Today, a British Army soldier was sentenced to four years imprisonment for boiling his colleague’s privates with boiling water after he took a piece of Domino’s Pizza.

Christian Dinsmore, Sapper, suffered second-degree burns to the groin and scrotum. The incident was triggered by an argument over pizza.

Sapper Samuel Webster (26), was arraigned in court martial. He had arrived at Sapper Dinsmore’s barracks room wearing a “white mouthguard” and holding a “large mug of boiling water.”

Spr. Webster was discharged from the Army and sentenced for four years.

After repeatedly banging at the door, Spr Webster threw Spr Dinsmore’s mug, wearing only boxer briefs, and kicked him in his face, shouting ‘that’ll teach you’.

Sapper Samuel Webster (pictured) outside Bulford Court Martial while his case was ongoing before he was sentenced to four years in prison and dismissed from the Army today

Pictured: Sapper Samuel Webster, outside Bulford Court Martial. His case was still ongoing. He was sent to prison for four years and then was dismissed from the Army.

Judge Alistair McGrigor sent him to court today. He stated: “As a consequence of your actions Sapper Dinsmore has been hospitalized for two nights and required surgical intervention.

“The injuries to his right leg and groin and right thigh were mixed in depth, and must have been very painful.

“Such behavior between soldiers clearly undermines trust and respect, which is vital in the Armed Forces.

“We considered that Sapper Dinsmore was the one who instigated this action. He took a piece of pizza. The fact that a minor dispute led to your actions is aggravating.

Captain James Farrant, the prosecutor summarised the effects of the incident on Spr Dinsmore.

He stated that Spr Dinsmore was feeling unsupported in his unit, and that there was pressure for him to not report it to the Royal Military Police.

“He felt anxious and intimidated because SapperWebster was not arrested. He still belonged in the unit.

He considered quitting army altogether, and was afraid of the scarring that it would cause.

After denying the charge, Webster claimed he didn’t throw the boiling water, and that he was only going to get payment for the pizza.

Bulford Military Court in Wilts heard that the couple fell out during a guard duty rota on the night of March 27, 2020 at Swinton Barracks near Tidworth.

26 Engineer Regiment’s Spr. Webster ordered a Domino’s Pizza. He left what he said was ‘around 35%’ in the guardroom when he returned to duty.

But Spr Dinsmore from Northern Ireland then took a bite.

Spr Webster later returned and confronted him about it before asking Spr Dinsmore to pay for the slice he’d taken, but was allegedly told to ‘f**k off’.

Spr Dinsmore said to the court, “He wanted me to pay him but I explained that I wasn’t going to give him one slice of pizza – it was ridiculous.” It is a joke.

The court martial for Spr Webster was held at the Military Court Centre at Bulford Barrack in Salisbury, North Wiltshire

The court martial of Spr Webster took place at Bulford Barrack, Salisbury (North Wiltshire).

Spr Dinsmore, a young man from Spr Dunsmore’s hometown was woken up by a knocker at his door.

He replied, “I didn’t answer at the first door but it became louder.”

Spr Webster was waiting for me at the door with my boxers on. He had a large mug in hand and a white mouthguard in his mouth.

“There was boiling hot water in the cup and he tossed it at me right thigh- and groin.

“He came in my room, and I fell.” I tried to rise, but he punched me in the face and knocked my back down.

“I was able to stand up, and I put my hands up in order to shield my face. My thoughts were that things could get worse if they didn’t happen.

He punched me across the nose. I then moved him out of my space by walking down to him. He replied, “That will be your lesson,” after I had closed the door.

Spr Dinsmore left his old regiment and became a Rifleman. His father called him in Northern Ireland to call the Royal Military Police. The soldier then took a cold shower, citing a colleague.