Six Omicron cases linked to a Steps concert, Glasgow. Total number of Omicrons in Scotland now stands at 29. Nicola Sturgeon warned that there may be a ‘community transmittance’ of this mutant strain. This could increase the risk of infection’significantly.

  • A Steps concert at Glasgow has been connected to six Omicron cases from Scotland
  • There have been 29 Omicron coronavirus infections in Scotland.
  • Nicola Sturgeon claimed that these cases were no longer linked to a single incident.
  • “This confirms our belief that community transmission is possible,” she said.
  • The First Minister stated that he would like to see the number of cases increase – possibly significantly.

Six Omicron coronavirus cases from Scotland were linked to a Steps concert at Glasgow. Nicola Sturgeon has warned that there is now community transmission. 

The total number of Covid cases in Scotland has risen to 29 in 24 hours. 

Ms. Sturgeon explained that these cases are not linked to any one particular event. They can be traced back to multiple sources including the Hydro gig in Glasgow, November 22.

The First Minister of Scotland stated that, given the transmission nature, it was reasonable to expect cases rising – maybe significantly – over the next few days. 

Six Omicron coronavirus cases in Scotland have been linked to a Steps concert in Glasgow as Nicola Sturgeon warned 'there is now community transmission of this variant'

Six Omicron coronavirus cases have been identified in Scotland, linked to a Steps concert at Glasgow. Nicola Sturgeon has warned that there is now community transmission.

Ms Sturgeon said the cases are 'no longer all linked to a single event, but to several different sources' including the concert at the Hydro venue in Glasgow on November 22

Ms. Sturgeon stated that the cases were not all related to one event but are linked to many different sources, including the Hydro concert in Glasgow on 22 November.

The new variant has been first reported in the Grampian, Highland and Forth Valley health board with five, three and one cases, respectively.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde now has 11 patients, while NHS Lanarkshire currently has 9.

Omicron in Scotland was manifested in those two areas. Nine cases of Omicron were associated with a single private event, which occurred November 20.

According to Ms Sturgeon, the Scottish Government issued this statement today: “The Omicron case numbers in Scotland have been increasing and are not linked all to one single event. Instead, they can be linked to many different events, such as the Steps concert at Hydro on 22/11.” 

“This affirms that we believe there is currently community transmission of the variant in Scotland. 

“Given the transmission nature we can expect to see more cases – possibly significantly – over the next few days. 

“However, the health protection teams continue to work through contact trace, isolation, and testing in order to slow down the spread of the virus while we discover more about its impact. Ministers also keep the situation under review daily.

Six Omicron cases are linked to November 22’s concert. However, no Omicron cases have been reported from the Nov 23rd concert.

The Scottish Government stated that there was no danger to anyone who came to the concert. Omicron users who might have been in contact are being contacted.

No one who attended the concert needs to isolate unless they are asked to do so by Test & Protect or if they develop symptoms.

Omicron’s developments were made as Scotland saw 16 additional deaths from coronavirus, and 2 432 more cases. 

According to this measure, the number of deaths from the virus is 9,634. 

On Wednesday night, there were 652 people with Covid-19, an increase of 28 people within 24 hours. Of these, 46 were admitted to intensive care.

Up to now, 4350,133 people in Scotland have had their first Covid-19 shot, 3954,992 received a second and 1,790 728 have received a booster or third dose.