Sarah-Jane Mee is a Sky News journalist who has spoken out about how she has learned to react differently to difficult news stories.

East Sussex-based news anchor and 43-year-old, Ben Richardson, shared how her life changed from being single to caring-free to becoming engaged to Teddy Richardson, her eight-year old son.

One of the most significant changes has been Rae’s arrival during lockdown. Sarah Jane admitted she cried as she left the studio, after Sarah Jane showed footage showing a video of Rae being given to Marines by her parents, who were desperate for their child amid chaotic US withdrawals in Afghanistan.

Sky News presenter Sarah-Jane Mee (seen in 2018) has revealed how having a baby has changed the way she reacts to hard-hitting news stories

Sky News’ Sarah-Jane Mee, 2018: Sarah-Jane Mee has shared how her reaction to news reports has changed since having a child.

Sarah-Jane admitting that she 'walked out of the studio sobbing' as reports broke showing footage of a newborn baby being handed to Marines over a barbed-wired wall by her desperate parents amid the chaotic US withdrawal in Afghanistan in August (seen)

Sarah Jane admitted that she was sobbing when reports showed footage showing a baby handed over to Marines by desperate parents during the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Speaking to the Telegraph, Sarah-Jane said: ‘The detachment used to be easier before I became a mother. 

“I came back from maternity leave as the Afghanistan withdrawal story was breaking, and the photo of a child being given the barbed wire by soldiers will forever haunt me. I had to walk out of the studio when that report was playing because I was sobbing.’  

According to her, the new mom admits that she wouldn’t have believed it if she was told three years ago that she would be moving to the countryside and then getting engaged in order for her daughter to arrive within three years.

The presenter was introduced to branding agency founder Ben, 42, at a party thrown by mutual friend Autumn Phillips – the former wife of Princess Anne’s son Peter.

The news anchor, 43, has told how her life has completely changed since she turned 40 - going from single and care-free, to engaged and a step mother to her partner Ben Richardson's eight-year-old son Teddy

43-year-old news anchor has shared how her life changed after turning 40. She went from being single and uncaring to becoming engaged and stepmother to Ben Richardson, her eight-year old son Teddy.

Sarah Jane says having a child during lockdown was not without its challenges. She also admitted that Ben, her partner in the lockdown process meant that she did not feel alone and Rae felt ‘about mom and dad equally’.

But it made social media trolls even more vicious than usual. Sarah Jane said that her cruel comment about baby weight had upset her.

She said: ‘When I went back to work after having Rae, social media was overwhelmingly positive but there was one comment that mentioned my weight. This was my only memory of the hundreds.

‘I replied, saying, “I’ve got no excuses. It’s not baby weight, it’s lockdown weight and I’m sure you’ve got a bit of that too.” I didn’t want them to know it had affected me. It did. I was having such a good day and thought, “How could you?” But you have to remember that those people would never walk up and say it to your face.’

The presenter was introduced to branding agency founder Ben, 42, seen, at a party thrown by mutual friend Autumn Phillips - the former wife of Princess Anne¿s son Peter

The presenter was introduced to branding agency founder Ben, 42, seen, at a party thrown by mutual friend Autumn Phillips – the former wife of Princess Anne’s son Peter

Sarah Jane admitting that a cruel jibeon social media about baby weight upset her

Sarah Jane admitted that she was upset by a cruel social media jibeon about her baby weight 

The world saw the heartbreaking images of a 16-day old baby being handed to a soldier through a barbed wire fence. His distraught parents begged for their safety and asked for help from Hamid Karzai International Airport.

Sadia, the Afghan father, has since revealed that he told Sadia to run to the airport when he heard about the deaths of American allies and collogues as part of the Taliban’s takeover in Afghanistan. 

First-time father claimed he lived at Kabul’s airport during August and was serving as a language specialist to aid the US Marines in their evacuation. 

Hameed claimed that when he was at the airport, Hameed couldn’t go to see his daughter. He could only speak with his wife Sadia by phone, explaining to her how she had experienced a hard delivery.

Sadia managed to pass the gate hours later and their family was back together as they prepared for the evacuation flight. 

Hameed stated that he first saw the video while the family was landing in America. He agreed with Hameed’s assessment of its significance as an emblem about Afghanistan.

The family are now safely living in Phoenix, Arizona, with their daughter, Liya, who has the middle name ‘Marine’ in tribute to the soldier who helped save her life.

Hameed, pictured with wife Sadia and  baby Liya, are now living in Phoenix, Arizona

Hameed, pictured with wife Sadia and  baby Liya, are now living in Phoenix, Arizona