It’s only one method to fix a problem. Funny snaps of DIY solutions reveal some very unusual ones – including a way to use the horn to replace your broken doorbell or sneaking in with a car doors to get into the drive thru.

  • All over the globe, people have come up with bizarre solutions to odd problems.
  • Amazingly clever snaps demonstrate the human capacity to do what is necessary with what you have 
  • You can DIY a job as a truck driver using a window armrest that is made of a pool noodle.
  • An employee discovers a method to clean bannisters in a workplace without having to lift a finger

There are two types of people in the world: those who can replace an item immediately with a brand new one, and those that use their creativity to create a solution on their own, often with very bizarre results. 

Bored Panda has collected the top homespun ideas from people all around the globe..

To give a glowing glow to clients, one clever make-up artist used a ring lamp to attach to his head. 

Although these designs may not pass the safety and health test, you don’t have to be critical of people who try out amateur engineering. 

This UK lorry driver found a perfect solution for not having a comfortable armrest on his right hand side. Let's hope it doesn't fly off on a gusty day!

The perfect solution was found by a UK truck driver for his left side, which meant that he didn’t have an armrest. It’s a good thing it didn’t go flying off during a windy day.

This ingenious replacement for a broken doorbell might look comical but when it comes down to it, it's bound to do the job

It might seem funny, but this ingenious solution for broken doorsbells is bound to work.

This crafty makeup artist tried to ensure the most flattering glow by attaching a ring light around his own face while he worked

He attached a light ring around his face to give it a flattering glow while applying makeup. 

This US driver took full advantage of the high rising car frame he no doubt chose for fashion purposes, and made it into a flood-defying vehicle

The US driver made the most of the car’s high-rise frame, which he undoubtedly chose for fashion reasons. He transformed it into an incredibly flood-resistant vehicle

When you're desperate for a fast food fix! This jokester from the US was either very confident in his disguise or severely underestimated the attention the drive-through employee would pay to him. Either way it seemed to work

If you are desperate to get fast food! The jokester was either extremely confident or underestimated how much attention the employee at the drive-thru would give him. It worked, in any case.

This trick for ridding your car of dents includes hot water, and a plunger and a quick pull for anyone brave enough not to take your car straight to the garage

The trick to rid your car of dents is hot water and a plunger. This will allow you to quickly pull the car into the garage.

Yes, this pipe fix is not very pleasing to the eye, but it works and the chances are that it didn't cost am arm and a leg to achieve

This pipe solution isn’t very attractive to the eyes, but it does work and it probably didn’t cost a lot to do.

This US gardener found the perfect way to pretend you've been keeping up with your plants... long after they're actually dead

The perfect way to make it seem like you were still taking care of your plants long after the fact is that they are dead. This was discovered by a US gardener.

This innovative drone owner was likely bored of mis-timing the landing only to find their precious toy at the bottom of a river

The drone’s owner probably was tired of mistiming landings only to discover their prized toy in the middle of a river

This Beijing market has an inventive employee on the loose who prioritised saving time over spending it. Pretty clever, although those rollers are telling of how much grime the bannisters hold...

This Beijing market has an inventive employee on the loose who prioritised saving time over spending it. Those rollers show how grimey the bannisters can hold.

The Czech owners of this sink found a remarkably clever way to get around the shallow sink problem when you need to fill up a bucket

This sink’s Czech owners found an innovative way to avoid the problem of a shallow sink when filling up a bucket.

This US TV watcher who just wanted to change the channel but had run out of batteries decided to foil the remote's plans for needing a third battery

A US TV viewer wanted to switch channels but ran out of battery power so he decided to stop the remote from requiring a third.

Well you can't say fairer than that then! This UK driver might not be following the road exact road

You can’t get any fairer! While this UK driver may not be adhering to all road safety guidelines, it isn’t hard to admire their efforts.