At the Consumer Electronics Show, (CES) this year saw the return to sex technology. Several companies displayed a wide range of erotic products that enhance both women’s experience and perform well between the sheets.

Satisfyer brought many vibrators with him to the Las Vegas tech event. Many of these vibrators can be paired to smartphones and others work by the power of the air.

Lora diCarlo (health tech innovator) is back at CES to present her third CES. This year, her micro-bot simulates a person’s mouth and offers gentle pressure for treating sexual dysfunction.

The conference also featured technologies to improve men’s sexual performance, including a Smart Patch that extends the sexual experience.

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Satisfyer brought a trove of vibrators to this year's Consumer Electronics Show, joining several other companies in the sex tech industry

This year, Satisfyer, along with several other companies from the sextech industry brought an assortment of vibrators to the Consumer Electronics Show.

After the 2019 event, sex tech was barred from CES. However organizers were criticized for their actions and they were allowed to return in 2020 as a trial.

It seems that erotica are going to be around for a while.

Satisfyer will bring a trio of vibrators with him to CES. These vibrators can be paired with a smartphone to allow users to customize the erotic experience. 

A CES regular, Satisfyer has a massive collection of new vibrators.

Satisfyer, which is a repeat attendee of CES, is back with a huge collection of new vibrators of all different sizes, colors and purposes. The company's Hot Lover vibrator (pictured) was at the conference, which is a warming rabbit vibrator for $59.95

The company, Satisfyer is a regular attendee at CES and has a large selection of vibrators in all sizes, colors, and purpose. Hot Lover, a vibrator that warms rabbits for $59.95 was on display at the conference.

Pictured is the Pro 2 that uses air to stimulate parts of the body

Pro 2 is a device that stimulates parts of the body using air.

The $39.95 Signte Ring for men, which also pairs with a smartphone, was at the company's booth

A $39.95 Signte Ring was on display at the company’s booth.

Each one connects with the companion app to provide users with remote control of their phone and allows them to customize sensations.

Hot Lover, a warm rabbit vibrator that costs $59.95 was on display at the conference.

Signte Rings for men were available at $39.95, and can be paired with smartphones.

Lora DiCarlo won the award for her micro-robot, which simulates human salivation 

Lora DiCarlo is a well known name at CES. Not just because of the company’s erotic products, but because of an incident that occurred in 2020.

Lora DiCarlo showed off its Baci-baci is a bio-inspired micro-robot that simulates a human mouth and was developed in partnership with researchers at Oregon State University's College of Engineering

Lora DiCarlo presented the Baci-baci micro-robot, which is bio-inspired and simulates human teeth. This was made in partnership with Oregon State University College of Engineering researchers

The award was given to one of their robotic massagers, but the prize was quickly withdrawn due to its erotic nature.

Lora diCarlo was not discouraged from attending the event for the third time in succession. The company received an award this year for its Baci-baci, but this time it wasn’t disqualified.

Baci-baci, a micro-robot inspired by biotechnology that mimics the human mouth, was created in collaboration with Oregon State University’s College of Engineering.

According to the American Sexual Health Association, the largest US study of female sexual dysfunction revealed that 21 percent  of women live with female orgasmic disorder (FOD), which is the inability to achieve orgasm despite arousal.

Lora DiCarlo is the founder of the company and hopes that the robot will change the world.

'Baci-baci ( meaning'kiss' in Italian) introduces an entirely new category of consumer technology for women's health: an intelligent robot that replicates the feel and motion of the human lips and tongue,' according to the company

The company claims that the ‘Baci-baci, which means’kiss’in Italian, introduces a whole new category of consumer technology to women’s healthcare: an intelligent robotic robot that mimics the feeling and movement of the human tongue and lips.

The company claims that the ‘Baci-baci, which means’kiss” in Italian, introduces a whole new category of consumer technology to women’s healthcare: an intelligent robotic device that mimics the feeling and movement of the human tongue and lips.

The clitoral stimulant is simple but effective and can be used to stop the frustrated orgasm.

This year’s conference will feature a focus on men’s sexual health.

vPatch is a tool that allows men to control the stimulation of the nerves and muscles between their genitals. This helps them last longer.

Virility Medical is a company that specializes in consumer health and sexual wellness. They will be demonstrating the first FDA-cleared wearable skin patch designed to prevent ejaculation during CES.

Virility Medical, a consumer healthcare company specializing in sexual wellbeing, is showcasing the world's first and only FDA cleared wearable skin patch scientifically engineered to delay ejaculation at CES

The patch, called vPatch, is placed between the genitals and anus and users push a button on the device to turn it on

Virility Medical is a company that specializes in consumer healthcare and sexual wellness. They will be exhibiting the first FDA-cleared, FDA approved, wearable skin patches scientifically designed to prevent ejaculation during CES.

As the stimulation inhibits the rhythmic muscle contractions, ejaculation is delayed. And the patch can be applied hours before intercourse

The stimulation slows down rhythmic muscle contractions and ejaculation will be delayed. You can apply the patch hours before you have your intercourse

Tal Gollan is the founder of Virility Med. He stated in a statement that “The Virility Patch causes a paradigm shift in sexual wellness, prolonging time before ejaculation, and satisfying the desire to have sexual intercourse for longer.”

“The patch increases a man’s time to reach climax and creates better outcomes for couples.

The vPatch is a patch that’s placed between the genitals or anus. Users push a button to turn the device on.

A companion app controls the stimulation of nerves and muscles in this area by the wearable.

Ejaculation will be delayed because the stimulation blocks rhythmic muscle contractions.

The patch may be used hours before the first intercourse.

Starting in 2022, you can purchase the Virility Pill in high and low intensity versions.