Shane Warne’s father choked up during the state funeral service in memory of his son. Hugh Jackman, Kylie Minogue and Elton John all paid tribute to their cricket great son.

More than 55,000 people gathered to remember Warne. He died on March 4th at the age of 52 while on a boys’ trip. 

Callahan was greeted by close family members and friends at his Melbourne home Wednesday afternoon, ahead of the public celebration of his life at the cauldron which saw him taking 700th Test wicket.

Brooke, 24; Jackson, 22, and Summer, 20, were Warne’s children. They sat in black as they jumped into large coaches outside their home. Jackson was a mirror image of his father, as he carried the lemon lime vodka cruisers in the bus for the funeral guests. 

Simone, in a black pantsuit and pillbox hat was followed closely by her mother and many friends. A number of Warne’s crew members flashed St Kilda scarves in tribute to the legend of cricket.

Famous Aussies came from every corner of Australia to attend the MCG. Among them were Scott Morrison, Molly Meldrum and Mick Gatto as well as Allan Border, Adam Gilchrist, and Anthony Albanese.

Elton John sang a recording of ‘Don’t Let The Sun Go down on Me’ to pay tribute, and Kylie Minogue as well as Hugh Jackman made tributes. 

Keith Warne, Warne’s father, said that he would always remember Warne for his unconditional love and that their family wouldn’t be the same without him.

Shane stated that he used to smoke, drink, and play a bit of cricket. He said, “Mate, your mother and me can’t picture a life without You,” through his tears.

“You were taken too quickly and we are devastated. We are grateful for everything you did for us. Thank you for being such an affectionate and loving son. Rest easy, Mate. We love you, Dad and Mum.

Jackson Warne wears a badge showing his father's face at the memorial service on Wednesday night

Jackson Warne wears the badge of his father at Wednesday night’s Memorial Service

Jackson and mother Simone speak to family and friends at the MCG ahead of Warne's state service

Jackson and Simone talk to their family and friends at MCG before Warne begins his state service

Eddie McGuire is hosting proceedings inside the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Wednesday evening

On Wednesday night, Eddie McGuire will host proceedings at the Melbourne Cricket Ground

Elton John pre-recorded a special performance of 'Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me' which he dedicated to Warne's three children

Elton John prerecorded an exclusive performance of Don’t Let The Sun go down On Me’ that he dedicated Warne’s children.

Eric Bana from Hollywood was the first person to address the Memorial. Bana looked back on Warne’s famed life, and described Warne’s rise to the title of King of Spin.  

Keith Warne was then the first to offer an eulogy. After thanking officials and bringing his body home after the ceremony, he shared the grief of his family.

“Our family lost a beloved son, a loving brothers to Jason, and a dedicated father to Brooke Jackson, Summer, and Jackson. The world has lost a beloved cricket legend, whose achievements on and off the field will be remembered for ever,” he said in tears.

“Looking to the future without Shane would be impossible. It is comforting to know that Shane packed more into his 52-year, 5-month and 19 day life than many people in their lifetime.

Keith stated that he was special because he cared deeply about children and especially sick kids. His foundation was his way of helping as many people as possible.    

‘I remember I picked Shane up at Melbourne Airport when he arrived home after an extensive overseas test series. He then asked, “What’s happened, Dad?” He asked me if I had mentioned that a young boy with terminal cancer had been trying to find Shane. Keith replied, “I have to contact my father to see if he is okay for Shane to come in and say hi.”

“We were granted permission to go straight to the boy’s house. Shane stayed for two hours until the little boy fell asleep. Shane was finally falling asleep and I took Shane with me to the house so that he could visit his kids. 

“This was who he was. Shane, a man with great integrity and a lot of responsibility used his position and privilege to make a difference in the lives people less fortunate than he was.    

Hollywood star Eric Bana provided the first voice, looking back at Warne's famous life, describing the 'rockstar cricketer's' rise to being the King of Spin

Eric Bana, the Hollywood actor, was the first to speak. He reflected on Warne’s life and described the rise of the “rockstar cricketer” to become the King Of Spin.

Warne's father Keith gave the first euology, thanking officials for organising the event and helping bring his body home

Keith Warne, Warne’s father, gave his first eulogy. He thanked officials for organizing the event and for helping to bring Warne’s body home.

'Looking forward to a future without Shane is inconceivable. We do take comfort in knowing that Shane packed more in his life of 52 years, five months and 19 days than most people would in two lifetimes,' father Keith said

“Looking ahead to Shane’s future is impossible.” It is comforting to know that Shane packed more into his 52 year, five-month and 19-day life than any other person in their two lives, as our father Keith stated.

