You are a talented sewer! Take a look at these social media pictures to see some amazing crochet designs, from a small yarn gecko all the way through an entire chemistry kit made out of wool.

  • People revealed the most unique pieces of crocheted art they have come across 
  • The lizard is a creation of one talented yarn artist. It looks almost real until you really look closely 
  • Another photo shows a woolly Christmas tree hat with holiday lights.

Everyone has shared some of their most inventive crochet patterns, from a costume for Halloween to a stuffed lizard. 

Crochet, the process of creating textiles by using a crochet hook to interlock loops of yarn, thread, or strands of other materials, is an exceedingly creative handicraft that allows practisers to produce clothing, ornaments and toys. 

Creators from around the world shared their knitted creations on social media, with the very best examples collated in a gallery by Bored Panda.  

One example is a woman from America who made a hat that looked like sour blueberry pie. A whole science set was created by another knitter.  

FEMAIL has some great examples…

This illusion rug is the epitome of a brain puzzler, but it would be guaranteed to put a smile on the face of anyone who thought crochet was boring

Although this illusion rug may be the ultimate brain puzzler, it will bring a smile to the faces of those who think crochet is boring.

You'd be forgiven for thinking the US owner of this pet leopard gecko was indeed a pet owner and not a very talented crochet artist, as is the case

It’s easy to believe that the US pet owner of the pet leopard gecko, a US citizen, was a crocheter and not an owner. 

Now that's showbiz baby! The Nightmare Before Christmas has created a cult following and this US creator certainly stepped up to the mark with this Jack Skellington costume

This is showbiz, baby! This Jack Skellington outfit is a great example of the popularity of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Who in their right mind would say they don't enjoy the subject chemistry with this adorable crochet set from the US on the loose?

It’s hard to believe anyone would claim they enjoy subject chemistry when this crochet set is available from the US.

This 11 foot dragon created by US TikTok creator @mythsnmonsterswasn't intended to be as huge as it was, but sometime there's no limit on creativity

This 11 foot dragon created by US TikTok creator @mythsnmonsterswasn’t intended to be as huge as it was, but sometime there’s no limit on creativity

This bright and beautiful elephant is a vibrant addition to any wall

The bright, beautiful elephant will add a pop of color to your wall. 

If your plants are missing a little exotic friend to keep them company, simply crochet one—it's much quieter than the real life version

If your plants are missing a little exotic friend to keep them company, simply crochet one—it’s much quieter than the real life version

This US crochet artist decided that thanksgiving hadn't quite had enough pies, so she made one for her head

The US crocheter decided she couldn’t have enough thanksgiving pies so she created one for herself.

What do you do if you keep misplacing your earrings? You make a little toadstool to keep them on, or so this UK creator thought

You keep losing your earrings. What are you supposed to do? Or so the UK creator suggested.

This US artist knew that woolly hats are one thing, and Christmas hat are another, but woolly Christmas hats with festive lights are the only thing we should be wearing this winter

US artist, John Lennon, knew woolly hats can be one thing and Christmas hats another. But woolly Christmas decorations with lights on them are what we need to wear in winter.

What could possibly get you extra marks for a university thesis? One Us student went the extra mile with crocheted Microglia And Neurons

You might be able to get extra marks in your university thesis. A student from the United States went above and beyond with microglia and neuron crochets

In another spectacular lizard creation the same US crochet artist proves once again it's impossible to tell between scaly skin and wool

The same US crochet artist creates another stunning lizard creation.

This innovative UK crocheter thought of an ingenious way for their grandmother to easily pull the remote back up from the floor when it falls from the bed

The UK’s most innovative crocheter came up with a clever way to help their grandmother pull the remote from the ground when it fell from her bed.