Stampede in the O2: Incredibly, music fans invade arena to smash down scanners and security officers for a chance at a Wizkid concert.

  • This was the moment when dozens upon dozens of music enthusiasts stormed London’s O2 Arena.
  • The Revellers took down security scanners, and then pushed through guards 
  • O2 representatives stated they have been reviewing security procedures after the breach.
  • This is three weeks following the deadly crush at Astroworld Festival in Texas

This was the moment when dozens of music lovers stormed London’s O2 Arena smashing security scanners and pushing past guards.

Yesterday night, revellers made their way past security barriers to view Wizkid in Nigeria at one of the three sold-out concerts. 

O2 stated that they were reviewing security protocols and asked fans to come early to security check-in at shows. 

To enter the Millennium Dome, North Greenwich’s former Millennium Dome, you must show your Covid card.

The chaotic scenes come three weeks after the deadly crush at rapper Travis Scott’s two-day Astroworld festival in Texas.

This is the moment dozens of music fans dramatically stormed into London's O2 Arena, smashed down security scanners and pushed past guards

It was this moment that dozens upon dozens of music lovers stormed into London’s O2 Arena. They smashed through security scanners, and got past guards.

A crowd of revellers last night frantically forced their way through the security gates to watch Nigerian singer Wizkid at one of three sold-out concerts

Yesterday night, revellers tried to force their way past security barriers in order to view Wizkid’s concert at the Nigerian Embassy.

According to venue officials, there were ‘a few fans who entered the venue’ regardless of their tickets for Wizkid’s tour ‘Made In Lagos.

Social media footage showed many young men pushing through security lines to storm into the O2 while guards tried to stop them.

As they rushed into the venue, the crowds knocked down the security scanners that were similar to airports. A second video captures a woman pushing another security officer after he grabbed another member. 

O2 Arena spokeswoman said, “This evening, there was breach of security and a large number of people were able enter the venue.  

Footage posted to social media showed dozens of young people pushing through the lines and storming into the O2 as security guards attempted to push back

Social media footage showed many young people breaking through security lines to storm into the O2 while guards tried to stop them

The crowds then knocked over the airport-type security scanners

The security scanners at airports were then seized by the crowds.

“The staff quickly managed to contain the situation and resolved the matter.

“The venue is currently reviewing security procedures and encourages customers to come early tomorrow night for security screenings.

One user on social media called the scene’sickening and disgraceful,’ while another said: “After Astroworld?” They don’t value safety or shame.

Three weeks ago, 10 people were shot to death and more than 100 injured during Scott’s Astroworld Festival in Houston.