“What is a password?” What are they?”: After a long holiday, employees bemoan returning to work with funny memes

  • People who returned to work today posted their grief in hilarious memes on Twitter
  • Their despair at the end of Christmas was captured in photos and GIFs
  • The new year brings with it the responsibility of adulthood.

The festive break of this year was long for many because Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Day fell on weekends. Workers were therefore able to enjoy the bank holidays. 

Many people don’t like the idea of being back at work in January, and have turned their frustrations into funny tweets.

Today marks the return to work of most people in the country after a few days off.

Yesterday was a bank holiday because New Year’s Day fell yesterday on a Saturday. The break was extended to January 3rd, instead of the regular return to work on January 2nd. 

It’s the inevitable return of work after all the celebrations, welcoming in 2022 and looking forward to it.

Users used Twitter to express their sadness and despair using memes, gifs, and relatable memes.

After having some time off for festivities, today marks the first day most of the country is returning to work, and many people have tweeted exactly how they feel

Today marks the return to work of most people in the United States after a time for celebrations. Many have already tweeted their feelings.

Frances commented: “Currently everybody …’ is looking so sorry for themselves in bed.”

Mono said: ‘I’m not ready to go #backtowork tomorrow…’ with a crying emoji and a gif with a man crying lying on his side.

Steven Bonaventure chose an amusing gif showing Kim Woodburn gagging at the Bushtucker Trial. with his tweet that read: ‘Me hearing the teams call sound for the first time this year… #backtowork x’

@Allthingsprank tweeted ahead of today, “Anyone else trying not to think about tomorrow?” #backtowork with a photograph of a sweet puppy staring at its feet.

Carli Zielinkski shared the picture of an older woman, looking angry and folding her arms. She said that it was time to stop celebrating holidays.

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