Bond, you are so quick! To seduce a woman, 007 meets with her for about 2.3 times. Research

  • The study of 24 films revealed that an agent had seduced women during 2.3 meeting.
  • Bond was able to meet more than 27% of his targets on their first encounter
  • It is not possible to tell if the MI6 spy ever practiced safe sex. 

He has recently been accused of being the world’s wokest licensed killer.

And now, research on James Bond’s past romantic antics reveals just how much the screen’s greatest seducer has been tamed.

An analysis of 24 movies prior to No Time To Die revealed that agents often seduce women faster than martinis are shaken.

According to Dr Richard Zegers, Utrecht University research papers, the testosterone-fueled agent spends about 2.3 hours with women to seduce them.

More than 27.8 per cent of Bond’s targets succumb on first acquaintance and, among these, the number of sentences uttered between initial chat-up and bedroom is typically between seven and eight.

Across all 24 films, however, Bond takes a little longer – needing about 37 sentences per seduction.

But there is not a single hint in any film that MI6’s finest agent has ever practised safe sex.

In a letter Dr Zegers wrote to Travel Medicine and Infectious Diseases, (TMID) that the Bond speed–of-seduction statistic did not make the 2018 final edition.

The study was finished while Bond was still being made.

Lea Seydoux as Madeleine Swann and Craig as Bond in Spectre, 2015

Lea Seydoux plays Madeleine Swann, and Craig is Bond in Spectre (2015)

Caterina Murino as Solange in Casino Royale, 2006, pictured with Craig as Bond

Caterina Murino is Solange in Casino Royale (2006), photographed with Craig Bond

Eva Green as Vespa Lynd and Daniel Craig as Bond in Casino Royale, 2006

Eva Green portrays Vespa Lynd in Casino Royale and Daniel Craig plays Bond in Casino Royale 2006.

But he says the data concurs with a paper that was recently published in TMID showing that Bond’s relationships were ‘brief, with little time for a healthy exchange of sexual history’.

Critics have pointed out that Bond’s latest adventure, No Time To Die, shows 007, played by Daniel Craig, giving up charming female colleagues into bed in favour of ‘woke’ professional handshakes and camaraderie.

In an interview before the release of the new film, actor Daniel Craig admitted his character had ‘got to adapt’ and that ‘a lot of what went on in the earlier movies is sort of questionable now’.