After three men disguised as masked approached them, a Bronx man was gunned down and shot at him. His 18-year old girlfriend sustained injuries in his white BMW. 

The horrific footage captures the moment Sergio Jimenez (21), pulls up to his BMW sedan in black beside Sergio Jimenez. One of the murderers is seen sticking his head out the sunroof with a gun. 

A second man shoots from the rear seat, while another jumps out of his car and begins shooting at the couple. 

The third gunman seems to struggle with reloading after shooting multiple shots. He gave up, and then got back into his car.

Jimenez was pronounced dead by EMS. His girlfriend was then taken to BronxCare Health System for treatment of gunshot wounds to the hand and back. The girl was in stable condition. 

Sergio Jimenez, 21, (left) was shot in the head and killed inside his BMW on Sunday night. He is pictured with family during a birthday party

Sergio Jimenez (21) was fatally shot inside his BMW. He was pictured at a family birthday party

Sergio Jimenez, 21, was parked in his white BMW with his girlfriend, 18, when masked men in a black BMW pulled up beside them and opened fire on

Sergio Jimenez was 21 years old and parked his BMW in white. His girlfriend 18, Sergio Jimenez (18), was also parked when black BMW masked males pulled up next to them.

The masked men fired multiple times, shooting Jimenez in the back of the head and his girlfriend in her hand and back

Jimenez was hit multiple times with bullets from the mask men. His girlfriend also got a shot in her back.

A third man stepped out of the car to help open fire before his gun failed to reload

Before he could reload his pistol, a third man came out of the vehicle to open fire.

ABC reported that Jimenez lost control over the BMW after the shooting. The BMW rolled downhill and hit parked cars.  

After Jimenez’s girlfriend called for assistance, police and emergency responders were on the spot in no time.  

Police continue their investigation into the shooting and have seen the suspects drive westbound on East 172 Street. The suspects were last seen driving westbound on East 172 Street. Police are continuing to investigate the deadly shooting.  

Sergio Jimenez, Jimenez’s father also identified as Sergio, said to the New York Daily News that he believed the murderers were rivals from the neighborhood who had recently thrown a block at his family’s house. 

“He knew that he was being threatened,” the father replied. They also knew the address of his home. These threats reached such an extreme that he was willing to leave his apartment. 

He also said his grieving father that his son was planning to attend college. 

Jimenez, Jimenez’s only child, cried. “How do I express how I feel?” He called me 15 minutes prior to the incident and we talked about our lives. They called me 15 minutes later with the good news. 

According to the New York Police Department, Jimenez had previous arrest records. He was being sought for 2020 misdemeanor attack. There is no criminal record for the wounded passenger. 

NY Daily News reported that Jimenez had a weapon in his pocket and was found by emergency responders. 

Family members suspect Jimenez was killed by a neighborhood rival who had previously thrown a brick through the family's window

Jimenez’s family suspects that a neighbor who previously broke into the window of Jimenez had killed him.

After firing multiple shots, the masked men fled the scene. Jimenez lost control of his vehicle, which rolled down the hill and struck parked cars

They fled after shooting multiple shots. Jimenez lost control and his car rolled down the hill, hitting parked cars. 

After Robert Brown (62), was killed and shot in broad daylight sitting on a bench at Aqueduct Park, University Heights’ park, it was the second incident to occur in Bronx. 

Two men, police said, were trying to rob Brown when they shot him in his head. Brown was taken to St. Barnabas Hospital and declared dead. 

This case has not been arrested. 

New York City has seen an increase in violent crime. The New York Police Department reported 1,761 victims to shootings this year. This is eight more than the previous year. 

More than 9 Percent of felony assaults rose, with 19,423 cases compared to 21,192 in 2017. Also, murders saw an increase by 1.4 percent. The NYPD has reported 443 cases so far in 2021. 

Robberies rose from 12,151 in 2020 up to 12,692, an increase of 4.5 percent, while rapes went up 2 percentage points, up from 1,361 up to 1,388. 

All violent crime in New York City has seen an uptick so far in 2021

New York City saw an increase in violent crime since 2021.

Among the recent streak of crimes in the Big Apple includes two assaults by a homeless man with an extensive criminal record and an assault case pending against him.

28-year-old Darrell Johnson was last week arrested for attacking two women randomly, just moments apart. One of the victims sustained ‘disfiguring injuries’. Johnson was later released under controversial bail reform laws.

Johnson was arrested on two counts of misdemeanor assault intent to cause bodily injury, multiple attempted attacks and harassment. 

He is also facing additional assault, attempted attack and harassment charges stemming out of an August 2020 assault in which he allegedly kicked and stomped with a Harlem resident. 

Johnson was released without bail by a Manhattan judge Friday, despite the multitude of allegations against him and his extensive rap sheet that lists at least 15 arrests. 

Johnson is expected to return in court on February 1, 2022 according to West Side Rag.  

Serial offender Darrell Johnson, 28, has been charged with two misdemeanor counts of assault with intent to cause physical injury, and attempted assault and harassment counts for allegedly attacking two women in Manhattan last week

Serial offender Darrell Johnson, 28, has been charged with two misdemeanor counts of assault with intent to cause physical injury, and attempted assault and harassment counts for allegedly attacking two women in Manhattan last week

New York Police Department Commissioner Dermot Shea (right) earlier this year slammed the new crime reform laws as a failed 'soft-on-crime experiment'

Dermot Shea of the New York Police Department (right) earlier in this year described the new crime reform laws, which he called a failed “soft-on-crime” experiment. 

Former Governor Andrew Cuomo passed controversial reform laws last year that prohibited bail from being imposed for misdemeanors or non-violent felonies. This despite the fact that New York City is still plagued by crime waves, including rape, murder and robbery. 

Dermot Shea was the New York Police Department’s Commissioner back in August. Kathy Hochul was appointed to Cuomo’s position after Dermot Shea resigned due to allegations of sexual misconduct.

Shea stated to NY1 that ‘This is a city built on public safety’. “We are probably two years into the soft-on criminals experiment. … Show me a New Yorker that thinks this experiment has worked.

“It has been a disaster.” It’s been an absolute disaster.