Susanna Reid acknowledged being shocked today, after she accused a child protective expert of making a scapegoat. Arthur Labinjo Hughes’s grandmother was responsible for telling social workers and medics that he had ‘unusual’ bleeding on his back. 

Wendy Thorogood is the chair of the Association of Child Protection Professionals. She stated that referring injuries to doctors could result in a quicker response than telling social workers.

Joanne Hughes (Autumn’s grandmother) took pictures of Arthur with bruises on the shoulder and sent them to Solihull Council. The bruises on Arthur’s shoulder were discovered by social workers who visited him the following day.

The six-year old was then killed three months later by Emma Tustin (32), and Thomas Hughes (29), who subjected him and his father to torture and other abuse.

Arthur's grandmother, Joanne Hughes, took photos of bruises on Arthur's shoulder (pictured) and made a referral to Solihull Council

Joanne Hughes took pictures of Arthur’s injuries (pictured), and sent them to Solihull Council.

Wendy Thorogood, chair of the Association of Child Protection Professionals, said referring the injuries to medics could lead to a 'quicker' response than only telling social workers, leaving Susanna Reid 'stunned'

Wendy Thorogood (chair of the Association of Child Protection Professionals) stated that referring injuries to doctors could result in a quicker response than simply telling social workers. Susanna Reid was left’stunned. 

Susanna Reid interviewed Ms Thorogood and said she was surprised by her suggestion that Hughes could have done even more.

She replied, “I’m sorry. I’m just shocked.”

You can also be told that you are the grandmother. [Ms Hughes]It all comes down to ”…’

Prisoners eat SALT from Arthur’s stepmother. 

Katie Feehan for MailOnline

Emma Tustin was a child murderer who tortured her stepson to death. Her cellmates have made her salty meals in retaliation for her abuse on her six-year old stepson.

After being convicted for murdering Arthur Labinjo, six-year old at her Solihull home in West Midlands, the 32-yearold was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 29 years.

Thomas Hughes was sentenced to 21 years for manslaughter, which he received for encouraging Tustin’s death. He also sent a message to Tustin advising her that she should ‘just end’ him.

Tustin’s former cellmate, Tustin, claimed that Eastwood Park Prison prisoners laced their meals with salt in retaliation for the terrible abuses she suffered at Arthur.

Arthur Labinjo Hughes’s grandfather, who is now in shock after his son’s death sentence rejection, has said that ‘no punishment can be sufficient’ to punish the evil youngster.

Peter Halcrow of Dunkeld in Perthshire (61) said Emma Tustin & Thomas Hughes have forfeited [their right to life] and should ’never see the daylight of day again’ due to his tragic loss of grandsons.

After a nine week trial at Coventry Crown Court it became clear that Tustin had forced Arthur to eat 34 grams of salt every hour before battering him to death. 

Ms. Thorogood replied, “I don’t think it’s down the grandmother. I just said at that time in the child’s life the doctor could have assessed him.” Although my words may sound a little distorted, it is what I meant. It would have stopped a delay.

Martin Lewis, Ms Reid’s cohost, invited Ms Thorogood for a discussion about Arthur’s case and the possible ways that social services might have responded.

M. Lewis started by asking Wendy: “There are many lessons to learn here Wendy. But I think if you start with the larger question: Can this ever stop from happening again? Is that even possible?”

Ms. Thorogood responded: “I believe we need to believe we can make an impact, but up to 70 children die every year. This is where we learn lessons. It is something we have been dealing with for many years.

Ms Reid then added her voice and asked: “I want you to ask me, because there were many opportunities to save Arthur. It would be false to say that Arthur’s crimes went unpunished because Arthur’s grandparents raised concerns, Arthur’s uncle raised concerns, social services visited. How do I notify social services if my grandparent is concerned?

Ms Thorogood said, “As professionals they need to be trained to detect manipulation.”

“Just one, I want you to notice the bruising. It was clearly shared with social services and the photograph was shared to police. I don’t criticize her actions in any way, but it would have been nice if that child was actually there to seek medical assistance.

“Because it’s possible at this moment to snap a picture, that’s evidence. But health workers can also be part of the system and could have initiated a multi-system assessment faster.

Ms Reid asked: “When you say “she”, do you mean the social worker?” Ms. Thorogood responded, “The grandmother.” If she took the photo… I appeal to anyone concerned that a child may have visible bruises and seek medical care.

