Shirley Ballas assured her fans that she was healthy.   

The Strictly Come Dancing head judge, 61, alarmed viewers in September after they spotted a lump under her arm, and needed further tests after doctors were concerned about her high hormone levels.   

Taking to Instagram on Friday, Shirley told her followers the shadow on her kidney had been given the all clear and she felt like she ‘can now breathe’ after ‘several weeks’ of anxiety.  

Relief: Shirley Ballas gave her worried fans a reassuring health update on Friday as she let them know her kidney was cancer free and other polyps were 'absolutely fine'

Relief: Shirley Ballas offered some relief to worried fans by giving them a health update on Friday. Shirley informed her followers that her kidneys had been cleared of cancer and that other polyps were in good condition. 

'Got two sets of results back and after feeling very anxious for several weeks I can now breathe,' she told her fans in a heartfelt message alongside the video

She shared her feelings with fans by sharing a touching message along the video: “Got 2 sets of results back, and after feeling anxious for many weeks, I can now breath,” 

Shirley, while lying down on her back and resting, said to her worried fans: “Hi everybody! I just wanted…

“I received two sets of results today and my shadow around my kidney appears absolutely normal. Other polyps appear absolutely fine. No cancer there so that’s good. 

The Strictly judge said of her next steps on her diagnosis journey:  ‘Now I need to have my boobies checked one more time when I have a minute.  

“My hormones still are all over the place, so I’m starting today with some Oestrogen to check if it can help balance my body better …’ 

Concern: The Strictly star alarmed viewers last month after they spotted a lump under her arm, and needed further tests after doctors were concerned about her high hormone levels

Concern: Strictly’s star caused concern after viewers noticed a lump underneath her arm. The doctors had concerns over her high levels of hormones and required further testing.

From her bed, she continued: “She [the doctor]It is recommended that I make some time for me, which I will try to do.

“Thank you all for pointing it out, which made me take my MOT. Thank you so much. I love you all. You’re such great great people. Thank you. 

After expressing her gratitude in her caption with the words: “Dear Friends and Fans”, she continued, adding: Two sets of results were returned and I am now able to breath after being anxious for several months. 

'After feeling very anxious for several weeks I can now breathe,' Shirley told her fans on social media after her agonising wait for test results

Shirley shared her relief with her social media followers that she was able to breathe after feeling anxious for weeks and waiting for the test results. 

“I would like to express my gratitude for all your kind words and caring gestures. It was a positive place to use social media, it is important that people look out for others, which I consider a blessing. 

‘Hopefully in a few weeks I’ll start to feel less tired and my old self again. Thank you for your kindness. Your sincere gratitude. 

Shirley recently revealed she’s trying not to ‘dwell’ amid her recent health scare and upcoming biopsy results, stating: ‘It will be what it will be’. 

She spoke out on Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain about how she’s keeping busy since she discovered the lump in her stomach.

Staying strong: Shirley recently revealed she's trying not to 'dwell' amid her recent health scare and upcoming biopsy results, stating: 'it will be what it will be' on GMB this week

Staying strong: Shirley recently revealed she’s trying not to ‘dwell’ amid her recent health scare and upcoming biopsy results, stating: ‘it will be what it will be’ on GMB this week

Shirley spoke to Richard Madeley & Susanna Reid regarding her recent health story. She said she first ignored fan comments about her alarm and then sought the help of her GP as more concern messages began flooding in.

She stated, “It has been the past two weeks. It’s been like an whirlwind in all of my other activities. 

“I did a Paso Doble, and put my left arm up. A few people also got in touch with me, which I ignored. Then, there were about eleven people who wanted to contact me, so I decided I should go see the doctor.

“I took my daughter to the doctor. She had a look around, but couldn’t feel any. However, her blood test results from months ago were there. It was my mistake that I didn’t go back to get the results. She was shocked by them.

The ballroom champion told how she will undergo further tests at King’s College, hospital in London on Friday after initially sparking concern over her testosterone levels, with the star hoping to get her results back soon.  

She said that she had rechecked all of my bloods and was concerned about the testosterone and oestrogen levels. She added, “So I’m off to King’s College for my test Friday.”

“With me, I have found the NHS to be really fast. I usually find out in a week to ten days. I then can have the results sent to my doctor.

Keeping busy: 'I try not to worry because it's so busy and there are other people relying on me. 'I just keep moving forward. Don't dwell on it because it will be what it will be'

Keeping busy: ‘I try not to worry because it’s so busy and there are other people relying on me. “I keep going forward. Do not dwell on it, it will just be as it is.

While she still has some time to wait, she revealed that she isn’t dwelling on the outcome but will continue her work until it comes.    

She explained that she tried not to be worried because life is so hectic and many people are dependent on her.

“I keep going forward. It will happen as it is.

Shirley shared her story last week about needing urgent scans of all her organs following concerns raised by a number of doctors regarding her hormone levels.

Initial investigations by doctors to find a lump in Strictly’s star’s armpit led them to believe it was a tumor. However, one doctor found that her testosterone levels were the highest in females.

Shirley said that although her health problems can cause her to go down the ‘dark path’, she’s trying to live each day as it comes. 

Keeping positive: Last week, Shirley told how she required urgent scans on all of her organs after a 'mortified' doctors flagged their concern about her high hormone levels

Keep positive. Shirley shared her story of how urgent scans were required on her entire body after her’mortified” doctors raised concerns about her hormones.

The Sun asked the ballroom dancer to explain how she does not have enough information. [the doctor]I won’t speculate as to the cause… My test results made her mad.” 

“She said, “We have to do this.” Let’s first deal with hormones, and then we’ll see what other issues there are.

“My doctor was shocked by my results,” she said. It’s important to me that I take each day as it comes. Because it is easy to get lost in my health worries, I don’t try to put too much emphasis on them.

I don’t have sufficient information so I continue to trundle forward. That’s how I coped when I had my last cancer scare — it comes from my mum, who is very stoic about everything’.

The hopeful star assured that everyone would be updated once all scans, which are taking place at King’s College Hospital London, were complete. 

Shirley thanked Strictly fans for reaching out to her concerns last month after she noticed a lump in her arm while she was on BBC’s Judge. 

“With sincere gratitude and a warm heart, I would like to express my appreciation to all of you for your kind words and for being concerned for me. 

Thankful: Last month, Shirley expressed her gratitude to Strictly fans who reached out with their concerns after they spotted a lump under her arm when she was judging

Thanks Shirley


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Source: Flo Health