been booked by the villa manager using employees from the nearby affiliate parlours.

Warne booked a second massage on behalf of a friend, or even by himself at 52 years old.

Warne had hoped that after his spa treatments Warne would settle down to watch Australia v Pakistan. Warne also wanted to finish the week at a local bar with some friends. But, he was unsuccessful.

Daily Mail Australia’s Shane Warne’s final hours are reported here by the staff that assisted him and first responders who attempted to revive him with CPR.

CCTV captured Warne strolling through his Koh Samui villa after a visit to his tailor earlier that afternoon

Camera captured Warne walking in his Koh Samui home after visiting his tailor that afternoon.

Four masseuses were seen on CCTV leaving the resort about 3pm but it is understood only two of the women had serviced Warne including one known as Bovi (at the front with backpack on)

CCTV captured four masseuses leaving the resort at 3:00pm. However, it was believed that only two of them had previously served Warne. One known as Bovi is seen standing in front carrying a backpack.

First responders have also revealed that Warne might have been dead for up to 45 minutes before they arrived at his luxury villa. His body is pictured being transported from Koh Samui morgue on March 6

Second responders also confirmed that Warne may have been dead up to 45 minutes prior to arriving at the villa. Picture of his body being moved from Koh Samui morgue, March 6,

This is one of the last pictures Warne posed for before he suffered a heart attack. The great Australian leg spinner planned a relaxing afternoon on his last day with multiple massages, a manicure and pedicure booked back-to-back in the afternoon.

This was one of Warne’s last photos before his heart attack. On his final day, the great Australian leg spinner planned to relax with multiple massages and a manicure and pedicure back-to-back.

Thai paramedics Anucha Hanaiam and Kittchai Huadmuang responded to distressing calls from Samujana Villas on Koh Samui on the afternoon of Friday, March 4

Thai paramedics Anucha Hanaiam and Kittchai Huadmuang responded to distressing calls from Samujana Villas on Koh Samui on the afternoon of Friday, March 4

The relaxing treatments   

Warne booked several massagers to visit the Samujana villa in Koh Samui for Friday, after arriving late Thursday evening.

CCTV captured four women leaving the resort at around 2.58 p.m. It is believed that only two had served Warne.

A staff member at the villa said the women pictured in the footage were not affiliates of the resort and had likely been booked privately through Warne’s party. This is not unusual.

Bovi was the name of one of her massage therapists. He told a friend how he felt completely happy when she left.

The 27-year-old said: ‘He seemed to enjoy himself very much.’

‘Everything was fine. We were left with a great tip from him.

‘We were both so shocked when we found out later that he had died.’

Bovi and PluGun were interviewed by Thai police as they are the last to have seen Warne alive.

The island’s detectives have confirmed that there is no evidence of foul play. His death was ruled natural by a post mortem.

Paramedics have told Daily Mail Australia it was likely Warne suffered a heart attack while relaxing alone well before his mates thought to check on him in his room. Forensic officers examine the contents of Warne's luggage in his villa

Daily Mail Australia was told by paramedics that Warne had likely suffered a heart attack in the middle of his private relaxation, well before any other mates noticed him. Examining Warne’s bags in his villa, forensic officers look at them.

A staff member who met Warne and his friends at the villa Thursday night, spoke through a friend to tell Daily Mail Australia that Warne was friendly and happy to be back. This is after Covid has prevented many travels in 2020-2021.

‘We know Gareth (Warne’s friend) and they said it’s great to be back at Samujana,’ the staff member said.

‘Shane was smiley and had a certain way to walk, like a bounce in his step. He was here to relax.’

After settling in to their five-bedroom rooms, the men spoke with the manager of the private villa. He was able to make arrangements for treatments that day.

Samujana provides each villa with a personal manager, maid, and private chef.

Warne, after scheduling an afternoon massage, left the villa to go to the Briony Tailor nearby. He was seen arriving back in CCTV footage minutes prior to his initial appointment. This took place inside his bedroom. 

