As tensions in Eastern Europe threatened, British soldiers deployed yesterday to the Polish border to Belarus.

Due to the escalating crisis of migrants at the EU’s edge, there was a quick military buildup. Russian paratroopers were seen landing on the other side of the border.

Royal Engineers were deployed on a reconnaissance mission after a pair nuclear-capable Kremlin bombers forced the RAF into defending British airspace.

After America claimed that satellite imagery of soldiers suggested Russia was planning to invade Ukraine, Vladimir Putin was warned not to make a “serious error.”

A small group of British soldiers will be supporting Polish forces in strengthening their border with Belarus. This is where up to 4,000 migrants from Iraq, Syria, and Yemen have been gathering to try to reach Europe.

The escalating migrant crisis at the edge of the EU triggered a rapid military build-up in the region, with Russian paratroopers touching down on the opposite side of the border

Due to the escalating crisis of migrants at the EU’s edge, there was a quick military buildup. Russian paratroopers touched down at the other side of the border.

Belarus has begun building camps for those who spent the night in freezing forests without food and have been sleeping rough.

Katarzyna Zanowicz spoke for Poland’s eastern Podlasie border guards and said that the scale of the problem was not decreasing.

According to her, the Belarusian military had provided water and wood for the border camps. She also said that they were preparing for an extended stay.

Belarus started building camps yesterday to house those who have spent night after night sleeping in freezing forests with little food

Yesterday, Belarus began building camps to accommodate those who spent nights in the freezing forest with very little food.

According to reports, another 15,000 migrants are in Belarus. These were believed to have been brought into Europe in revenge for EU-imposed sanctions by Alexander Lukashenko.

Moscow is a crucial ally of Lukashenko and has been accused in the fueling of the crisis.

The Royal Engineers reached the region and hundreds of Russian paratroopers flew from military aircraft to Belarus. The soldiers conducted tactical exercises 25 miles away from the flashpoint on the border. According to the Russian defense ministry, the two soldiers who died were flown home by the Russian military after the exercise. This was seen as an act of support for Lukasenko.

Another 15,000 migrants are thought to be in Belarus and heading for the border, having been brought in from the Middle East to flood into Europe by president Alexander Lukashenko in revenge for EU sanctions

An additional 15,000 migrants may be heading to Belarus from their home countries. They were brought here by President Alexander Lukashenko, who wanted to avenge EU sanctions.

Tobias Ellwood was the Tory’s former defense minister and he supported last night the Ministry of Defence’s show of solidarity with Poland.

He stated that NATO states would need to respond quickly to the threat and countries sharing borders with Russia will need additional support.

Failure to comply with this directive would lead President Putin to be seen as weak.

“He could in fact invade Ukraine.” This is an indication of how weak and naive the West has become.

America has warned European leaders about Russia’s possible invasion of Ukraine. Russia annexed Crimea, Ukraine in 2014. Based on satellite imagery showing Russian troops positioned on the Ukrainian borders, this warning was issued.

Antony Blinken Secretary of State said that Moscow would be making a serious error if any of the Russian soldiers positioned to march in Ukraine.

Last night, Tory former defence minister Tobias Ellwood backed the Ministry of Defence's demonstration of solidarity with Poland

Tobias Ellwood, a Tory ex-defense minister, endorsed the Ministry of Defence’s solidarity gesture with Poland last night

This week, he assured Kiev that Washington was committed to Ukraine’s safety ‘iron-clad.

He stated yesterday that Russia’s intentions were not known to him. But we do know that we’ve seen in the past – Russia mass forces on Ukraine’s borders, claim some kind of provocation by Ukraine, and then invade. They did that in 2014′

France called on Russia to end the migration crisis by using its relations with Belarus and warned of’serious consequences’ if Russia threatened Ukraine. Russia’s activity at Ukraine’s border was alarming, according to the EU.

Belarus claimed it is ready to defend itself and accused Poland of an unprecedented military buildup at the border. The 15,000 soldiers and security guards were backed up by tanks and air defenses, as well as other weapons. Viktor Khrenin, the defence minister added that Belarus’ armed forces were ready to react to all attacks.

Turkey yesterday stated that Iraqis and Syrians would not be allowed to travel on Belarusian flights. Iraq announced that it will repatriate Iraqis to Belarus and also canceled direct flights. 

 RAF Typhoons intercept Russian Bombers 

Two Russian nuclear bombers attacked the RAF yesterday, forcing it to defend British airspace in the North Sea.

Two TU-160 Blackjack’ strategic bombers capable of launching cruise missiles launched a terrifying sortie amid rising tensions between West and East due to an escalating border crisis.

The entered the Nato zone – for which the Netherlands is responsible – without warning the Dutch, Amsterdam’s defence ministry confirmed. Belgium and the Netherlands each take responsibility for air defense in the Nato area on behalf of Benelux, which includes Luxembourg.

Belgian F-16s escorted Russian F-16s out of the zone towards a British-policed area. There, they were met at RAF Lossiemouth, Moray by a pair RAF Typhoons and a refuelling aircraft from Brize Norton in Oxfordshire. The Russian pilots turned back, and the TU-160s were ‘deterred’ from entering UK airspace. After three hours of takeoff, all British planes returned to their base by 2.30pm.

Yesterday night, an RAF spokesperson stated that the British Typhoons were scrambled, and that they intercepted and escorted two Russian TU-160 Blackjack strategic bomber planes.