An incredulous Ms Reid responded: “I’m sorry to interrupt, but she went into social services. Do you mean that social service couldn’t intervene? The grandmother had to look for further assistance?”

Ms. Thorogood replied: “It would trigger intervention. It triggered the point of social workers going out, but it was the matter of delaying and severity of when it was seen. I don’t criticize anyone who makes a referral.

Ms Reid replied, “I don’t understand why your suggesting that the grandmother should’ve done more,”

Three months later, the six-year-old was killed by his stepmother, Emma Tustin, 32, and father, Thomas Hughes, 29, (who he is pictured with) subjected him to 'unimaginable' torture and abuse

The six-year old was then killed three months later by Emma Tustin (32), and Thomas Hughes (29), who subjected him and his family to torture and other abuses. 

Emma Tustin, 32

Thomas Hughes, 29

Emma Tustin (32), murdered Arthur repeatedly by repeatedly hitting his head against a hard surface. She and Thomas Hughes, 29, had starved Arthur and poisoned it with salt.

Ms Thorogood insisted she was not blaming Arthur's grandmother but giving advice to people in similar situations in the future

Ms Thorogood insists that she wasn’t blaming Arthur’s grandmother, but rather giving guidance to others in similar circumstances in the future 

Wendy immediately responded by saying, “I am not saying that grandmother could have done more. However, I do want to emphasize that anyone who sees unusual bleeding should seek medical assistance.

“I’m sorry. I’m just shocked,” Ms Reid, mother of three said. “Because I thought that once you called social service, they trigger the process. They’re responsible for the outcome, and have legal rights. 

And if you believe the grandmother is telling you, “actually it’s up to you ‘…’ 

“I did not say that it was down to the grandmother. I am saying that at the moment the child could be medically,” Ms Thorogood replied. “I’m not trying to be twisted. I just said that this would have prevented delays. 

“They have forfeited your right to live”: Arthur Labinjo Hughes’s grandfather said that no punishment would be sufficient for the murderers who made Arthur reconsider his opposition to death penalty 

Peter Halcrow, 61, one of Arthur's grandfathers

Peter Halcrow, aged 61, is Arthur’s great-grandfather. 

Kaya Terry, MailOnline  

Arthur Labinjo Hughes, the grandfather who lost his son to murderers has insisted that no punishment would be too harsh for him.

Peter Halcrow of Dunkeld in Perthshire (61 years old) said Emma Tustin & Thomas Hughes have forfeited [their right to life] and should ’never see the daylight of day again’ since his tragic loss of grandsons. 

Tustin was placed in prison for life by Coventry Crown Court, having been found guilty of murder. Thomas Hughes, his father was sentenced 21 years. 

He stated, “They should never be seen again.” For this couple, no punishment is sufficient.

According to him, “I’ve never supported the death penalty as I understand that courts can make mistakes, but they’ve forfeited my right to life.” He said this to The Sun. 

Boris Johnson is expected to announce a wide-ranging inquiry into Arthur's murder in an attempt to avert another such tragedy

Boris Johnson will likely announce an extensive investigation into Arthur’s death in order to prevent another tragedy.

“It will be burdensome for taxpayers, but as capital punishment is not available, they should never be released from prison so long as they are guilty of such cruelty or inhumanity.”

According to the grandfather of the youngster, who operates a cafe in town, he is’shocked’ and’mystified’ at how Thomas and Tustin managed to continue their horrific abuses while social workers did not raise any safeguarding concerns. 

Peter, Arthur’s biological father, Olivia Labinjo–Halcrow (29), was the one who killed Gary Cunningham with a kitchen knife 12 times. This happened in drunken anger in February 2019.

She was convicted of manslaughter by Birmingham Crown Court, July 2021. 

Hughes and Tustin bought a hot tub to enjoy the spring 2020 heatwave – while forcing Arthur to stand for hours in their sweltering hallway wearing a heavy, fluffy onesie

Hughes and Tustin bought a hot tub to enjoy the spring 2020 heatwave – while forcing Arthur to stand for hours in their sweltering hallway wearing a heavy, fluffy onesie

The announcement comes just as the government announces a massive review of the circumstances that led to Arthur’s murder at six years old.

This report aims at identifying the improvements that are required by agencies who came in contact with Arthur during the time before his murder by Emma Tustin, their Solihull home.

The National Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel (NCSPRP) will oversee the review. Solihull Children’s Safeguarding Partnership will also receive additional support in order to “upgrade” the existing local review, which was initiated shortly after Arthur’s passing.