Silent Night On Christmas Eve, city centres are closed across the UK as people fear Omicron.

  • Photographs of streets empty across England, including Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, and elsewhere
  • A small group of young people braved windy, wet conditions Friday to see them
  • A decline in punters meant that many bars and clubs were unable to open.

It’s usually one of the busiest nights of the year – and which traditionally leaves revellers with very soar heads on Christmas morning. 

However, this Christmas Eve saw cities all over the country left virtually deserted by party-goers who stayed home or locked themselves up in isolation amid the Omicron Covid surge.

Although a few children were seen battling the windy and wet conditions Friday night, large parts of Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle were left looking like ghost towns.

Due to decreased demand, many pubs and clubs didn’t open. However, hundreds of empty tables were seen on the terraces of restaurants and bars. 

The situation was repeated throughout the country, in what will likely be another big loss for the hotel industry. 

The normally packed Bar Fibre was empty in Leeds. However, there were no lines outside the Bar Fibre. In Manchester photos show party hotspots all around Manchester’s Northern Quarter, Printworks and Printworks.

Stevenson Square in Manchester appeared deserted on a usually packed Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, Stevenson Square was empty in Manchester

Rows of tables and chairs lay empty at Manahatta in Leeds city centre

Manahatta is Leeds’ city centre, and rows upon rows of chairs are empty. 

A reveller poses for the camera in a green Santa-inspired dress in Leeds, amid a backdrop of empty streets

Unfrozen streets of Leeds provide the backdrop for a scene in which a reveller takes a picture with a Santa-inspired Santa-inspired outfit.

Queen's Court and Bar Fibre in Leeds appeared to have no queues outside on what is typically one of the busiest nights of the festive season

Queen’s Court, Bar Fibre and Bar Fibre appeared to be free from queues on one of the busiest nights during the festive season

The lack of punters will be seen as yet another blow for the hospitality industry (Pictured: Queens Court, Leeds)

The hospitality industry will suffer from a lack of punters (Image: Queens Court Leeds).

Groups of - mostly - youngsters braved the wet and windy conditions to celebrate Xmas Eve in Leeds

Xmas Eve celebrations in Leeds were celebrated by groups of mostly young people who braved the windy and wet conditions.

Even a 2-4-1 cocktails offer could not bring in the crowds in Leeds city centre

Leeds’s city centre could not handle a crowd of people even with a 2-for-1 cocktail offer

Group of friends smile for the camera in a very quiet street in Leeds city centre

A group of friends smiling for the camera on a quiet street near Leeds City Centre

Scores of tables and chairs remained empty in scenes repeated across the country

In scenes that were repeated throughout the country, scores of chairs and tables remained empty.

A couple stagger across the road in Leeds city centre on Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, a couple strides across the street in Leeds City Centre.

Christmas Eve revellers in Newcastle this evening, where a handful of drinkers enjoyed a final night out

This evening was Christmas Eve celebrations in Newcastle. A few drinkers had a last night out.

Reveller in Santa hat appears to have a heated discussion with a bouncer in Leeds city centre

A Reveller wearing Santa Hat appears to be having a heated conversation with a Leeds bouncer.

Mostly young people decided to paint the town red in Leeds on Christmas Eve

Many young people chose to make Leeds their Christmas Eve redecorated by painting the streets in their favorite color.

It follows weeks of cancellations after England’s chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty advised people to cut social interactions in the run up to the holidays.

Restaurants suffered especially when profitable parties at work were cancelled.  

Although bars and nightclubs were allowed to continue to open, many people decided not to go in order to avoid getting Covid and be made to isolate for Christmas. 

This comes at a time when hospital admissions for coronavirus are close to the threshold 400 set by the government for the introduction of lockdown restrictions in the country. 

Recent data from the NHS shows that 386 people were admitted to the capital for the virus on December 22. This is a 92% increase on last week. 

Boris Johnson will review the numbers on Monday and could impose further restrictions just in time to New Year’s Eve.