Yesterday, a mother claimed that doctors ignored the obvious when she failed to notify police and social workers of abuses her daughter had suffered prior to her murder.

Ella Rose Clover, aged 22 months, died in January 2018. She had been admitted to the hospital nine times with internal injuries and bruising in her previous seven months.

She suffered from a black eye, bruises on her legs and ear. On one occasion, she needed emergency surgery for her bowel.

Doctors believed that there might have been an unusual medical cause, according to the inquest.

The trust running the hospital where Ella Rose was treated now admits it should have raised alarm 2 months prior to her death.

While Pagan Clover worked, the toddler was left in the hands of Sharleen Hughes, her godmother.

Ella-Rose Clover, who died aged 22 months in January 2018, had been taken to hospital nine times in the previous seven months with bruising and internal injuries (pictured with her mother Pagan Clover)

Ella Rose Clover, who was 22 months old when she died in January 2018, had been admitted to the hospital nine times with internal injuries and bruising. (Photo: With her mother Pagan Clover).

Hughes's partner Michael Wild (pictured), now 32, repeatedly beat and punched Ella-Rose. She died after he inflicted a blow to the stomach so serious it caused internal bleeding and cardiac arrest

Hughes’s now-32 year old partner Michael Wild repeatedly beat and punched Ella Rose. After a severe blow to her stomach that caused cardiac arrest and internal bleeding, she died.

The inquest heard from six doctors (five pictured) and surgeons who saw Ella-Rose at Royal Manchester Children's Hospital and Wythenshawe Hospital, each of whom apologised or admitted they should have acted differently

Six doctors, five pictured, and six surgeons examined Ella Rose at Wythenshawe Hospital and Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital gave evidence to the inquest. Each of them apologised for their actions or acknowledged they had erred.

Hughes’s 32-year-old partner Michael Wild repeatedly beat and punched Ella Rose. 

After he caused severe stomach bleeding, causing internal bleeding and heart arrest, he killed her.

Hughes looked after the girl every time she suffered from unexplained, severe bruising. 

Her mother didn’t suspect Wild or Hughes. She sought out an explanation from the doctors about the injuries. Although they said they were not intentional, the inquiry was conducted.

According to independent experts, the injuries sustained by Ella Rose were the result of abuse. This link was made at the July 2017 admission Ella Rose received with bruises.

Manchester Hospitals Foundation Trust admitted that Ella’s safety was at risk and should have notified Greater Manchester Police and Manchester Children’s Services.

Following a four-day inquiry at Manchester Coroner’s Court yesterday, Nick Stanage, assistant coroner concluded that ‘the failings admitted by the trust possibly caused oder contributed to Ella-Rose’s unlawful death. 

He stated that if the trust had alerted the authorities to the situation, Ella Rose could have been removed to safety.

The coroner concluded that Ella Rose had been subject to physical abuse by criminal third parties at least 2 months before her death.

Ella Rose was then admitted to the hospital for life-threatening injuries. 

Murdered toddler Ella-Rose Cloveris pictured with a black eye

Picture of Ella Rose Cloveris the murderer, shown with a dark eye

The Home Office pathologist stated that it was difficult for her to find any other explanation than an accident.

Ella Rose’s mother Miss Clover stated that doctors failed to recognize what was in front of them. 

They chose to overlook the obvious, and instead test for rarer conditions. Each test was negative so they tried another. 

Two junior doctors raised concern about abuse. However, they were dismissed and the consultant was unable to recognize a dark eye. [a photograph]He was brought to the Inquest.

Ella might still be here today if her parents had done right by Ella. Ella had so many options to be saved.

Manchester’s Miss Clover paid tribute to Ella, recalling her smile, laughter, and saying, ‘It breaks me apart to imagine what Ella went through.

Inquest hearings were held from six surgeons and doctors who treated Ella Rose at Wythenshawe Hospital as well as Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. All of these men apologised and admitted that they could have done things differently. 

Stephen Hughes, an immunologist consultant, stated that he felt ashamed, while Daniel Mattison a paediatrician consultant said, “I am truly sorry.”

Heartbreaking photos show the extent of the injuries Wild caused little Ella-Rose, pictured here with severe bruising around her ear and on the side of her face

These photos, which show Ella Rose with serious bruising on her ears and side-by-side from her head, are heartbreaking.

Others who acknowledged shortcomings were paediatricians Claire Wilkins, Asim Ahmed and Ross Craigie.

Elspeth Rose was the barrister representing the hospital trust. She said that while it acknowledged ‘gross failures’, they denied that there had been a clear and direct link to Ella Rose’s death.

Her family was angry that the coroner did not rule her neglect had contributed to her passing.

Mr Stanage said he could find no evidence the abusive conduct would have stopped immediately had the hospital contacted police or social services, adding: ‘A number of potential obstacles could be put in the way of investigative processes – primarily, lying adults who may deceive investigators.’

However, Miss Rostron stated after the inquest Ella Rose had suffered continual assaults “under the noses nine consultants over seven month’.

The family was not happy with her findings about neglect, she said. The court of the coroner has now declared Ella dead.

“This is not an undiscovered child. Ella had escalating injuries and was often admitted to hospital. Numerous doctors were able to see the obvious signs of abuse in Ella.

‘They had a duty to escalate any suspicion that Ella’s injuries – including a black eye – may have been deliberately inflicted. Ella suffered a terrible fate.

The intervention of the police and social workers is routinely able to save hundreds of children from severe harm. Ella’s family believes that a similar intervention would have saved Ella.

Manchester Hospitals Foundation Trust is the victim of a civil lawsuit by the family.

Wild was released from prison for life on June 19, 2019, after being convicted in murder. 

Hughes was sentenced to five years in prison after being convicted for causing or allowing death of a child and two counts of trying to pervert justice.