Warne's father Keith speaks in front of his children, ex-wife, close friends, family and celebrities on Wednesday

Keith Warne, Warne’s father, speaks before his children and ex-wife as well as close friends, family, and celebrities on Wednesday

Tens of thousands are in attendance at the MCG on Wednesday as the world says a final goodbye to the King of Spin

On Wednesday, thousands of people will be at the MCG to say goodbye to King Spin.

Many fans were moved to tears by Shane’s father’s heartfelt address. This was especially true when the dad, who had just lost his son, fell on the floor during the moving eulogy. 

One user tweeted, “Keith Warne’s farewell to his son broke him,” Another user added, “So, the Shame Warne memorial’s first speaker is his father, and he’s got me in tears,”

Aaron Bailey stated, “What an amazing speech from Keith Warne. A father shouldn’t have to bury his child. This is an incredible feat of courage and dignity. 

The song was then prerecorded by Elton John, and Warne’s friends and family were overcome with emotion.

Warne was the recipient of this song, and he said he wishes he could perform live.

 ‘This song is in memory of Shane, probably one of the greatest sportsman ever. John called Shane “one of the greatest Australian cricketers ever,” 

‘It’s a sad day today but it’s not in some ways because his legacy lives on and he will live on through future generations because he was mesmerising, brilliant and loved to play cricket and loved life.

Brooke, Summer and Jackson are my dedicates. God bless Shane. God Bless the Family.  

Warne’s former Fox Sports co-commentator Mark Howard then hosted a Q&A with a series of cricket legends – Alan Border, Mark Taylor, Brian Lara, Nasser Hussain and Merv Hughes.

It was a great group that shared Warne’s stories, including his larrikin character, cheeky jokes, and sincere heart. Hughes stated: “As good as he is on the cricket pitch, he’s five times better off it.” 

Warne's former Fox Sports co-commentator Mark Howard then hosted a Q&A with a series of cricket legends - Alan Border, Mark Taylor, Brian Lara, Nasser Hussain and Merv Hughes

Warne’s former Fox Sports co-commentator Mark Howard then hosted a Q&A with a series of cricket legends – Alan Border, Mark Taylor, Brian Lara, Nasser Hussain and Merv Hughes

Hugh Jackman was among the Hollywood celebrities offering messages for Warne

Hugh Jackman and other Hollywood actors offered messages of support to Warne

 Hussein revealed how Warne would torment his English sides with both his bowling and sledging, as they played a famous moment of the King of Spin taking the former England captain’s wicket during an ODI match in the early 2000s.

Howard asked participants to tell the 52-year old what they’d say to him if they were still here. Border, who was a tough man, cracked up and said that Warne had’revitalized’ his career.

Hussain thanked Lara and called her the ‘greatest player ever’. Lara replied that it was an honour to have been in his presence. 

Flags from all of the cricket clubs Spin King represented, starting with the East Sandringham Junior Club that started the whole thing, through to St Kilda Cricket Club, Melbourne Stars, and Victoria were displayed proudly at the MCG.

The international teams that he graced by his famed skill were at the opposite end of the MCG – Australia, London Spirit and Hampshire.

Jackson Warne was the spitting image of his father as he carried a slab of Vodka Cruisers into the family home on Wednesday afternoon ahead of his father's state memorial service at the MCG

Jackson Warne was a perfect representation of his father. He carried a slab filled with Vodka Cruisers in his home to celebrate his father’s death.

Shane Warne's ex-wife Simone Callahan and children are pictured outside the family's Melbourne home as they prepare to head to the MCG for the cricket legend's state memorial service

Simone Callahan, Shane Warne’s ex-wife and their children are seen outside their Melbourne home. They will be heading to the MCG to attend the state funeral service for the cricket legend.

Brooke Warne, 24, was the first to emerge from the home and board a large black coach, headed straight for the stadium

Brooke Warne (24 years old) was the first person to leave the house and get on a coach in large black, heading straight towards the stadium 

Jackson Warne, 22, casts a spitting image of his famous father as he heads to the MCG on Wednesday afternoon

Simone Callahan appeared in a black pant suit and hat as she joined her children on the bus headed for the MCG on Wednesday

Jackson Warne (22) looks like his legendary father when he goes to the MCG on Wednesday afternoon

The Warne family walk to a large coach waiting outside their home ahead of the emotional service at the G

Before the emotional G service, the Warne family walks to the large coach that is waiting outside their house.

