Ellie Aitken, a journalist who was scathing about her marital and personal life, fled Sydney to seek refuge in an American ski resort. 

The high society love triangle became the talk of the town after her husband Charlie Aitken, 48, admitted his romance with Ellie’s former best friend, Hollie Nasser.

Although the 42-year old lawyer and socialite has attempted to remain low-profile, she admitted to struggling to cope with sudden national attention.

Ellie Aitken (pictured left) and her now ex-husband Charlie Aitken (pictured right) in happier times

Ellie Aitken (pictured below) with Charlie Aitken, her ex-husband.

Love triangle - left to right, Christopher and Hollie Nasser with Ellie and Charlie Aitken

From left to right: Christopher and Hollie Naser, Ellie Aitken and Charlie Aitken.

Christopher Nasser (business partner of Mr Aitken) was the wife of Ms Nasser. 

The Aitken/Nasser scandal raised their profile in a town that is fond of gossip.        

Ellie is reported to have now gone on the run in another continent. She and her two children went to Aspen, Colorado (USA) with their two kids. 

She flew out of Sydney on Wednesday for a quiet break in the Rocky Mountains, the Sydney Morning Herald reported. 

They will ski and be happy to escape the attention in a small community where they don’t know anyone – even though photographers are much more interested the Hollywood elite who flock to Aspen every Christmas. 

Ellie Aitken has fled from Sydney to the ski town of Aspen, Colorada, which is lovely this time of year

Ellie Aitken fled Sydney to Aspen in Colorado, where it is beautiful this time of year.

The glamorous lawyer, wealthy funds manager, investment banker and socialite: Inside the drama-filled lives of two high society couples as a scandalous love triangle tears them apart

A glamorous lawyer, wealthy fund manager, socialite, and investment banker: The drama-filled lives two couples in high society as their scandalous love triangle rips them apart

Before leaving, Ms. Aitken gave an emotional speech in which she admitted that she could not cope with the fallout from her marriage breakup.

“The truth is, that I’ve not been able to cope with all the hurtful gossip, lies and innuendo surrounding the breakup of our relationship, despite having the support of family and friends,” she stated.

The woman announced that she will be taking a pause from all social media platforms and open to public scrutiny while her family adjusts to separation and her husband’s new relationship. 

“I tried to be brave and manage my emotions and well-being despite not having control over my sadness. 

Charlie and Ellie briefly put aside their differences and smiled together at the awards ceremony for their son’s rugby team.

After photos confirmed her 19-year marriage to Hollie Nasser (an investment banker), she posted these images on Instagram.

Ms. Aitken stated that she was “pushed to” [her]Limit” resulted in an Instagram post highlighting Ms Nasser. 

Before taking a social media break, Ms Aitken posted a comment in which she accused her ex-friend of bullying her. She also exposed several texts that were exchanged between them.

Charlie Aitken (pictured left) and his estranged wife Ellie (pictured right) put on a brave face at their son's (pictured front) rugby awards day

Charlie Aitken (pictured below) and Ellie Aitken (pictured right), bravely put on a brave front at the rugby awards ceremony for their son (pictured front).

Ms. Aitken sent a private SMS message to Ms. Nasser, which she shared on Instagram. It accused her of “playing the victim” and blamed her for her marriage ruin.

“Ellie, there is no point in talking anymore,” Ms Nasser begins her message.

“It’s unbelievable that you play the victim in your marriage and say I destroyed it.”

Ellie, who is currently in Aspen is reported to be accompanied by Charlie her ex-husband. He is expected to move back in North Bondi until Ellie and the children are returned.

In the last few weeks, he has been doing it tough in a serviced apartment above Bondi Junction’s noisy bus interchange.   

Scout the Labrador from his family will be with him, but he is back at home.  



Ellie Aitken, a lawyer-turned fashion designer, joins an investment business Pallas, which is a rival to her husband’s company Aitken Investment Management

October 16
Hollie Nasser received a heartfelt birthday message from Ms. Aitken. She said she was’so fortunate to have you in her life’.

November 12

Publicly, it is now known that the marriages of Aitkens and Nassers have ended.

November 13, 2009

His brother Damien replaces Mr Nasser as the director.

Ms. Aitken also resigned as an executive during this weekend.

The Apprehended Domestic Violence Order was issued by police against Mr Nasser in the name of his ex-wife.

November 27, 2008

Ms Nasser is confirmed by Mr Aitken.

Aitken confirmed that she is separated from Ellie Aitken. She also said that she was currently in a relationship to Hollie Nasser.

“My primary focus is on my kids and I will not make any comment.”

December 3, 2008

Nasser speaks out on the AVO. He announces that he intends to challenge the accusations when the case is brought to trial in December. 

Pictured is Mr Aitken running errands alongside Ms Nasser. He also took items into her Sydney-east suburbs home.

Later in the evening, Ms Aitken posted photos of herself and Mr Aitken at their son’s Rugby Awards night. 

December 4, 2008

The car of Ms. Nasser was reportedly vandalized, and someone wrote the word “slut” on one door. 

December 5

As their friendship declines, Ms Aitken leaked the heated messages she exchanged with Ms Nasser.

After he had picked up his clothes, Mr Aitken gets into a fight with Ellie at the family house. 

They are often seen out with their children. 

December 7, 2008

Ellie Aitken says she is taking a ‘break from social media’ to deal with the aftermath of her divorce. 

“The truth is, that I’ve not been able to cope with all the hurtful gossip, lies and innuendo surrounding the breakup of our relationship, despite having the support of family and friends,” she stated.

 ‘I had attempted to put on a brave face and tried to manage my feelings and wellbeing despite the fact that I have not had any control over the reasons for my sorrow.’

 It is also revealed Mr Nasser withdrew up to $7.5million from Mr Aitken’s firm.