They know exactly what they mean. Some people are very difficult to get presents for. There’s also some women who only care about fashion.

We are in a very tricky group. Even if you’ve done your research — checked the size, noticed the labels we like, made a note when we compliment a girlfriend on her clothes — you’re still flying blind because we are so particular and barely know ourselves what we’re going to love, with very few exceptions.

As a rule, I would say forget giving fashion presents, were it not for these few exceptions — a select band of clothes and accessories any fashion-lover would be thrilled to own. And the fact that the satisfaction of getting it right will make your — and our — Christmas Day.

So here it is: the can’t-go-wrong fashion present list for the fussy fashionista in your life. Don’t be tempted to deviate and this could be your best Christmas ever . . .

Earrings in pearl and gold 

You’re probably thinking, ‘Wasn’t that a thing a couple of years ago?’ And you’d be right. Our fascination with pearl and gold has increased, particularly in the form of earrings and misshapen baroque pearls. These pearls are flattering and go well with all things. After decades of living in the wild, there is still plenty to wear.

The smart bet (because the pearl can be bought separately and matched with different hoops) is Monica Vinader’s baroque pearl charm (£70, Otherwise, Mejuri does gold vermeil hoop and pearl earrings (£85,

Shirt, £195,

Shirt, £195,

Silk Shirt

We’ve already said don’t be tempted to buy clothes that you think we will love because there’s a very good chance that we won’t. One exception is the silk shirt.

With Nothing Underneath (WNU) is the company that makes the ultimate man’s shirt for women and it has finally introduced its long-awaited silk collection.

Now the perfect boyfriend shirt comes in onyx (a deep rich black in other words) and pearly white, and it’s a guaranteed see-her-face-light-up bullseye.

A huge scarf 

Scarf, £69,

Scarf, £69,

People have strong opinions about the suitability of scarves as presents because they’re on the unadventurous side, but I say who cares? Scarves can instantly brighten the eyes and bring plain clothes up to date. You can’t go wrong with a scarf this year if you keep it big and striking but not gimmicky.

A block colour may seem less fun than the one with the polka dots and the lurex thread, but the plain one is the one we’d rather get. Among the best are Uterque’s big plain scarf in emerald or scarlet (£50,; Mango’s blue-fringed scarf (£29.99,; Massimo Dutti’s big plaid scarf (£69.95,; and probably the biggest of the lot, the blanket-sized Arket scarf in striking abstract blocks of black and green (£115,

My favourite big scarf — shawl-sized and cashmere — comes from Toast in four colours including pumpkin (£155, 

Slinky PJs 

Pyjama set, £99,

Pyjama set, £99,

It is strange, but there is nothing quite like wearing silk pyjamas, even if you are a strictly M&S knickers and vest type — and I speak from experience. I was lucky enough to be given some Olivia von Halle silk pjs for Christmas several years ago — Olivia being the woman who resurrected this ultimate indulgence well over a decade ago — and I can confirm they are the clothing equivalent of a glass of Dom Perignon drunk in a bubble bath.

They are also almost £500 (£445,, but there are alternatives on the High Street. The White Company does a silk piped pyjama set (£189, and I particularly like its vintage pink and cream striped set, or the short pyjama set in pale grey blue, for those who get hot in bed (£198 and £139, 

Don’t be tempted to stray off message and get pyjamas in brushed cotton. It’s not the same thing.

Gold chain (strengthier)

We’re told the layered chains look has passed and it’s all about a thicker gold chain, or two, but it seems that women have taken to gold chains every which way and, whether you’re wearing them one at a time or altogether in a mishmash, no-one is saying ‘no’.

The chain labels that are (still) at the top of every woman’s list are Missoma and Alighieri, although you can pick up decent chains from Arket and Monica Vinader. A glossy finish is fine (solid snake chains are popular to mix in with regular link chains) but beware a cheap-looking glittery chain and don’t go too super fine.

This sweater is a real luxury piece

Jumper, £131.25, wrap, £120, and skirt, £110,

Jumper, £131.25, wrap, £120, and skirt, £110,

Again , keep it simple and you can’t go far wrong with cashmere. Uniqlo does great cashmere turtlenecks in all the classic colours (£79.90, and if you can lay your hands on one of the turtlenecks from their capsule collaboration with Jil Sander (£129.90,, then you will score extra points for fashion insider knowledge.

British brand Nrby also has a great relaxed V-neck style in three colours — khaki, navy or a lovely heathered pink (£175, and Marks & Spencer’s relaxed V-neck by Autograph is excellent value (£89,

Bear in mind that a little bit oversized is the way we’re wearing them, with a turtleneck just the right height to wear it standing up and chin grazing. A cardigan is not for everyone.

Bangle in gold or silver 

Bangles, £100 each,

Bangles, £100 each,

Jewellery is a great choice. You cannot, except that you go directly to and purchase the first item you find. You could also pick up a simple bangle. Simple bangles will suit all tastes. If in doubt, choose gold.

Bangles never date and what’s more, we are in a bit of a bangle moment. You can get a good 3 mm width gold bangle (£120, or a gold or silver bangle (£100 or £95, Just make sure they’re rounded and solid, no cuffs or hinges allowed.

High-end country boots 

While it can seem risky to purchase footwear as gifts, you should return the product and exchange for another size. There’s something particularly exciting about finding a box of tissue-wrapped shoes or boots under the tree.

Even so, the best bet for presents are those classics that won’t date and that make the mundane aspects of life a lot less ordinary. For desirable, hardwearing all-weather boots that make you feel like an It Girl, you can’t beat Penelope Chilvers.

Her Nelson boot or Oscar boot (£269 and £299, are hugely popular, but the new khaki Cosmos boot, a shearling-lined moon boot style (£249, is the one that’s on my wish list.

Birkenstocks with shearling-lined Shearling

The double-strap Birkies (Arizona, £115, tick a lot of Christmas present boxes. They’re desirable, a luxury and top scoring on the fashion-o-meter, so you can safely get these for the young adults too. I recommend sticking with the mocha brown suede; the tan and other colours don’t deliver the same level of luxury.

Note: these Birkenstocks can double as slippers and though I wouldn’t recommend buying women slippers generally — they’re on the same undesirable spectrum as umbrellas — Penelope Chilvers does some covetable shearling-lined wool or pony cowhide slippers (from £79,

A Gucci belt 

Even if Gucci is not much on your radar (although I’m not sure how, given all of the talk about Lady Gaga’s new film, House Of Gucci), the chances are you’re familiar with the iconic double G buckle on a Gucci belt. If the woman you’re buying for doesn’t wear belts, and never will, then skip straight to the next item. But if belts have been worn, the thing about this belt (£300, is it instantly elevates everything from jeans to jumpsuits.

And because it’s iconic (depending on your age, it conjures images of Studio 54, Jackie O, Kate Moss, and lately celebrities including Jennifer Aniston and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley), this belt will produce a smile or a gasp, or both. It’s special — and so it should be for the money.