Close friends and family of the Warnes leave the family home dressed in black with St Kilda scarves ahead of the memorial

Family members and close friends of the Warnes depart the home in black, with St Kilda scarves.

Simone leaves her home on Wednesday afternoon as she heads to the G for her ex-husband's state service

Simone heads out to the G on Wednesday for ex-husband’s state service.

His children - Brooke, 24, Jackson, 22 and Summer, 20 all emerged dressed in black and loaded into a large coach waiting outside the family house

Brooke (24), Jackson (22) and Summer (20) walked out in black to board a coach that was waiting outside their house.

Kellie Carter-Bell had a portrait of Warne tattooed on her leg last week. 'I suffered 23 years of domestic violence and Shane Warne taught me to love myself again,' she told Daily Mail Australia.

Kellie Carter Bell got Warne’s portrait inked on her leg last Wednesday. Daily Mail Australia spoke out to say that she was a victim of 23 years’ worth of domestic violence. Shane Warne has taught her how to love herself again.

Warne’s children and parents wept as the memorial began. Eddie McGuire introduced Sir Donald Bradman’s granddaughter, who sang the national anthem.



Kellie Carter Bell got Warne’s portrait inked on her leg last Wednesday. The mother-of-5 stood beside Warne’s statue and said Warne gave her the strength she needed to end an abusive relationship.

Daily Mail Australia: Shane Warne was the one who taught her to love herself again. She said that she had suffered from domestic violence for 23 years.

The cricketer was introduced to her 17 years ago at a café in leafy Kew. Warne gave her life-changing advice.

Ms Carter Bell said, “I had a conversation with him and became friends ever since.”

“The charisma of the man. His intelligence is not limited to cricket. I have made 10 life-changing changes because of his legacy teaching me to love myself.

Celebrities have begun to arrive at the MCG with AFL icons Garry Lyon, Sam Newman and former cricketers David Boon and Andrew Symonds, as well as music legend Molly Meldrum.

Mick Gatto (colourful Melbourne figure), Nick Riewoldt and Leigh Montagna (ex-footy stars) and Darren Berry (ex-cricketer) are all in attendance.

The ground is packed with more than 50,000 people, including former Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Labor leader Anthony Albanese as well as ex-PM John Howard, Victorian Premier Dan Andrews, and Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Music icon Molly Medlum arrives at the MCG on Wednesday evening ahead of Warne's memorial

Molly Medlum, a music icon and musician arrives at MCG Wednesday night ahead Warne’s funeral

AFL legends Sam Newman and Garry Lyon are also in attendance at the MCG

AFL greats Garry Lyon and Sam Newman are both in attendance at MCG

An emotional Newman walks across the ground on Wednesday night ahead of the state memorial service

On Wednesday evening, an emotional Newman walks on the ground in anticipation of the state-remembered service

Labor leader Anthony Albanese arrives at the MCG

Anthony Albanese, labor leader arrives at MCG

Warne's former teammate Andrew Symonds looks emotional as he walks into the MCG on Wednesday

Cricket legend David Boon arrives at the stadium on Wednesday ahead of the state memorial service

Before the state funeral service, cricket legends Andrew Symonds (left) and David Boon (right) arrive at the stadium Wednesday.

Mark Taylor, a close friend of Warne, arrives at the MCG

Current Australian spin bowler Nathan Lyon arrives at the MCG on Wednesday

Mark Taylor, an ex-Australian captain and Nathan Lyon, a current spin bowler arrive at the MCG Wednesday

Former Prime Minister John Howard has flown in to Melbourne for Warne's memorial

John Howard, former prime minister of Australia has flown to Melbourne in support Warne’s memorial

Dressed in a $620 Nicola Finetti dress, Versace shoes and a Bulgari handbag, reality star Arabella Del Busso was spotted entering the pub for drinks honouring Warne

Arabella Del Busso, reality TV star, was dressed in a $620 Nicola Finetti, Versace and a Bulgari dress. She entered the pub for drinks to honor Warne

Melbourne’s bars started to fire up even though the sun was high, in honor of Warne. Iconic pub Young & Jackson was brimming with Warne fans in the general bar from lunchtime.

It would be difficult for many to make the short trip along the Yarra River and to the MCG in order to view the memorial.

Daily Mail Australia was told by a punter that they would be drinking a beer to honor the “great man” right there. 

Garry Lyon from AFL, a great AFL leader said it was a totally different experience to enter the MCG.

“Given all that we have been through over the past two years, it’s obvious we’d prefer doing this under other circumstances. However, if this had happened a year earlier, we wouldn’t have been given the opportunity. He said that it was great, and people come here to do the right things.

