Boris Johnson claimed today that Christmas was spent ‘in this land’. He made his first public appearance for 10 days.

To give official approval for New Year’s Eve celebrations, the premier appeared at Walton Hall Campus in Milton Keynes by the Open University. 

This was his first formal engagement since Christmas. It took him just 24 miles north of Chequers, which is his official country home in Buckinghamshire.

However, he refused to reveal where exactly he’d spent the time. He had been photographed at the extravagant estate in December 23, along with Carrie and Romy their infant daughter Romy.

Asked where he had been, he told reporters: ‘I’ve been in this country.’ He didn’t elaborate.

There have been questions about whereabouts of the Prime Minister after he told other ministers that no additional Covid restrictions would be introduced prior to the new year. 

Sajid Javid made this announcement Monday morning after Sir Patrick Vallance, Professor Chris Whitty, and the PM discussed Christmas Covid data analysis. 

Gillian Keegan, Care Minister at the Ministry of Health and Human Services reiterated this message on Tuesday. She advised revellers not to be too naive.   

The premier emerged at the Open University's Walton Hall campus in Milton Keynes this morning to give the official green light for New Year's Eve celebrations in England.

To give official approval for New Year’s Eve celebrations, the premier appeared at Walton Hall Campus in Milton Keynes by the Open University.

But he was coy on where he had actually spent Christmas, despite having been pictured at Chequers, just 24 miles from Milton Keynes, on December 23

However, he kept his secrets about the actual place he spent Christmas. He had been photographed at Chequers on December 23, just 24 miles away from Milton Keynes.

Boris Johnson Christmas

December 17, 

Boris Johnson visits West London’s Uxbridge Constituency. As a result of the North Shropshire defeat in by-elections and partygate, he speaks with local officers. 

In a by-election, the Lib Dems won the Tory safe seat that was vacant the day before. This signaled public outrage at his government. 

Boris Johnson visits his Uxbridge constituency in West London and speaks to local police

Boris Johnson speaks with local police and visits Uxbridge Constituency in West London.

December 21, 

Mr Johnson uses video message from Downing Street to declare that Christmas can definitely go ahead ‘cautiously’.

In the face of growing anger at millions being kept in limbo by their government, the PM ruled out all further restrictions being implemented before December 25.

He did however inform that Omicron was being monitored’very closely’ by the government and was ready to act if needed.

He said in a statement that ‘people can continue with Christmas plans. But, it is still finely balanced. I urge people to be cautious and to protect themselves and their loved ones, especially those who are vulnerable.

This is a reminder to remember the instructions – keep your eyes open, wear masks indoors if necessary and keep plenty of fresh air flowing. Also, take a medical test prior to visiting vulnerable or elderly relatives.

December 23,

Mr Johnson records his Christmas message at Downing Street, in which he described booster jabs as a ‘wonderful’ gift to families.

The pandemic was not over as Omicron is still surging, and he paid tribute to NHS employees.

The video was release on Christmas Eve, with the PM saying: ‘Though the time for buying presents is theoretically running out, there is still a wonderful thing you can give your family and the whole country, and that is to get that jab, whether it is your first or second, or your booster.

“So that next year’s festivities will be even better than this one.”

Mr Johnson records his Christmas message at Downing Street. Later the same day he posed for pictures at Chequers after leaving London with his family

At Downing Street, Mr Johnson recorded his Christmas message. After leaving London, Johnson took photographs at Chequers that same day.

He took photos at Chequers later that day, after he had left London with his family.

In images released on Christmas Day he hopped onto Zoom for video calls with vaccine medics.

The couple were accompanied by their children and dog Dilyn, as well as their wife Carrie.

The Prime Minister and Mrs Johnson were pictured sitting on a sofa next to their  dog in a living room in Chequers, speaking to NHS vaccination ‘heroes’ administering millions of Covid booster jabs.

Romy was born December 9th to Mrs Johnson. He seems to have full brown hair.

The PM addressed health staff including Dr Laura Mount director of Central and West Warrington. He was surrounded by family decorations including Christmas cards, a homemade sign which read ‘Wilf and Romy’, and what appeared to be children’s art.

December 27,

After being hung for weeks, England gave the green light to its New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Johnson met with Sir Patrick Vallance, Professor Chris Whitty, and his principal advisers.

But it was Health Secretary Sajid Javid who appeared before TV cameras to say: ‘There will be no further measures before the New Year.’

The Pm limited himself to a short statement on Twitter, saying: ‘We will continue to monitor the data carefully, but there will be no new restrictions introduced in England before the New Year. I encourage everyone to remain cautious in light of the increasing number Omicron cases.

“Most importantly, I advise everyone to immediately get their first or second booster jab to protect yourself and your loved ones.” 

December 28 

An English minister granted New Year’s Eve partygoers permission to celebrate, but they should be careful today. Boris Johnson’s lighter-touch plans were approved by a leading vaccine expert.

Gillian Keegan suggested that everyone should enjoy 2022 and take preventative measures to reduce their risk of contracting the disease. 

Gillian Keegan said people should go out and have fun to see in 2022 but take steps to limit their chances of catching the virus.

Gillian Keegan suggested that everyone should enjoy 2022 and take preventative measures to reduce their risk of contracting the disease.

She suggested that people take Lateral Flow tests before heading out on the town. Also, she recommended having parties outside due to the high temperatures in the UK.

The message came as a leading vaccines expert backed Boris Johnson’s refusal to toughen England’s Covid restrictions to bring them into line with the other Home Nations, saying that mass deaths and hospitalisations from the deadly disease are ‘history’.

Professor Sir John Bell, regius professor of medicine at Oxford University and a member of the Vaccines Taskforce, said the public had been ‘pretty responsible’ in its response to the spread of the Omicron variant. 

December 29

Although Mr Johnson is finally seen after Christmas, he remains vague as to his holiday whereabouts.

Speaking at the Open University in Milton Keynes he gave the green light for people to celebrate on New Year’s Eve but urged the nation to be ‘cautious and sensible’.

Mr Johnson finally reappears after Christmas, but is vague on his festive whereabouts.

Although Mr Johnson is finally seen after Christmas, he remains vague as to his holiday whereabouts.

The Prime Minister declared that, in spite of Omicron spreading across the globe, he still believes everyone should celebrate New Year.

The strain is still causing real problems with rising hospitalisations. However, data from the database shows that it is clearly milder than its Delta counterpart.

Johnson stated that England doesn’t currently require new coronavirus restrictions because of the booster jab rollout, even though Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland have all adopted new socialising rules.

Today, the premier reiterated his appeal to the nation for support as he stated that 90% of Covid patients in intensive-care units throughout the country hadn’t received the dose.