You don’t have to do it just because you are able. These creative designs are not meant to be drawn.

  • The most bizarre designs shared by people all over the globe were well received.
  • A bride wearing a bizarre but impressive wedding gown made from balloons. 
  • In the meantime, a baker makes ‘bug’ cakes which seem a bit too convincing 

Creators are often quirky, and that flair can beget beauty—at least until the designer goes a little too far and makes something wonderfully grotesque.  

Luckily – or perhaps unluckily – some creative minds from around the world made it their mission to fabricate the most eccentric designs possible, collated in a gallery by Bored Panda. 

A car is completely covered with carpet while the bride decides to wear a balloon-made dress down the aisle. 

A man is seen cheating the gym with tattoos of his abs and pecs, while a woman decorated her barnet like a Christmas ornament.

FEMAIL has some great examples…

A bride with exceptionally odd tastes in bridal wear decided to have her dress made entirely from balloons. It's very impressive however squeaky it may be

The bride of an unusual taste in bridal wear chose to have her gown made completely from balloons. The dress looks amazing, even though it is a little squeaky.

Baby you can drive my car-pet! One Russian car enthusiast saw a perfect opportunity for a little extra warmth over the winter months

My car-pet can be driven by you, baby. A Russian car enthusiast saw an opportunity to add warmth during the cold months.

Don't pinch your feet! These lobster sliders spotted at a US clothes shop are horrifying and glorious and equal measure

Do not pinch your toes! This pair of lobster sliders, spotted in an American clothes shop, are both terrifying and beautiful.

A woman with a shaved head moonlighting as a bauble... a unique way to dress up for the Christmas party but we'll let it slide

We’ll allow it to slide: A woman wearing a shaved head moonlights as a Christmas bauble.

Curtains for ugly TVs! A television cover might look like your grandmother's doily, but it's certainly a great way to block out depressing news

Curtains for unattractive TVs Although it might not look as elegant or traditional as your grandmother’s doily cover, it is a wonderful way to keep out the depressing news.

Kitchen nightmare! These hideous-yet-well-executed baked goods aren't in fact wriggly grub, but a meat loaf and a carrot cake... yum?

Kitchen nightmare! These hideous-yet-well-executed baked goods aren’t in fact wriggly grub, but a meat loaf and a carrot cake… yum?

That's one way to avoid going to the gym! While this illusion may work it's still perhaps a tad obvious

This is one way to not go to the gym. Although this illusion works, it may not be obvious.

A Jacksonville man who just needs to get where he's going, nothing odd to see here! Except that his 'motorcycle' is a modified jet ski

Jacksonville man needs to go where he wants, nothing strange about this! His’motorcycle’ actually is an upgraded jet ski.

Father Christmas is always watching: Well this Christmas bauble is nothing if not accurate, and Santa's followers are bound to behave with this around

Father Christmas is watching all the time: Santa’s followers will be careful with this Christmas bauble.

One edgy food designer decided prettiness wasn't their thing and a gingerbread 'crack house' would do instead

A bold food designer decided that prettiness was not their style and suggested a gingerbread crack house instead

Don't let the french see this! A Melbourne cafe took it upon themselves to recreate the popular croissant as a cube¿slightly strange but if it quacks like a duck...

This is not what the French would think! A Melbourne cafe took it upon themselves to recreate the popular croissant as a cube—slightly strange but if it quacks like a duck…

Now while this snack charcuterie board is a little too convincing, it's a great way to keep your guests from taking too many pieces of food

Although this is not the most convincing snack charcuterie platter, it can be a good way to prevent your guests taking too much food.

If there's one thing this DataCom in Wellington, New Zealand knows how to do, it's terrify their customers while showing off their art skills

DataCom Wellington, New Zealand is a master at what it does best: terrify customers and show off their artistic skills.

One US OB/GYN office workers decided to have a little fun over Halloween creating a 'pump-kin'

A group of US OB/GYN workers created a ‘pumpkin’ to celebrate Halloween.

One nail tech decided that something was missing from the nail art industry, and that thing was tiny little hands

One nail tech noticed something was lacking in the nail art industry. And that was very tiny hands.

When you need a car for a stealthy getaway in a field you'll know who to call¿this US grass car owner

When you need a car for a stealthy getaway in a field you’ll know who to call—this US grass car owner