Lyon said that the Shane Warne memorial stand was appropriate.

Lyon stated, “It’s just another standing applause for Warney,” 

Clocks offered Warney lovers $5 beers at the popular MCG Meeting Point under Flinders Street Station.

The Duke of Wellington, who was located further up Flinders Street near the ground where Warne is to be honored, was also full of people sharing stories and a pint with him.

Reality star Arabella de Busso, dressed in a $620 Nicola Finetti gown, Versace shoes, and a Bulgari bag, was seen entering the pub to enjoy drinks honoring Warne.

Daily Mail Australia reported that he was a close friend.

“I have known him for six years. He was a boxer, Jeff Fenech, and the boys. We were introduced to each other through that. He was an amazing man.

In anticipation of the opening, people gathered in front of the MCG to watch.

Hours before celebrations are expected to begin, people pour in streams. 

Warne's close friend and former Australian cricket captain Allan Border arrives

Former Australian coach Darren Lehmann is in attendance at the MCG on Wednesday

Former faster bowler Brett Lee is in attendance at the stadium for Warne's state service

Brett Lee, a former faster bowler, is present at the stadium to support Warne in his state service

Ex-footy stars Nick Riewoldt and Leigh Montagna are also in attendance

Leigh Montagna, an ex-footy star, and Nick Riewoldt are also there

Newman looks emotional as he walks across the MCG to say a final goodbye to his close mate

Newman appears emotional as he makes his final farewell to his close mate at the MCG

Lyon said it was fitting the memorial was held under the freshly named Shane Warne stand. 'It's just another standing ovation for Warney,' he said

Lyon stated that it was appropriate the memorial be held in the newly named Shane Warne Stand. He said, “It’s just another standing applause for Warney.”

Up to 100,000 people will attend the celebration of the cricket legend at the MCG on Wednesday night which will feature former teammates, celebrities and musical performances

The celebration at the MCG of Cricket Legends on Wednesday Night will attract up to 100,000 spectators. It will include former cricket teammates, celebrity players and music performances

Jackson was seen earlier in the day outside Jackson’s Melbourne residence with vodka cruisers as well as -196 Suntori lemon and vodka mixers, just before the 7pm service.

The 22-year old was seen in ACB Cricket shorts dating from 2000s. It could be his deceased father. 

Jackson claimed that Jackson had found a better place than any other place to say farewell to his father, the spot where King of Spin scored 700th Test wicket. 

He said, “It’s very important for many of us, particularly our family.”

“We have been fortunate enough to be able to watch and work hard on this ground for our entire lives.

‘Dad was always a fan of crowds and performing for them. It’s a sad day, but I believe that with more people it will not be so sad.   

On Wednesday, Simone Callahan, his mother, also appeared. She posed with Mason, the Insta-famous family dog, before the cameras, as she took out the trash bins.  

Shane Warne's son Jackson arrived back to the family home with slabs of pre-mixed drinks ahead of his father's state memorial service

Jackson Warne, Shane Warne’s son arrived home to his family with several pre-mixed beverages in order to prepare for his father’s memorial service.

Jackson was spotted outside the family's Melbourne home on Wednesday afternoon with Vodka Cruisers and -196 Hard Lemon and Vodka mixers ahead of the 7pm service

Jackson was seen outside his Melbourne family home with Vodka Cruisers, -196 Hard Lemon, and Vodka mixers before the service at 7pm.

Tens of thousands of Shane Warne fans are streaming into the MCG ahead of the service

In advance of the service, thousands of Shane Warne enthusiasts are expected to stream into the MCG.

The MCG is preparing for matchday-like scenes as a full crowd heads in for the state memorial service on Wednesday afternoon

While a crowd of people gathers in the MCG for Wednesday’s State Memorial Service, the MCG has been busy preparing for matches-like scenes

Jackson Warne climbs into a coach with 'RIP Shane Warne' emblazoned on the side as the family head to the MCG

Jackson Warne climbs in a coach bearing ‘RIP Shane Warne’ emblazoned along the sides as the family travels to the MCG

Warne's close friend Sam Newman pictured at the MCG as he prepares to say a final goodbye to the King of Spin

Sam Newman is Warne’s closest friend as he prepares a last goodbye to the King Of Spin

Mick Gatto arrives at the MCG on Wednesday afternoon ahead of the state memorial service

Mick Gatto arrives at MCG in time for Wednesday’s state funeral service

Outside the MCG, crowds had gathered outside the members section in anticipation of the gates opening.

