A heartwarming rescue of a puppy after it was swept away by floodwaters in south India

  • Here’s the moment when a puppy that was cold and frightened was pulled from a river.
  • Floodwaters in South India swept the little dog away from his mother. 
  • A firefighter was needed to rescue this adorable dog and reunite him with his mother.

Here is how an adorable pup, who was cold and wet from being washed away by the floodwaters, was saved. 

Footage captured in the Vellore District of Tamil Nadu, southern India on November 19 shows the cute pooch following its mother through the fast-flowing water to a section of dry land 

However, the puppy struggles to get to her mother and shouts in pain.

The little brave dog continues to try again and again, but it is too difficult. 

This shivering puppy had to be rescued after being swept from its mother by raging floodwaters in India

The raging floodwaters of India swept this puppy from its mother and forced it to flee.

The pup fought valiantly against the strong currents in the Vellore District of Tamil Nadu

The pup fought valiantly against the strong currents in the Vellore District of Tamil Nadu

However, torrential rain at the end of India's monsoon season meant the river's flow was far heavier than usual and sweapt the puppy away from its mother

But torrential rains at the end India’s monsoon seasons meant that the river flow was much heavier than normal, and the pup was taken away by its mother.

More than two dozen onlookers were captivated by the life or death situation for the puppy as they watched on from a bridge above the river

Over two dozen people watched the pup’s life and death from the bridge that was above the river.

The puppy had intitially been with its mother but was washed away when it tried to follow her

Initially, the puppy lived with its mother. But it got separated when she tried to take her place.

The adorable dog shivered and whined in distress, prompting onlookers to call for a fire and rescue team

This adorable pup wailed in pain and shivered, prompting others to dial 911 and call the fire department.

A firefighter used a system of ropes to make himself safe before venturing out to rescue the dog

He gently picked up the pup in need and secured it in a bag

To make himself secure, the firefighter set up a network of ropes before attempting to save the dog. He carefully picked the puppy up and placed it in a bag.

The cute pup was comforted on the bridge after what must have been a terrifying experience for the little dog

After what must have been an extremely frightening time for him, the cute dog was offered comfort on the bridge.

Finally, a firefighter with a system ropes saved the dog.

After finding the pup, the fireman brought him to a nearby bridge where he placed him in a bag. Two dozen other locals watched the rescue. 

Following the accident, the pup was returned to its mother. She was saved also by an emergency firefighter and rescue crew. 

According to a spokesperson for the rescue group, both the pup and its mother are in good health.

Indian monsoon season usually lasts between June and September. However, torrential rains can still cause heavy flows to this river in November.

Southern India has more rain than other parts of India.