The Insulate Britain eco-warrior in hunger strike prison, Anita has said that she is feeling sad and tearful and doesn’t have her possessions yet. Her sister claims this. 

Emma Smart, 44, is entering her tenth day of hunger strike at HMP Bronzefield in Ashford, Surrey, where she was sentenced to four months for protesting on the M25, in defiance of a High Court order. 

However, it appears that Weymouth’s biologist may not be able to deal behind bars. 

Clare, Clare’s sister, posted on Twitter that Friday was Day 9 of the hunger strike. Emma is strong and resilient, but today she was crying when she called. It’s really hard to hear her crying.

She was frustrated by the delays in getting her items, including her books, clothing, and glasses, so she can no longer read emails printed from her computer. 

“Each day she hears that it will occur and every day without it. 

The picture seems at odds with the defiant statement Emma put out via Insulate Britain this morning, telling the government to  ‘bring down the combined might of your best lawyers’, adding: ‘We will not be cowed’.

Emma Smart (pictured), from Weymouth, announced via an Insulate Britain spokesman that she would be going on hunger strike

Emma Smart (pictured), a Weymouth resident, declared via an Insulate Britain spokesperson that she was going on a hunger strike

Emma Smart (left) waves to supporters as she arrives at the High Court in London for sentencing last week

Emma Smart (left), waves at supporters when she arrived at London’s High Court for her sentencing hearing last week

Emma Smart was arrested for blocking the M25 despite a High Court injunction banning such demonstrations (Pictured: Insulate Britain protestors block a roundabout at a junction of the M25)

Emma Smart was arrested because she blocked the M25 in spite of a High Court order prohibiting demonstrations like this (Pictured, Insulate Britain protestors block roundabout at junction M25)

Clare said that Clare wants Clare’s sister’s voice to be heard, and for the reason she is on hunger strike to be “shouted loudly.” 

She stated, “For those who are able act in solidarity to do so. Not to be forgotten. 

“To know that she’s continuing to act and that she’s doing everything she can, even from inside a cell.   

Emma has started a hunger strike in an effort to persuade Boris Johnson that more British council homes should be insulate. 

Clare added: “Emma’s not sharing her meals with the people that will be forced to decide between heat and food this winter.” 

Mail Online reached out to Insulate Britain in order for comments.  

Emma and eight Insulate Britain activists were taken into custody on October 8. 

Protests were banned on the M25 and around Port of Dover, as well on other major routes around London.

Transport For London was issued a fifth injunction on October 8.

Emma, speaking from prison, said today via Insulate Britain that “Imprisoning everyone who disagrees with me is the mark of bully.” We all know bullies are cowards.

We say, “So to the government, carry on,” bring down your combined might of all of the machinery and best lawyers. We are not going to be intimidated. 

“Our numbers are increasing because the public is aware that we are right on history.”  

Insulate Britain shared this video online. A brief recording of Emma is shown. In it, she defends what she did and asks for more civil disobedience.

Emma Smart told the court that the proceedings were 'obscene' and glowered at barristers representing National Highways. However, the biologist has faced allegations of hypocrisy after undertaking a gas-guzzling 81,000-mile drive across the globe with her husband Andy Smith. Above: The couple are pictured with their diesel-fuelled Toyota before the trip in 2012

Emma Smart claimed that the court proceedings were ‘obscene and made fun of National Highways’ barristers. After driving 81,000 miles across the world with Andy Smith, the biologist was accused of hypocrisy. Above: Andy Smith and the couple were pictured before their 2012 trip with their Toyota diesel-fueled Toyota.

Insulate Britain eco mob's Emma Smart, 44 previously urged more eco-zealots to step up and continue the group's extreme campaign this week

Emma Smart from Insulate Britain’s eco mob, 44, previously asked more eco-zealots for support and continued the extreme campaign.

Smart, an ecologist by trade, stated that it was an extreme campaign going on the motorway. But we were in an extreme circumstance and I felt I had no choice but to do what I could.

“I took the initiative, now we must all take action.” The only way to effect change is through nonviolent civil disobedience.

“We don’t need 9 of us or 20 in prison. All of us need to give our lives because we face losing everything.”

Smart, in this clip that was shared on Twitter, explains how she came to be involved with the mob’s protests along the motorways earlier this year. 

Speaking with a row of fence panels behind her, she said: ‘I don’t know what more I can do and then IB [Insulate Britain]This was the way that I could rise up. 

“It was quite an extreme campaign you know, getting onto the motorway, but we’re still in an extreme position and I felt that I needed to do whatever was necessary.

“So, I believe this is the right moment. The government could have acted in a meaningful way to meet our demands.

“But they chose not to release us. That has to be a powerful message for everyone. This is the right time. All we can do is fail to bring people together. 

“I took the initiative, now we must all take action.” The only way to effect change is through nonviolent civil disobedience.

“We don’t have to keep nine people in jail, nor 20 prisoners, but we do need all of them. We are at risk of losing our freedom.

“Our lives support systems are falling apart, and society will collapse.” You have a chance to be part of the change. 

Emma declared to the court during her sentencing that she thought the proceedings were “obscene” and laughed at the barristers from National Highways. 

After driving 81,000 miles across the globe, Andy Smith and her biologist husband drove 81,000 miles. 

Insulate Britain announced today that nine more of its members were summoned by the High Court to attend on December 14.

They were charged with contempt of Court and could face up to 2 years imprisonment.