It The Imperial War Museum has apologized recently for its Remembrance Sunday silence.

As bizarre and disrespectful this display was, I can’t say that I was shocked. The contempt we have for history and our country is so common that it now permeates our highest-ranking institutions as well the leaders of them.

Wokeism is the result of the bitter prejudice that all JudeoChristian traditions and Western societies are corrupt. This is because our society at its core is racist and intolerant.

It follows, if the West is evil, then everywhere else will be persecuted. Waking movements have a troubling moral certainty. They believe in their purity and supremacy.

Social media is a platform for positioning and positioning but not for discussing their views. 

In today’s brave new world activist groups compete for attention shouting louder and more in what could best be called a contest of victimhood.

Imperial War Museum recently apologised for ending its Remembrance Sunday silence this year with a 'woke' rap attacking Sir Winston Churchill. Pictured: Statue of Churchill in Parliament Square defaced during protest in June 2020

Recent apology by Imperial War Museum for its Remembrance Sunday silence was made. It also included a song that I called “woke”, which attacked Sir Winston Churchill. Pictured: The Statue of Churchill was defaced in Parliament Square during protests in June 2020

Although it seems difficult at first, one can understand how people who are reasonably educated could feel inclined to accept such a distorted view of the world. 

But it turns out, our Civil Service gives these doom-mongers access the vast quantities of valuable public money. This money is then used to discredit and divide us.

Stonewall is the most prominent culprit. Stonewall has received public funds in excess of a million pounds to promote a transgender agenda. This has led to disowning by feminists as well as some LGBT members.

It is deeper and more widespread than people think and it goes right to the root of how we govern ourselves.

Whitehall department grants taxpayer money in large amounts to groups who are hostile to British values such as fairness, open-mindedness and mutual respect.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS), for example, has spent tens to thousands on Shout Out UK, which claims that rural people are just as bad as true believers in white supremacy. 

This condescension represents the separation between the prejudiced metropolitan elites and small-town Britain.

It is difficult to understand how a government department could justify spending money disparaging rural residents. 

It transpires that our Civil Service is allowing politically motivated groups access to vast sums of public money that, once secured, is spent to divide us, says Sir John Hayes (pictured left)

According to Sir John Hayes, it turns out that the Civil Service allows politically-motivated groups to access large amounts of public money. Once secured, this money is used to divide us.

DCMS funded the effort of The Meteor, a magazine that attempted to topple statues throughout Manchester before the outbreak. 

The magazine was pushing for a complete review of the statues – which enrich the city centre – with an article saying ‘we are making new history when we replace them’.

Robert Peel (ex-Prime Minister of Britain) and the Duke of Wellington were two of the numbers that were deemed insignificant.

The talk about making history again has chilling echoes of 20th Century Nazism/Stalinism. People who receive public funds often find it easy to mock the achievements of our nation’s history. 

An earlier project on White Supremacy and White Saviours was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council in large part this year. 

The lead academic on this project is an individual who has made no bones about hers hatred of Churchill, saying that ‘the man was a scourge… What a cruel, macho, imperialist horror that man was… Ugh’.

If nothing is done, British values which guarantee social harmony and civic harmony will be under attack from well-funded militant agitators for years to come.

The Common Sense Group is made up 50 Conservative Parliamentarians and supports Britain Uncancelled’s new campaign group. 

To defend the patriotic majority, the government must do more.

In this regard, the Cabinet Office could launch a cross-departmental examination of public expenditures, supported by Britain Uncancelled. This review will highlight any instances in which funds ended up being misused.

The well-funded and well-funded wokezealots who are able to do so, denigrate our heritage, discredit our heroes, and engineer silence for those who question them. 

We must stand up to Britain and embrace our past rather than hide from it.