Local tailor Parsuram Panday was pleasantly surprised when repeat customer Warne arrived unannounced about 1pm

Hours before his sudden death, Shane Warne placed an order for five blazers, 10 pairs of slacks, five pairs of shorts and another five shirts

Parsuram Panday, a local tailor (left), was delighted to receive a repeat customer Warne unannounced just a few hours before his sudden passing. Warne had placed orders for five blazers as well as 10 pairs each of slacks and shorts. He also ordered another five shirts. This is Warne’s receipt. 

Sitting on Warne's bedhead was a packet of Benson and Hedges smokes - his cigarette of choice. The father-of-three carried a travel bag with personal items including Reef tanning oil, a condom, shaving cream, toothpaste, a cap, belt and speaker

A packet of Benson and Hedges cigarettes was his choice of cigarette, and Warne sat on Warne’s bedhead. A travel bag containing personal items included Reef tanning cream, razors, toothpaste and a belt was carried by the father-of-3.

Warne's friend Andrew Neophitou is pictured outside Bophut police station the day after the cricket legend suffered a heart attack in his resort room. Mr Neophitou had performed CPR on Warne for 20 minutes

Andrew Neophitou was Warne’s friend. He is seen pictured at Bophut’s police station, the day after the cricket star suffered a cardiac arrest in his resort bedroom. Warne was given CPR by Mr Neophitou for just 20 minutes. 

Warnie’s last hours

Thursday, March 3.

Late at nightShane Warne takes off for Thailand, Koh Samui. He visits Samujana Villas along with his friends.

Friday, March 4, –

At 1pmAfter ordering custom clothes, Warne left a local tailor.

At 1.30 p.m.Warne can be seen returning home to his villa on CCTV

2.58pm: After two women gave Warne massages, four of the women can be seen leaving the resort via CCTV.

3.15pm-4pm:Warne receives a last massage. Watching Australia’s match against Pakistan, Warne relaxes.

5.15pm:Andrew Neophitou, a friend, discovers Warne not responding in his bedroom and starts CPR

5.20pm:The paramedics have been notified. Paramedics are alerted.

7.05pm:Thai International Hospital has declared Warne dead.

Andrew Neophitou came to Warne’s bed and found him unresponsive.

Neophitou performed CPR for twenty minutes, before medical personnel arrived and Warne was taken to the Thai International Hospital in Koh Samui. He was declared dead.    

According to reports, staff were shocked and scared by the incident.

‘It’s never happened before,’ the staffer said.

A shrine of photos, flowers and other memorabilia were left at Warne’s villa in a temporary memorial. The senior managers spoke to staff, reminding them that discretion is paramount.

Staff member stated that Samujana has a policy not to reveal the identity of its guests. 

‘We get lots of famous celebrities – Hollywood stars, princes and even Australia’s influencers. It’s not possible to talk about their private lives.

Samujana believes in providing state-of the-art, efficient service to all guests and maintaining discretion.

‘Our Samujana Villas hosts have been handpicked and professionally trained to ensure our guest needs are not only met but exceeded… fast, friendly and efficient service, yet discreet,’ a statement on the resort’s website reads.


The emergency was reported to local paramedics at 5.20pm Friday. As his friends shouted “come on Shane,” Neophitou, who was performing CPR, was being rushed to the hospital.

Both Mr Hanaiam (left) and Mr Huadmuang (right) can now confirm that both the commentator on cricket and star player did not possess pulses upon their arrival.

According to Mr Huadmuang, “We tried everything possible.” “We tried to revive him with CPR, which we did for about 20 minutes.

Warne’s death was confirmed only after he reached Samui International Hospital.

Daily Mail Australia has obtained footage of CCTV inside the villa showing Warne’s distraught friends running from their bedrooms into Warne’s after being alerted they were unconscious.

Two men arrived to allow Mr Huadmuang and Mr Hanaiam in, just minutes later.

Masseuse Nok said she arrived at the Samujana Villas resort about 3.15pm and left just after 4pm. She massaged Warne in a room near the pool. Pictured is Warne's room where friends and paramedics tried desperately to keep him alive

Masseuse Nok said that Masseuse arrived at Samujana Villas resort around 3:15pm and left about 4pm. In a nearby room, she massaged Warne. This is Warne’s room, where paramedics and friends tried to save him.

