Do your eyes deceive you? Amazing photos of optical illusions created by reflections are shared on social media.

  • Amazing reflections were captured by people from all over the globe.  
  • A coffee cup contains a glowing castle which, in reality, is a ceiling lamp.
  • An upside down pool mural creates reflected swimmers in another photo

Sometimes it’s just a matter of timing and a little bit of luck that can produce mind-bending effects.

Bored Panda has shared a series of amazing images from around the world, showing how reflections can create stunning optical illusions. 

One time, the tiny water droplet on a twig held an entire magical forest, and another makes it appear like an alien snapped a photo in an iron. 

A water bottle with an image of a forest on it was lit up with the northern lights. The setting sun made the glass appear as though there had been a fire. 

FEMAIL has some great examples…

Water view! This tiny droplet on a twig reflected the forest, creating a magical optical illusion

Water view! A tiny reflection of the forest created a magic optical illusion.  

I've got my eye on you! The wearer of these glasses might have been alarmed to come back to the table and find out they were being watched, but it was just the reflection of the ceiling lights above

You’re my target! Although the wearer might have felt alarmed when they saw their glasses being watched from across the room, it was only a reflection of the lights at the top.  

Castle in your caffeine! When drinking your morning coffee, it's good practice to check whether theirs a ceiling light above you or whether you actually have a tiny glowing structure in your drink

Castle in your caffeine! Check your cup for a ceiling lamp or small glowing structures before you start your morning coffee

This incredibly clever mural in Lithuania was painted upside down to show the reflections of swimmers and rowers

To show swimmers and rowers’ reflections, this clever Lithuanian mural was turned upside down

Kitchen capers: If you own a hob such as this, and you don't use shiny pots to create smiley faces from now on, then what's the point?

Capers in the kitchen: What’s the point of a shiny hob if you can’t make smiley faces with it?

Strange things happen underground: Legend has it, the ghostly businessman can be seen riding London Underground's circle line at 5pm every day

Underground is where strange things take place: The legend has it that the ghostly businessman can still be seen riding London Underground’s circle line every day at 5pm.

This little Christmas card appeared cold and lonely before a glass full of beer reflected just enough to light its fire

A little Christmas card that looked lonely was reflected in a small glass of beer.

Well, you know what they say, The Girl With The Pearl Earring like to hang around in US gardens when she's not in the Mauritshuis Museum. It;s either that or the window is reflecting the television

You know the saying, “The Girl with The Pearl Earring” likes to wander around US gardens, even when she isn’t at the Mauritshuis Museum. Or the TV’s reflection is in the window.

This space alien came down to earth simply to search Europe for the perfect iron, and it seems they found it

The space alien from outer space came to Earth to find the best iron in Europe, which they did.

If you didn't know already then now you're aware, capybaras are the best-dressed creatures in the entire animal kingdom

You probably didn’t realize it, but capybaras have the best clothes in the whole animal kingdom.

The Northern lights have a sneaky way of finding their way onto any scene that appears to be iceland

They can sneakily find their way into any scene that looks like iceland.

There's no chance that you wouldn't be alarmed if you saw this UK house apparently on fire, but luckily it's just a sunset reflection

It’s unlikely that this house in the UK is on fire. But, it’s just a reflection of sunset.

Animals these days, they never put down their phones and they're always taking pictures of passing humans

These days animals are so mobile that they don’t even put their phones down and take pictures of passers-by

Of course, the logical answer might be that a woman lined up perfectly with a chair, but it's preferable to imagine a friendly office ghost

The obvious answer would be for a woman to sit perfectly on a chair. However, it is better to think of a friendly ghost in the office.