Ho-ho-Halloween! The spooky season kicks off early with social media users transforming Christmas trees to ghoulish centerpieces decorated with pumpkins, skulls and witches’ hats

  • Christmas fans are kicking off Halloween with festive trees 
  • People from all over the world have fitted their firs with creepy, ghoulish décor
  • One of the most inventive features is the witch’s hat that can replace a Star and the pumpkin baubles.

Although Halloween is more than a month away, families have already started getting into the spooky spirit with some festive décor.

And it’s not just pumpkin and ghost ornaments taking centre stage as some have been putting their Christmas trees to use early by transforming them into seasonal centrepieces to mark All Hallows’ Eve.

Social media was filled with horror-loving enthusiasts who shared their amazing Halloween Trees on social media.

The creative decorators around the globe used their Yuletide trees to recycle a star or angel, and replaced it with something creepy like a spider’s head or a witch hat. 

When it was time to replace baubles with tinsel skulls, pumpkins, fake blood and other decorations were available.

This bizarre trend was first seen on social media in 2018. It saw festive lovers no longer be content with carving pumpkins for October 31.

According to the hashtag #Halloween Trees on Instagram and Twitter, the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

This tree, in Colorado, even has its own little Halloween-themed mat to match an ornate, witchy hat instead of a Christmas star

Colorado has a Halloween tree with its own mat. It is made to match a witchy, ornate hat, and instead of being decorated for Christmas.

One user from Michigan got creative by swapping out a tradition Christmas star with a spooky skull

Michigan user got inventive by replacing a traditional Christmas star with an eerie skull

Another social media poster kept their decorations to a minimal with a silhouetted tree propped up next to a decorative mini-pumpkin

A silhouetted tree was propped up beside a mini-pumpkin to keep their decorations minimal on social media. 

This US-based Halloween fan decorated their spooky fir with pumpkins, bats, and witchy black cats

A US-based Halloween fan decorated his spooky Fir with bats and pumpkins. 

Another poster from Minneapolis shared a small Halloween tree with skull fairy lights and surrounded by decorative spider webs

Minneapolis resident, another poster shared their small Halloween tree adorned with fairy lights and covered in decorative spiderwebs.

Why limit yourself to just a tree? This family gave their Halloween tree some company with a prop sheet ghost

Don’t limit yourself to a single tree! The family provided a prop sheet to ghosts for their Halloween tree. 

This TikToker went all out, decorating their fir with ghost baubles, and making sure the rest of the room was as spook-tacular as it could be

TikToker made sure their room looked as creepy as possible by decorating it with ghost-baubles.

This UK-based poster kept things simple and easy to go with a spooky tree frame and witchy decorations

The UK poster was simple with easy-to-use witchy decorations and a tree frame

One poster opted for a white Christmas tree which they transformed into an autumnal wonderland with orange leaves, spiders and bats

One poster picked a white Christmas Tree, which they turned into an autumnal haven with pumpkin leaves and spiders. 

One UK-based Halloween enthusiast added a fun flair to their spooky décor with fairy lights and tinsel

One UK-based Halloween enthusiast added a fun flair to their spooky décor with fairy lights and tinsel 

This English user decorated their slithering, slim tree with glittery pumpkin tinsel to kick off the holiday season

To kick-off the holidays, this English user decorated his slim, slender tree with sparkling pumpkin tinsel 

A family in California has welcomed the holiday season with a fun and cheerful tree, featuring smatterings of Halloween décor

A family in California has welcomed the holiday season with a fun and cheerful tree, featuring smatterings of Halloween décor  

One user channelled Tim Burton's Christmas Nightmare aesthetics with a spiralling tree decoration design

With a spiralling Christmas decoration, one user channeled Tim Burton’s Christmas Nightmare style.  

Another poster showed off their small, portable offering of holiday cheer, with a tiny Halloween tree

A poster from another company showed their portable holiday spirit with a small Halloween tree.