Warne's friend Andrew Neophitou applied CPR for 20 minutes before medics took over and Warne was rushed to the Thai International Hospital on Koh Samui, where he was pronounced dead. The hospital is pictured

Andrew Neophitou, Warne’s friend applied CPR for twenty minutes until medics arrived. Warne was then rushed to the Thai International Hospital in Koh Samui where he died. This is the hospital.

“One of his close friends spoke on behalf of Mr Warne,” Mr Huadmuang stated. 

“He claimed he didn’t have any sicknesses, high blood pressure or previous heart attacks. The mystery was that it was an illness.

All the resort personnel were in shock, but tried their best to help.

Warne’s friends were with the paramedics and they managed to get his body on a stretcher and transport it through the villa into an ambulance.

Daily Mail Australia chose not to publish footage showing Warne and his friends with the stretcher, along with some emergency responders. While they were moving, one paramedic performed CPR.

Although medical personnel are well-trained to handle trauma situations, Huadmuang said that they were particularly affected by Koh Samui’s scenes.

An ambulance carrying Warne's body is pictured as it prepares to move from Surat Thani Hospital to Suvarnabhumi International Airport before a flight home to Australia

As an ambulance transports Warne’s remains, it is photographed as it prepares for its move from Surat Thani Hospital towards Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

He said, “Everyone was in shock.” 

“They wanted to all help, but there was certainly some panic.”

Paramedics transferred Warne’s care to the hospital staff, but they didn’t learn that Warne was well-known as a public figure until the following day.

Warne was repatriated from Australia on Thursday ahead of the state funeral scheduled for March 30.

On Thursday morning Warne, the best leg spinner in the world, was greeted by an Australian flag on his last journey home from Thailand.

Thai police loaded Warne’s casket in a waiting ambulance. Then, a private plane took off for Bangkok.

Warne’s family was also helped by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to return his body back to Australia.

Police investigators are pictured speaking with Warne's friends after his sudden death at his villa on March 4. A post-mortem examination revealed Warne had suffered a heart attack and there were no suspicious cirumstances

After Warne’s sudden death on March 4, police investigators were pictured talking with Warne’s friends. After Warne’s sudden death at his villa on March 4, police investigators were pictured talking with Warne’s friends. 

The aftereffect   

After a tragic heart attack at Warne’s luxury resort, superstitious employees feared Warne’s spirit might remain after an eerie late night incident.

Daily Mail Australia received a report from a member of staff at the Samujana villa that the sensor light which senses when guests walk past the property had been flickering outside the area where Warne lived out his last days.

A former employee stated, “We believe in spirits and ghosts,”

She said, “I get goose bumps now just thinking about it again,” pointing at the hairs on her arms. 

Earlier on Thursday morning, Warne's coffin was draped in an Australian flag as the world's all-time best leg spin bowler began his final voyage home from Thailand, a journey that began before dawn. The coffin is pictured at Bangkok's Police General Hospital

On Thursday morning Warne, the best-known leg spinner in the world, was greeted by an Australian flag on his last journey home. This is Warne’s coffin at Bangkok Police General Hospital. 

According to the woman who didn’t want her name, staff were discussing the possibility Warne’s spirit hadn’t yet left the villa.

After Warne died, a sensor and motion light in front of the villa started to flicker in mysterious ways.

She said, “It is scary.” “We are a superstitious group, but I fear he may still be there.”    

Warne was loved by many locals and is considered a tragic loss.

“It’s beautiful,” said a local Pakistani tailor, who met Warne once on the island. He is now a huge fan.

We don’t want it to become a remembrance of this. He came to the area to unwind and take in its beauty.

Warne’s final farewell will take place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, March 30, in a funeral for state.

Warne will be farewelled in a state funeral at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on March 30. Tributes to Warne are pictured outside Samujana Villas on March 7

Warne’s final farewell will take place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, March 30, in a funeral for state. Pictured outside Samujana Villas are tributes to Warne on March 7.