Singletons have become ‘pickier’ about their potential partners following the pandemic, one dating expert has claimed – insisting they are now even more concerned about the ‘pink flags’ that could lead to ‘red flag scenarios’.

According to, these pink flags could include too much TV. This can indicate that you have run out of ideas for conversation. Tina Wilson, British relationship expert and founder of Wingman.

Meanwhile, she suggests never taking social media photos together signals your partner doesn’t want anyone to know about you.

Speaking exclusively to FEMAIL, Tina said ‘less-obvious’ warning signs that your relationship might not work long-term are now no longer easy to ignore.

She added: ‘With so many couples breaking up during the first lockdown and realising that they didn’t even like each other, its highlighted the fact that we really need to choose wisely who we spend our time with.

‘Daters are smarter than ever and less tolerant or willing to compromise than pre-pandemic so hyper-vigilance around who you could couple up with is at an all-time high.

‘That’s why “pink flags” have become a new term as singles don’t want to waste time finding their match.’

But what are the new pink flags to look out for and when does it become a red flag? Here, Tina reveals when the date should ‘act fast to protect themselves from wasting time and eventual heartache’…   

Pink flags include watching too much TV, which could show you're running out of conversation topics, according to Tina Wilson, British relationship expert and founder of Wingman. (stock photo)

Pink flags include watching too much TV, which could show you’re running out of conversation topics, according toTina Wilson is a British relationship expert, founder of Wingman. (stock photo)

What do you mean by “pink flags”? 

Pink flags act as warnings to bigger and more dangerous red flags that your relationship won’t work or that you’re not compatible.

When realised singly they are usually never a problem, but when a few signs pop up, singletons are mindful and will not ignore that they could be falling into a red flag scenario and something that could be avoided, says Tina.


Either you and your partner don’t share any photos or you take all the shots together.

Flag pink: ‘Your new love interest might just not be into taking photos but check his online socials – do they post regularly and of what? Is it possible for them to hide your identity from their followers?

Flag: ‘Their Instagram feed is flooded with photos, but you are nowhere to be seen or even worse, they are documenting your date but no reference of you anywhere to been seen. Tina insisted that it was clear that they do not want anyone to know anything about you.


“Cookie Jarring” is an expression that you have not been chosen as their sole option. They are yet to make a decision if they are the one.

Flag pink: Although things are looking good, you still haven’t had “the talk” about your relationship. You wonder what this means and how you can change it. You are avoiding bringing this up because of something.

Flag: ‘You find out you are not exclusive, and they are talking or seeing other people behind your back. They consider you one of their “cookies” that they keep as an alternative when it doesn’t go your way. Tina advises that you should be confident in your worth and to not let others down.


A love bomber is the definition of “coming on strong”. With their adoring attention, your new love interest will focus on you obsessively and make you feel like royalty.

Flag pink: ‘Your new partner is showering you with flowers, words of love, endless gifts and lavish trips – it is really romantic but a little too much too fast?’

Flag: ‘After the love bombing, they go suddenly quiet for a period of time before reappearing with love and gifts. Ghosting is similar to ghosting, but with the main difference that they behave differently during the time you were dating.

Tina explains that while there is nothing to stop you from being love-bombed, it’s possible to notice obsessive behaviors in the beginning and take a step back so you can be slightly more careful and see your true intentions through.


They won’t let you go until you’re ready to have a serious relationship.

Flag pink: ‘You have been dating for a few months but your new partner hasn’t introduced you to their friends and family yet, it may be a sign that you’re being “pocketed”.’

Flag: ‘If you have made the first move and you’ve already introduced them to your friends and family but they’re yet to introduce you to theirs, it may be that you’re in two different stages emotionally. 

“Don’t hurry them” if they aren’t there yet. It could be a sign that they don’t know you well. Are you willing to spend your time with someone who doesn’t know you well? Tina was questioned.

Meanwhile, Tina suggests never taking social media photos together signals your partner doesn't want anyone to know about you (stock photo)

Tina advises against taking photos on social media together to signal that your partner does not want people to know anything about you. (stock photo).


Slowly falling communication is a sign that your relationship has entered a “slow fade”.

Flag pink: Are you getting less calls, messages or meeting plans? This could indicate that your relationship has entered the ghosting phase. One of you may stop responding fully.

Flag: ‘If you are finding that you are the one making the effort to see each other and arranging plans for the two of you, this is a sign you need to walk away. 

Tina says, “If you need closure, identify the signs before communication ceases completely, and then be prepared to move forward.”


Although it may seem very romantic to snuggle up next to the television with a glass wine, be aware of warning signs.

Flag pink: “You’re overdoing Netflix binges. Although it is fun to enjoy your favourite series, but you don’t really engage or show an interest in the other shows.

Flag: ‘When you do go out on a date but your conversation revolves around TV or you find there’s not much of a conversation. Tina said, “You are on the verge of a relationship disaster.”