Sir Keir Sterner ‘is planning a Shadow Cabinet Reshuffle Before Christmas’. Senior Labour MP Yvette Cooper could return to the frontbench, while Nick Thomas-Symonds,’shadow home secretary’, may be sacked.

  • Sir Keir Starmer claimed that he is planning to reshuffle the shadow cabinet before Christmas
  • Yvette Cooper, a senior Labour MP has been rumored to be returning to the frontbench
  • Ms. Cooper may replace Nick Thomas-Symonds, shadow home secretary 

According to Sir Keir Sterner, he is planning a preChristmas reshuffle in his shadow cabinets. 

According to reports, the Labour leader will shake up his top staff. Party figures have Yvette Cooper as a possible candidate for a return back to the frontbench. 

The Home Affairs Select Committee chairman, Ms. Cooper, may be the one to replace Nick Thomas Symonds. She previously served in that role between 2011-2015.  

Sir Keir Starmer is planning a pre-Christmas reshuffle of his shadow cabinet, it was claimed today

It was announced today that Sir Keir Starmer plans a pre-Christmas reshuffle to his shadow cabinet.

The Labour leader is reportedly set to shake up his top team, with senior Labour MP Yvette Cooper tipped by party figures for a return to the frontbench

According to reports, the Labour leader will shake up his top staff. Party figures have Yvette Cooper as a possible candidate for a return back to frontbench.

Some Labour MPs think Mr Thomas Symonds should go because he’s struggled against his counterpart Priti Patel (Home Secretary), despite the continuing migrant Channel crossings crises.  

One MP told The Times: ‘Nick is a lovely guy but I don’t think he’s making very much weather with major failings by the Home Office.’

Jo Stevens and Kate Green, Shadow Culture Secretary to Kate Green are also being considered for demotion while Sir Keir makes calls to encourage better media performers. 

Wes Streeting is the current shadow secretary for state on child poverty and one of the people being promoted.  

A Labour source suggested the reshuffle will take place before Christmas, telling the newspaper: ‘We are approaching a window when he’s got the scope to do it.’

Sir Keir hopes that the next reshuffle will go more smoothly than his one in May. 

It is thought Ms Cooper, the current chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, could replace Nick Thomas-Symonds as shadow home secretary

As the shadow home secretary, Ms Cooper could take Nick Thomas-Symonds’ place as chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee.

Labour’s leader was unable to remove Angela Rayner from office, which he attempted and failed.    

His allies believe that he’s now stronger after facing his left-wing critics at Labour’s annual conference in Sept and attacking Boris Johnson about the Westminster sleaze controversy in recent weeks. 

Sources at Labour said that they were convinced Sir Keir has ‘got his mojo back’, with the last month giving him and the shadow cabinet ‘more confidence’.