A terrifying video captures a catalytic conversion thief confronting a woman with iron bars after she disturbs them outside of her home. 

Madhuri Bedi (52), was walking her dog in Slough’s Colnbrook neighborhood when two men dressed in balaclavas ran after her.

CCTV captures Mrs Bedi as a Slough councillor getting herself and her dog into the house before any men arrived.

After he had spent nearly a minute banging on the doors, attempting to intimidate Mrs Bedi as well her family, Sunil Bedi (54) and Nihal Bedi (15), kept them closed, the man continued to do so.  

After Cllr Bedi stepped outside of her Slough home, one of the thieves ran at her with their weapon in their hand

When Cllr Bedi left her Slough house, one of the burglars ran after her and took their gun in their hands.

The thief banged on the door with his bar while Cllr Bedi's husband Sunil kept the door closed

Cllr Bedi was able to keep the door shut by Sunil, his husband. 

The video shows Mrs Bedi stepping outside to take her dog for a walk when one of the thieves with iron bars runs towards her. She is forced to shut the car door to stop him.

The group is heard in the video saying they will steal Mrs Bedi’s catalytic converter.

Mrs Bedi said, “I saw them charging at me with iron rods.

“I was afraid they would cause damage to my family, and rob our property.

It was my mistake at that moment. When we looked at the footage, we discovered it was due to me interrupting their conversations.

“Another neighbor had returned from work, seen legs sticking out of the underside of the car and assumed that some repairs were being made to it. This wouldn’t be considered a robbery.

The independent Slough councillor captured the footage on her Ring doorbell security camera

This footage was captured by the independent Slough councillor on her Ring camera security camera.

“I was able to quickly get inside and shut the door. I’m not sure how.

“My husband, and my son then held the door open and thought they were trying to gain entry into the property.

The men didn’t reach Mrs Bedi and they never got into her property. However, Mrs Bedi said that she was not aware of what might have been if they had.

She stated that they might just have wanted to keep her inside to complete the task.

It was about 6:30 PM and the thieves had arrived to steal my neighbour’s catalytic convert. Because I disrupted them, they charged me.

“It’s not that they intended to hurt me but they did have iron rods. The fear and terror that ran through my body at that time was terrible.

“I was carrying my dog, so I needed to get him into the car with me quickly. It was frightening, and still is.

Cllr Bedi said the ordeal was terrifying to have happened in such a 'quiet and peaceful' area

Cllr Bedi stated that the horror of what happened was frightening to have occurred in such peaceful and quiet surroundings

Madhuri, a relatively peaceful and quiet neighbourhood, was shocked that an attempted attack had occurred so early in the morning. She stated that catalytic converter thefts were reported previously.

She said, “It’s lovely, everybody knows each other so it was surprising that this happened.” I was surprised that it happened so quickly.

‘[The thefts]It’s quite common and you may see it popping up in social media. It usually happens at night and is not something I have ever heard of during the day.

Now Mrs Bedi says that she will do more for the safety of her community as a Councillor in Foxborough Ward at Slough Borough Council.

“The crime must be treated more seriously,” she said. It took them less than a minute to do this. How can people afford that type of theft?

“It’s their lasting effects on them as well because it’s such an invasion of their property.

They come to pick up their kids at school and leave the converter behind.

The gang were after the catalytic converters on the cars outside of Cllr Bedi's house

Cllr Bedi and his gang wanted to steal the catalytic converters off the vehicles.

It’s terrible. For the thieves, it takes only a few seconds, but for those who are left to cope with it, it can be very painful.

Madhuri also stated that the manufacturers had a duty to protect property. She believes more needs to be done in order to prevent these types of thefts from ever happening.

She added: “Partially this is down to manufacturers also, they should make positive changes to this and make it more difficult.

“I believe they have a responsibility to protect us because we know there have been cuts to police everywhere. To be fair, the police should deal with the catalytic converter of my neighbor or go to someone who’s had a burglary at their home.

“It is the cuts we must look at, because they affect people’s well-being. As a local councillor, the best thing to me is residents’ wellbeing. It’s their property.

They were extremely relaxed and managed to remove the converter from the car before fleeing.

Mrs Bedi said: ‘They were so blasé about the whole thing, even having enough time to pass each other tools and use their own names.

“The man altered his voice so that it sounded more Dalek. They like their voices to be more frightening, so they think it’s a joke.

Police were notified by her.