Crowds gathered in front of the MCG to watch the gate opening.

Fans leave Warne's favourite beer and foods on his statue outside the MCG ahead of the state memorial service for the cricket legend

Before the memorial service, fans leave Warne’s favorite beer and food on the statue at the MCG.

Warne and his three children will likely be seated in the Shane Warne Stand (45,000 seats) – which is replacing the Great Southern Stand 

Jackson said that Jam TV, owned by Eddie McGuire and a family friend of his, is the best place to say goodbye to his father. He had many memorable moments there. 

‘I think there’s no other better place in the whole world for Melburnians, Victorians, Australians and people from around the world that loved him as a cricketer and a mate – to come and say goodbye,’ he said.

“He’s got an enormous statue in front of him, so to have a grandstand named for him is incredible.

As sad as this may be for everyone, it’s still a special moment to sit on this ground forever and to be able say, “Dad’s Stand Forever.” This is his rightful send off.

“I believe Dad loved crowds, and he loved performing in front of them,” said a friend. 

Simone Callahan looked heartbroken on Wednesday morning as she stepped out in Melbourne to run some errands

Simone Callahan was heartbroken as she set out to do some shopping in Melbourne on Wednesday morning

Warne's family (left to right: Brooke, Jackson, Simone Callahan, and Summer) visited the MCG's statue of Warne earlier this month. Warne's memorial will be held there on Wednesday night at 7pm following the legend's death at age 52 in Thailand on March 4

Brooke Jackson, Simone Callahan and Summer visited Warne’s MCG statue earlier this month. Following the death of Warne at 52 in Thailand, Warne’s funeral will take place there Wednesday night at 7pm.

Eddie McGuire who will be MCing the event like he did Warne’s private funeral confirmed that the immediate family of Warne will end their silence during the event.

“The children and their family have not spoken publicly in public yet, but they will tonight. He said that the outpourings of emotions would be significant.

Chris Martin’s piece is called the Eulogy. Then there are Ed Sheeran, Elton, and Elton. We can’t deny that this is the champion of scallywag in the entire world.

“Someone described it as Glastonbury meeting the largest sports event ever.” Warnie sprinkled gold dust around. 

Greta Bradman is Don Bradman’s great-granddaughter and will be singing the National Anthem at the reunion of the two families who were Australia’s most successful players.

Eddie McGuire, who will MC the event as he did Warne's private funeral, confirmed his immediately family will break their public silence at the event on Wednesday night

Eddie McGuire who will be MCing the event like he did Warne’s private funeral confirmed that the immediate family of Warne will end their silence during the event.

McGuire claimed that while the event will be Australia’s most important broadcast event and feature star-studded tributes, McGuire would keep true to Warne’s character.

McGuire said Tuesday that McGuire was someone who was generous in many ways…he was a scallywag. 

“There will be tears tomorrow night but there will also be laughter and lots of reminiscing. That’s the thing that makes this special night so memorable.

Australian test captain Pat Cummins, who is also a journalist Adam Burnett’s ‘idol’ shared an emotive poem he wrote for the occasion. 

‘He was just a bloke – extraordinary – but fallible and flawed,’ Cummins read.

“It was because he felt like we did, which made him even more beloved.”

“Which, because he left us grappling and left the cricket community defeated.

We’re all left exhausted from Launceston to Long Room.

“But you can flip the thought to think about how Warne enriches us.

‘Let’s salute a pure entertainer – the greatest bowler ever born.’   

McGuire said Warne's three children Brooke, 24, Jackson and Summer Warne, 20, as well as his father Keith Warne, would all speak his service

McGuire stated that Warne’s children Brooke (24 years old), Jackson (20, and Summer Warne (20) would speak Warne’s service language.

Shane Warne’s songs will be dedicated to him by Ed Sheeran and Chris Martin as well as Robbie Williams and Robbie Williams.

“It’s something, when you see it from the concert perspective, that’s almost unheard of here in Australia.  

McGuire stated that Warne’s children Brooke (24 years old), Jackson (20 year) and Summer Warne (20 years old) would speak for him as did his father Keith Warne.  

Tuesday saw 15,000 additional tickets released to go along with the existing 50,000 seats. 

The memorial will be broadcast by all major channels, Foxtel and free-to-air Foxtel from 7 p.m.

Livestreaming of the event will be available for India, Pakistan and Bangladesh as well as the United Kingdom. 

MCG Gates will open at 5.30pm. For 7pm, guests need to arrive in time for 6.45 pm. 

This event is alcohol-free.